Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: Sparkly Blues

Hey everyone, it's another post for nail art!!!
Again, I am in no way expert on nail art, there's a whole lot of expert nail art bloggers out there! So enjoy seeing "imperfect" nail art! :D
Who cares right? lol

After my dark Halloween nails, I've decided to do something..well..still dark! hahaha I got really intrigued with the color of the polish. It's actually from a local brand called Caronia. It's a lovely blue color and I don't have the polish as I borrowed it! LOL

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of your favorite polish (find the only lovely blue color made my Caronia)

Step 2:

Using a colored 2 way nail art pen, make 5 small dots going upwards

Step 3:

You can use the same color, or in my case, I chose a different color, and create 5 tiny dots on the other side

To make it easier,
I've drawn computer dots to show you the design
(in red)

Step 4:

Using a white polish, line a curve in the middle, again, doesn't have to be perfect :D

Step 5:

Top the white polish with a silver or any glittery polish to make it shine!

Step 6:

Top it with a coat of top coat. I've used Sally Hansen's Base and Top Coat

Because of the Top coat,
everything just shines so the design wasn't captured well in photo :)

But you got the drift :)

A couple of days ago, I just reviewed my Sally Hansen's Base and Top Coat. I just wanted to add something on my review, just to let you know, I have done this nail a week ago! And I did explained the chip that my pinkie finger has from the torture of typing. The one week mark has passed and I'll show you how my nails look like at the the moment! I just stopped blogging for a bit and took shots!

Right hand, everything intact

What do you think?
Well aside from the chip, it's not bad at all!
Still shiny, looks new!
Darn chip, why do you have to show up?
Have a great Wednesday or Thursday dearest!


  1. i think it does a pretty good job considered for the affordable price of sally hansen! Maybe next time just add more top coat on the pinky? I don't know if that would help but i guess it's worth a shot :)

  2. I just have to say...I LOVE your nail tutorials, it makes me wish I had more patience to do my nails. lol. =)

  3. yo! nice blue. it looks like a galaxy nail art :D

  4. yeah! sally hansen did a great job nga! still looks new!

  5. WOW! You are so creative and patient. I can never do this even if my life depended on it! Great job!

  6. I absolutely love that blue. It is just gorgeous. Gosh, I love your designs and I wish I could do them. Can't wear them to work though. But on the weekends, hahahaaaa!

  7. i'm looking for a good base & top coat, thought about sally hansen then got distracted haha
    thanks for the review!

  8. Ichigobunnie, I think so too! I quite like how it stays to be "new" eventhough the polish was for a week,and yeah, the Blue colored polish is quite cheap too!

    Neeyuh, thanks sweetie, I'm glad you enjoyed reading the tutorials eventhough you're not into nail painting :)

    Prettybeautiful, come to think of it, I should have named it galaxy nails huh?

    Sab, yup Sally Hansen rocks in my dictionary! :D

    Tao, trust me, if your life depends on it, I'll paint for you! :D

    B, true, I am just lucky our workplace is quite relaxed, so I can sport whatever nail art I want :D

    THSG, thanks

    YumYumSushi, you're very much welcome, I'm glad you find the review useful

  9. so have u got a HG top coat? base coat?

    love the blue

  10. i love the way little dots look in nail design they just instantly make it cute!

  11. WOW!!

    My let hand is dumb and wont let me do such things!! stupid hand!

  12. i gotta get those nail art pens right away! lol. those nails look really cute! i'm not exaggerating when i say you're a nail polish master :) happy thursday for you, too Nikki :)

  13. I love your nail art tutorials.

    That blue is gorgeous!

  14. Bittenbefore, for now, it's Sally Hansen, I haven't tried other brands yet, I've tried local brands but Sally Hansen won!

    Ren ren, thanks sis!

    Glow Chaser, LOL I'm sure your left hand is NOT dumb, :) just needs practice maybe and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it

    Ai, aww you are a sweetheart for saying that!

    Gio, thanks for liking the tutorials :) I hope it helps

  15. Try the Orly Glosser top coat - it doesn't chip and it stays shiny for weeks!


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