Friday, November 7, 2008

Coming Soon: The Body Shop's Nature's Minerals

Lisa of Ignite Social Media reached out to me on behalf of their client The Body Shop, USA in giving The Body Shop's first mineral make-up line, the Nature's Minerals a try. Perfect timing as I am getting into the MMU craze!

So, here's what greeted me when I got home from work! :D

L-R The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation

The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Cheek Color
The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Eye Color

I get to choose my own foundation shade, cheek color and eye color. I checked on their site and read their description and finally made my decision. Read on to see what I chose.

Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25 Shade 02

Here's how it looks like if swatch on my finger

I am quite surprised I chose the right shade
Well it's too early to tell but the color isn't bad on my skin

Nature's Minerals Cheek Color
Shade: Warm Copper

(oh my goodness, this is such a pretty color! I'm glad I chose this shade)

Nature's Minerals Eye Color
in Platinum Shimmer

I put this side by side with my MAC single e/s pan
for size preference

It sparkles even more in person

So yeah, that's what I got
I can't wait to use it and give you guys an in-depth review!
I know The Body Shop released this collection in Asia a month or 2 ago...
Have you bought any of the Nature's Minerals?
Do you like it?

Well, gotta go...need to catch some zzz' with you all soon!


  1. yay for goodies! can't wait for the review :)

  2. what a coincidence...

    i'm also about to post a review of TBS nature's minerals... i've been using it for 1-2 months now and so far i'm loving it.... it's not really heavy but it's not too sheer either... it's more of a natural look... just exactly like what i'd been looking for... i got in shade 4 btw... i dunno why the SA recommended me that one cause i think it's a bit darker than myy skin tone...

    well uhm... then... ttyl...

    looking forward to read email ato SMS ya...hahaha... okokokok

  3. what a great way to end a day at work (by looking at the parcel). can't wait for the review soon esp the eyecolor

  4. I don't know if you remember, but I tried them in TBS launching event in Jakarta and posted about it. In my opinion, they're pretty nice but it's really overpriced compared to other MMU like Everyday Minerals. They tagged approximately $20 for a 2gr blush! Man! Tsk-tsk-tsk.

  5. never tried that one tho.. but looks like the cheek color is really pretty. can't wait to see the swatch in your cheek :)

  6. Ren Ren, I will start using it ! :) And will review about it soon!

    Mystiquequeen :) I'm glad you love it! Now i'm getting more excited to try it out!

    Prettybeautiful, will let you know, I chose the silvery gray color as I don't have much of that color :)

    Devi, yes, I remember, I read your post about it, you went to their event :) I will let you know if its worth the price :)

    Ai, Cheek COLOR is SUPER pretty! I tested it on my cheeks last night! LOL Yup, I'm that excited! hahahaha :)

  7. I'll be waiting for the reviews :D I'm waiting for me package too *whistles*

  8. Connie, oohhh you'll get a package too? What did you choose? Which shades and colors?? oohh I'm excited for you

  9. I bought the foundation, blush and I got a free masscarra! I really don' t like make up that much, but bodyshop converted me! It's smooth and flawless as ever ! I didn't regret my natural look. Very light weight. It enhanced my features very well! I had shad 02 for foundation, and brown topaz for the blush. I so love the KABUKI BRUSHES!!! It's worth the investment.

  10. Hmmm.... for the eyeshadow I chose the grey one. and for the blush.. Terracotta I think. The shade's not available in Malaysia's TBS stores so I really wanted to try that. OMG, TBS' kabuki brushes are INCREDIBLE! I don't own one (cuz I'm too stingy) but I fiddled with one the other day and they were hands down, softest kabuki I've ever felt and so dense!

  11. Tina Elaine, wow, i'm glad you love it! Now I'm more interested to use it everyday! I've used it for 2 days now :) I've seen their Kabuki brushes too and they are softest ever!!

    Connie, hmmm..Terracotta sounds interested, me when I chose, I was in Shanghai at that time so I didn't have a chance to check out our local Body Shop :) But I made the right decisions though :) Let me know as soon as you receive it :)


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