Friday, November 7, 2008

Reader's Corner: Askmewhats Answers

How's everyone doing? It's Friday! Let me start off today's post by answering a reader's questions over email.

Readers asks:
How do you style your hair daily? What brushes/combs do you use?

Askmewhats answers :

I live quite far from work, so I cannot do all the lovely things I want to do for my hair. Let me show you the 3 brushes I use....

1. I blowdry my hair quicly until dry (Doesn't have to be completely dry)
2. I use my Conair Wide Tooth Comb to untangle my wet hair, I've had this comb for more than a decade! LOL That's how I take care of my stuffs. I never brush my hair when wet!
3. The round brush from Revlon, I sometimes use it for my bangs, as I want my bangs to have body.
4. The final brush is made by Vidal Sassoon, I only use this if I feel my hair is a bit limp and I want to add volume to the roots area. This brush is perfect if you use a blow dryer, as it has vents for the air to circulate.

Readers asks:
You seem to like Paul & Joe products, is their liquid foundation heavy? Is the powder compact too powdery or it melts on your face? Does it leave a white cast? And what other products do you recommend from Paul & Joe?

Askmewhats answers :
Let me answer it one by one to make it clearer and easier for you guys to read :D

You seem to like P&J products

Yes I definitely do!

Is their liquid foundation heavy?

Paul & Joe has 2 types of liquid foundation -- The Light Cream Foundation N and Protective Fluid Foundation

That's what attracts me to try on P&J products. They offer lightness and dewiness to the skin without the heavy feel. I haven't personally tried the Light Cream Foundation N but I have tried on the Protective Fluid Foundation and they live up to my expectation. Imagine yourself applying your favorite tinted moisturizer but with COVERAGE.

Is the powder compact too powdery or melts to your skin?

P&J Protective Dual Powder Foundation is my favorite of all P&J products. You can apply it with a sponge or brush and it never cakes. It's definitely not too powdery but I can't tell though if it melts to your skin because I always use a primer for my clients if I know they have oily skin. Just like regular powder foundation, you do need to reapply on oily areas after 2-4 hours of application.

Does it leaves a white cast?


What other products do you recommend from P&J?

LOL I am sure a lot of you know I've been using a lot of P&J and you would think that I'll recommend everything I used. hahaha Well, let's face it, we all want to save up, so I may choose one product I would highly recommend from P&J aside from my favorite Protective Dual Powder Foundation. I would recommend the P&J eyebrow pencil as my other favorite! I actually bought all colors available for their eyebrow pencils because it is just natural looking as long as you choose the right shade :) I've talked to the P&J SAs and they told me their bestseller would be the eyebrow pencil no. 2

So, that's it!
I've answered some of the questions you asked :)
I hope I was able to help you guys!
Take care and keep that smile coming!


  1. i still dont own anything from them but will check it out!

  2. yeah me too didnt own anything from them. i try not to buy any cosmetics now.... hehe

    me has VERY wide tooth comb to comb my hair to detangle after shower :D

  3. i have no routine on how i style my hair daily... i hardly even comb it.. doesnt get tangle much.. and most of the times my bangs get anoying so wen im at home i use a bobbie pin to pin it back n tie up my hair... i hate my hair.. its boring! but good thing i dont needa much combing haha

  4. Fuz, I know you are one P&J Lover too!

    Bittenbefore, do check them out and I hope their SA as nice as our SAs here :) Let me know what you think

    Prettybeautiful :) You can always visit their shop and have a makeover, and you don't need to buy anything, in that way, you get to test on products before you buy :) Wow..VERY wide tooth comb?? I can't imagine using a very wide tooth comb :) It works for you?

    Jesmakeup, lucky you for not needing to comb your hair, I need to coz mine tends to tangle up...that's why I had it trimmed last weekend. I think you have a lovely hair, don't hate it :) It's layered pretty :D

  5. Yeah, I love the Protective Dual Powder Foundation too. I got tired of MMU and now going back to the conventional foundation powder. I like how natural it looks. Doesn't cake up!

  6. Hey Sesame :) *high five* Way to go to P&J!

  7. nice comb. i use different comb for my hair styling.


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