Monday, November 24, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: NARS Orgasm

As you all know, I've been lemming for NARS Orgasm for the longest time. I've been checking the NARS Counter every now and then but with disappointed these are always out of stock.

My friend asked me to help her purchase her very own NARS in Orgasm during one of my HK trip!  I obviously bought one for myself too!

How it looks like on my hand Natural Rosy pink/peachy color with hint of gold shimmer

NARS Orgasm Blush Says --- Made with transparent pigments for a soft and sheer look. Imparts a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone and may be worn alone or layered together for more depth and intensity.
  • Provides a sheer, natural hint of color
  • Made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness
  • Broad selection of shades
Askmewhats says --- 

  • very natural looking
  • creates a nice glow
  • lasts more than half a day (which most blush doesn't on me)
  • the effect Is different on vatious skin tone
  • if you use a brush too fluffy, color won't show up (I've used different brushes and found my angled brush to work the best)
  • a lot of excess powder leftover after brushing with a blush brush (wastage!)
  • Case: some people love the rubbery case, I don't, I find that to attracts dirt easily

NARS Orgasm has won several awards since it's launch and I believe a lot of people are raving about this. In my opinion, it really depends on the brush you use, your skin tone and your skin condition. I do find NARS Orgasm stays longer than my other blushes and I appreciate that as most of my blushes tend to go invisible in midday! I like this blush but I have a feeling there are other colors from NARS blush collection that I would appreciate more :) 

  • test on different brushes to see which one works as the color payoff really depends on what type or kind of brushes you use


Visual time! Here's how Nars Orgasm Look on my cheeks 2 swipes each cheek! 
(sorry for the messy hair) lol
Hmm...did I made the right decision purchasing Orgasm? Or should I try Super Orgasm? Please say Orgasm is enough...!!!! Have a great start of the week everyone! :D


  1. Wow, it looks great on you! Glad you were able to purchase it after so long, even if you were holding off! Great tip too!

  2. Hey Nikki, it's interesting that you say that you picked the orgasm because it's more natural...that's exactly the reason I picked up super orgasm instead of this one...

    especially muse said that orgasm provide a little bit glow while super orgasm gives a flush (yeah, there are some super crazy looking gold leaves in super orgasm but they actually all breaks down to invisible infinitesimal flecks)

    well, the main reasons I got this to start with is that I want a coral blush in a powder form(benefit's new one is not out yet and 3 bucks more expensive) , so I can keep it longer...but since I usually prefer cheek stain, tarte tipsy still owns my heart.

    Anyway, I think they are more or less the same thing in principle.

  3. mmmmMM orgasmicccc...

    i so want this blush still... just a "must-have"

  4. go go super orgasm!

    i am so so so so tempted to get this too! i will just wait till there is a chance.. hehe

  5. Ooh such a pretty flush! =D I'm so glad I already have one or you'd drive me batty with longing.

  6. I love NARS Orgasm. I got mine in Rustans Essences, and despite the steep price, I don’t have any buyer’s remorse. NARS blushes really last the longest on me.

    If you want to try more NARS blushes, I recommend Gilda, Gina and Matahari.

  7. Thanks for the review sissy. I love to have me some Orgasm too. Me so lacking these days!!! LOL

  8. nice blush color.. its almost like ur really blushing..

  9. i like NARS orgasm better too! :)

  10. Hey sis!! Thanks for the rec!

    I love how Orgasm looks on you, it doesn't show up on me no matter how many layers I put on...:( poopy!

    I gave up NARS for my lover La Femme blushes! LOL! $3.50 each and more pigmented than NARS! Hooo!

  11. Hiya Nikki, i love love orgasm!!! Good thing i got myself one na in Rustan's a few days ago. Now i understood what the hype is all about. I wore it when i go to Divi mall yesterday and despite the heat... its still there when i got home. By the way it looks uber pretty on you. Gives you a nice flush and all. Naku if i didnt buy it,i must be out of my mind looking at your pix.

  12. Haha I personally would prefer Orgasm because I'm not sure about the gold glitter in Super Orgasm. But then I've never tried looks great on you though!

    Also thank you for the bday wishes :)

  13. its beautiful on you. makes you glow like no other! i def agree NARS blush lasts so long!!!

  14. Puurrfect! They look so natural and boy that's one expensive price for a blush hohoho So that means we have to try first on our own cheeks before actually buy it? def. have to do that LOL

  15. the color looks lovely on you!:) hahaha gusto ko rin sana bumili ng "orgasm" nung nandun pako sa US kaso pinipigil ko sarili ko..hahahhaa :)

  16. Ohhh I forgot to say thank you! So thank you, Nikki for the review :)

  17. Starry x2 night, I know, I didn't feel bad after I got it! It's one of those blushes that stays for long! No matter how hot it is here in Manila :D

    Citrine, that just proves different products react on different people huh? Well I don't have the right to compare to be honest, as we don't have the Super O here in PI! Too bad huh? So all I depend on is research and searching for photos for people who used Super O :) And I made the decision to go for the O...I'm glad it's almost the I don't plan to purchase another blush with Orgasm in the name! lol

    Tia, do you plan to purchase one for yourself?

  18. Prettybeautiful, I have to wait for the Super O to arrive and see how I'll like it.

    Kahani, hahahaha I've been lemming for the Silk Naturals dupe of Orgasm since I saw it on your blog!!!

    Melvel, ooohhhh *take down notes* I'll check them out! :) Thanks

  19. Cinthia twin! *gasp* hahahha you can email me the details, NOT comment them here! LOL My blog will be xrated :P

    Jesmakeup, thanks

    Sab, yay!!! *high five*

  20. iamgrape119, no problem about the reco :) And really..I have heard Nars orgasm not showing up on some skin tone...I guess someone like yours huh?

    Royalmocha, yay! I know you have yours din, at least my blog post isn't too deadly coz I bought Nars Orgasm quite late and a lot have it na!

    Blu3, another yay for NARS Orgasm, thanks!

  21. NicNic, :) I believe you love NARS blushes too, saw them in your blog too

    Ai, yes, I suggest you try them too, imagine, buying it and not showing up on your cheeks? That's a big BUMMER :) So yeah, give it a try and see how it looks on you, i have a feeling it'll look superb on you. And you are very much welcome sweetie!

    MieMieMie, I believe it's cheaper sa States right?

  22. i am very unlucky. NARS is not sold in malaysia and i had chance to get them in oz and everything i got from NARS so far was crap on me. i had both Orgasm and Deep Throat and both looked the same kind of dirty on me. i then stopped trying more NARS blushes.

    i also tried its lipsticks and they were too dry and....

    you get the point!

  23. Looks great on you! i have no lemming to get Orgasm yet since my Milani Luminous is serving me quite well!

  24. I bought the Super Orgasm & ended up exchanging it. It was too glittery. Like Gold glitters on your cheeks. It did not look natural :(

    Great review! :D

  25. so pretty on u! i haven't gotten this yet because i dont think it will show up on my skin tone :(

  26. Jojoba, thanks so much for your POINT :) It stuck in my head you are helping me save up and not to buy more right? LOL

    Connie, Lucky you! Since I heard about the Orgasm dupe from Milani, I've been lemming for it, but my friend in the US that time can't find it! :(

    Iyah, thanks for letting me know :)

    Bittenbefore, thanks sweet

    Renren, yeah, maybe give the tester a visit first I wouldn't spend too much if I'm not sure if won't show on my skin! :)

  27. It looks gorgeous on you! I'm so tempted to get it too.

  28. Hi Nikki! I got Orgasm twice and swapped them away twice as well. Didn't work for me and I kept insisting to myself that it would. :( I tried torrid too but didn't like it either. I might be getting Super Orgasm, but my favorite NARS blushes that suit my complexion are Sin, Oasis, Matahari and Angelika. Oh and Madly too. But you look so flushingly pretty with Orgasm, like you just came in from a long walk out in the cold. :)

  29. It is very pretty color, wish I could try them before I can actually purchase it :P my friend said, she likes Jane blush alot better than NARS orgasm. Maybe I need to try Jane's first before I spend chunk of money. Thx for review !

  30. Lucky it works for you. It's really pretty, both on you and when i saw it swatched IRL, but unfortunately, it doesn't show up much on me. Maybe I'm afraid to pack it on. It's really a natural flush, but not flattering enough for me, NC30.

  31. Gio, based on readers' comment, give it a test on your cheeks first before you purchase :)

    Aileen, I know what you mean about wanting the product to work for you! I am sorry Nars Orgasm didn't do you good

    DG, if you can find a cheaper alternative, by any chance, go!! I would love to see Jane blush on you :)

    Jiejie, funny how we're both NC30 and it showed up on mine and not on you...that is really intriguing :) hehehe

  32. looks good, Nikki. It gives you this healthy flush.

    A dollar difference is tolerable. Hehe. You're still lucky you were not rip-offed.

  33. hi nikki! it's good it shows on you..i have this before but I sold it after a few hardly shows on I love Cheekypop and Cargo blushes more than NARS orgasm :)

  34. L.V. totally correct! at least it's just a few peso difference lang! And it's original talaga! So I am ok with it :)

    Crystal Gale, sorry it didn't show up on you! I haven't tried any Cheekypop adn Cargo blushes, they must be GOOD!

  35. This looks really good on you, which is great, because it did nothing for me. Nars blushes are normally very pigmented, but for some reason the Orgasm is really sheer. Have to sweep a lot to show on my cheeks, which, like you said, wasted a lot of powder.

  36. I like Orgasm more than Super Orgasm. My mom have the super orgasm and hated it because of the chunky glitters (i hate it too.)

  37. Hi Ms Nikki.. I've been wanting to buy NARS orgasm blush.. I've read on your review that you bought yours online, can i ask where did you order it? Thanks in advance :)

  38. @Tine this one particular looks natural ! doesn't show up much and just gives a nice glow :D

  39. @Care G. hay buti na lang I chose Orgasm, I never wanted to buy Super Orgasm after :D

  40. @Anonymous I bought mine over Ebay but it was random! I suggest if you have friends going to HK? Ask them to help you purchase! There are many fakes online so be careful :)

  41. This blush is definitely not for brushes :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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