Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reader's Corner: Attending a Debut Party Look

A dear reader Nina requested for a "party look" for her friend's debut party. She will be wearing a brown metallic dress and the party will be on November 28th!!!

Nina!!! I made it!!! I hope I"m not too late doing this post for you!

Attending a friend's debut party (18 yrs old) means one thing, you gals are freakin' young and naturally GORGEOUS!!! You gals can even pull off with just a blush and lipstick. But of course, if I teach you to do so, then, it's useless to even ask for my help right? LOL

Before I talk more nonsense stuff, I've finally created a look that's simple, easy to do and doesn't mask the beauty you already have. :)

The Queen of Neutrals
Do the Neutrals again!!!

In my defense, I do have falsies ok?

Nikki's Diagram Time!

Step 1:

Use any blending brush to dab on any eyeshadow color that's closest to your skin tone. In my case, I used Prestige Eyeshadow Quad in Surrey (first one from top) to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 2:

Choose any gold color shadow, I used the same palette from Prestige, but in your case, you can use any Gold Eyeshadow, from ELF, or MAC Amber Lights and apply the color all over your lids except the brow bone area.

Step 3:

Using the same eyeshadow brush, apply any matte dark brown eyeshadow on the lid, blend...

Step 4: (sorry forgot to number the diagram)

Using a pencil brush, apply MAC Carbon or any matte black eyeshadow on the corner V of the eye.

Making sure to blend all rough edges...
and the final look shall look like this :D

Apply falsies (IF DESIRED)

If you have naturally long lashes, just use mascara
In my case, I have invisible lashes so I needed the help of the
Falsies' Fairy

For the blush, I've used my Arezia Blush in Light Pink

Topped with the darker pink to create depth

Other Products Used ---

MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC30
Stila Smudgepots in Black with Charm Liner brush
L'oreal Hip Shadow Paint in Secretive
Paul & Joe Eyeliner in Black
Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry
Natural Falsies + Ardell Lash Glue (not on photo)
tweezers to attach lashes

I hope you like the look Nina :)
And I hope the rest of my readers like the look too! :)
Have a great day everyone!
I do hope today is a better day as Monday was mean to me! :(


  1. you're talking like you're older.. well, you might be older than 18, but you still look young.. and even just reading your blog, you're still a kid at heart... that's one of your charms. btw i love neutrals. i rarely use very dark brown, but when i did (i think it was mac go and magnetic fields, plus some more) i got compliments. lol.. and i don't get any when i wear pinks and purples.

  2. it's superb Nikki!! simple yet glamorous! LOVE IT! :D

  3. I really like the T!! :)

    I find your eyebrows in today's picture particularly well drawn. Did you do anything different?

  4. it's very nice!=) you always look pretty..=) thank you for the post, it will definitely help. *smiles*

  5. yeah nikki, u look really young and gorgeous!

  6. the falsie look so natural and beautiful on you. I can't hardly tell it's falsie. Great look too!! Good job, twin!!!

  7. You look very pretty! I love how you blend the colors. I have no skills in this. I can't apply eye makeup very well.

  8. love it!! u always do such a nice tutorial
    love the way u have the shades etc

  9. Jiejie, I don't get compliments if i wear blue shadow! It just turns grayish on me!!! ohhh thanks for the sweet words! GIRL! I Talk like I'm OLDER because I am OLDER! LOL But true about me being kid at heart..in short - Childish lol

    Ai, sweetie, thanks

    Liz, hehehe *hides face in shame* I usually do tutorials and not mind about the brows much, but when I did this, I especially drawn it well :) Thanks for noticing it :)

    Nina, goodluck with the party! Can't wait to see the look you create!

  10. Prettybeautiful, awww, I had a bad Monday so today is a whole lot better! LOL You girls know what to say!

    Cinthia, i should wear falsies more often huh? hehehe I know I should, with my almost impossible to see lashes, I should make falsies a "MUST" for me!

    Sesame :) I'm sure you can!

  11. Yumeko, thanks girl for the compliment :) I really enjoy blending like eating chocolates LOL Such great comparison huh? hehehe Great day to you!

  12. This is so classy and elegant! You could totally go partying in that t-shirt! ;)

  13. you can even attend the debut and blend in with the younger guests. :)

  14. I knew something was up! ;) (How's that for my observational power?)

    I take it that you used the Paul & Joe brow pencil? If not, what did you use?

  15. LOL @fuz! I can imagine myself now, everyone in pretty gown and there I go in black tee! :P

    Sab, awwww, they'll think I'm off to my 2nd childhood :)

    Liz, hahaha yes, you have the power of observation for sure!!! Surprise to you! I did use a bit of P&J brow pencil (that was in the morning) lol and then for this FOTD, I topped it with MAC Coquette eyeshadow and brush it with a brow brush :)

  16. Ah double duty, very nice!

  17. Liz, definitely a double duty kinda gal <--- ME! and I believe YOU TOO?

    LV thanks girl!

  18. What a wonderful little palette from Prestige. I love it and I love your look!

  19. very nice neutral look! i love it!!

  20. nice!
    I've started blogging again so do stop by :)

  21. useful article. where can you buy prestige eyeshadows? what concealer can you best recommend?

  22. i wish i knew how to put on make up during my debut hahaha

  23. Ren ren, thanks girl!

    B, this is my favorite among other from Prestige :) The colors are pretty!

    Makemeup, thanks

    Beautytalk, welcome back!!!

    Tina Elaine, I'm glad you find this useful, I buy prestige eyeshadows at the Beauty Bar. Concealer? I can't seem to pinpoint the BEST concealer as most concealers work different to different individual. I am loving my NYX Concealer, you can give MAC concealer a try too! The more inexpensive ones are good too! You must give their tester a throw down :)

    YumYumSuShi, LOL I didn't even wear make-up when I was attending debut parties! LOL I am a late bloomer!

  24. hi thank you girl! :) stay pretty! :)

  25. That's it, I'm off to get meself a Prestige quad eyeshadow palette :P


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