Saturday, November 8, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Spring Bloom" Look

*Breathes deeply*

I didn't realize that while cropping my photos, I wasn't breathing much! LOL Yeah yeah, I may be a cheerful person but BOY! If I work, I work like there's no tomorrow! I am so dead serious when I do something and you can just scream at me and I would not even notice! So yeah, that's something you can learn about me!

Anyways, I've done another look and this is just one of those looks that I didn't gave a lot of thought on the color combination. This is just one of those looks that I've done when I just looked at my make-up collection, grabbed some brushes and started playing with my eyes. Yeah...that's how I learn the pros and cons of my face! LOL I learn which color really works for me and which doesn't.

I have been sporting a lot of dark looks lately in this blog and I don't want my readers to forget my real face harharhar!

So, this actually came out alright, I think I got inspired by the Spring Looks that I've been seeing around lately on posters or magazines!

Here's the look

And here's my diagram! :D

1. I applied Bourjois Pearl Eyeshadow in Beige Rose (from a lovely friend in Malaysia, thanks to you! You know who you are) as a highlighter color using my Prestige Shadow Crease Brush

2. Using the Urban Decay Book of Shadows (from Gracie)
I chose the color Absinthe, apply it in the middle of my eye using the blending brush from the UD Book of Shadows (I actually love this brush)

3. Using the inclusive eyeshadow brush from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows, I applied MAC Bright Sunshine on the inner 1/4 of my eye, using tapping motion.

4. Going back to my Prestige Eyeshadow Crease brush, I applied NYX Rust instead of the regular brown shadows I use for the crease area.

And here are other products I've used not shown on diagram

  • Paul & Joe Face Color 08 as blush
  • Paul & Joe eyebrow Pencil no. 2
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black
  • Cover Girl Wetslicks Amazemint in Toast-ed
  • Joppa Mineral Foundation in Medium Light #2 (not on photo)

And here's what I usually do before taking a shot...
Brush my hair! LOL
(but I got caught on cam this time!)

And before I finish this post, let me tell you that I felt too tired the past few I grabbed on my cool blood pressure monitor! LOL And checked on it..what the heck? I tend to have low blood pressure at times.... my reading goes 106/72...Normal? Abnormal? LOL

Yes my dear friends,
We should remember to take care of our health!
Listen to your body, if you feel tired rest
If you can't smile...frown...
as long as you are true to yourself...
Give yourself a break, you deserve to be happy, pretty AND healthy!
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. nice spring EOTD/FOTD! u have super soft hair tooo... lol

  2. that range for your blood pressure is fine, don't worry! it means you're healthy!

    you look very fresh-faced! i love it!

  3. aww nikki! you look so cute (yet really young) with the blood pressure thingy on. hehe!

    thanks so much for the detailed description on how to do the look. it makes it sooo easy for us to follow. :)

  4. lol you getting caught in the picture is soooo cute! kk, at least you were prepared with a smile :)

    ahhh sorry for getting ack to you so late, but i haven't tried anything else from burts bees except for their lip stuff, and one of their hand creams. i didnt even know they had a vegetable toner! cool!
    will check it out the next time i am at a drug mart :)

  5. Jesmakeup..ohhh my hair looks deceiving, it is soft but tangles are all over!! So I envy your "never tanged" hair!

    YumYumSuShi, thanks so I ask hubby if its normal, he don't KNOW! LOL So we're checking on our pressure but no one can tell who's healthy or not LOL Thanks, its nice to know I'm still fresh face after work!!! JOPPA MINERAL FOUNDATION!!! WOOHHHOO!!!

    Sabby, lol I hope i get to stay young! I am going for the big 3-0! LOL Next year!!!! And you're welcome for the diagram, I enjoyed making it easier for readers to follow

    Rasilla, it's like Cabbage toner or Lettuce toner! LOL Try it, it smells HORRIBLE but it works ok :) I just had a small bottle and I managed to finish it up without breaking out :) Au Natural indeed.
    Thanks for liking my caught on cam shot! Don't worry I've got more "abnormal" shots as what my colleagues call! LOL

  6. you look sooo cute! ur looks match ur outfit! hehe nice look! you should try out the foot creme i used! i bought mine at a local beauty supply store.

  7. That's a very pretty combination! I'll definitely give this look a try when my eye gets better

  8. I like the Joppa foundie on you, looks so natural and flawless!!!

    Your BP isn't bad, just make sure that you get enough R&R so that it won't fall to dangerous levels. Keep track of the time that you take your BP too, as meals or period spent in a horizontal position can raise or lower it and skew the BP reading. For adults, you also have to take note of your normal BP. If it's usually 110/70 and it goes up to 130, that's a cause of concern. 130/80 is already pre-hypertensive.

    Sorry for the BP lecture, just couldn't help myself. Ok, back to you Nikki! :)

  9. Joppa looks amazing on you sweetie! very fresh eye makeup as well! although like you i am drawn to darker colors lately too lol. and cool blood pressure monitor you got there -- digital! hehe.

  10. ang ganda ganda moh! pwede mo ba ako malagay sa blogroll mo? kng pwede, contact mo ako. hehe

  11. makemeup, thanks !! Yes, I should take a look and see what we have from the local store :D

    Connie, I hope your eyes get better soon!

    Shasta, thanks for the info, no you didn't bore me with the blood pressure info, I'm sure readers are happy to learn more too! :) Thanks for sharing

    Mhean, yeah!!! Now I understand your love for Joppa, I had this foundation on 8 hours !!!

  12. Beautiful look, I love the color combo. I will definitely try it soon.

  13. Pretty FOTD like always!!! I love looking at your silly/goofy pictures. You look so cute!!!!!

  14. Hey Nikki, how do you do that coloured blobs on Photoshop? Help a helpless girl out here? :P

  15. nikki, you're palette is so clean!! i admire you for being OC! hahaha :)

  16. Gio, i'm glad you liked the combination :)

    Cinthia twin!!!! hahaha I am not that goofy, you haven't seen goofy yet! LOL it ain't good! hahaha How's your weekend? Enjoy the date?

    Tine, ohh it's easy, you click the arrow the photo, go the left hand side and there's a letter T on it, click on it..and click on the area you want to write a note to your photo... :) Type away, if you still can't get it lol I'll email yoU :D

    Rhea, hahah OC to both of us!!!

  17. Oh your hair!!! I wish I had hair like that and I love your eye makeup too! Good colours.

    I am scared of those BP things!! They make me so nervous.

  18. man, i gotta start caring for my health! :) love the look... don't you just love the absinthe shade??? i kept starting at it that i can't figure what colors to wear just yet. sigh!


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