Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Ying Ying Tea House

I can't believe a lot of my readers are excited for my weekend food tripping! LOL To be honest, I love to see food but I also hate it because I'll get hungry and I get no access to the food I see online! LOL Thanks though for being excited about the food tripping!!!

Most of the countries have China Town, and the Philippines definitely have our own China Town called ONGPIN :) I seldom go there due to traffic, because the roads are quite narrow and there's so many Chinese restaurant and it is too hard to look for a place to park.

But if you crave for ultimate Chinese food, I strongly suggest anyone who's into Chinese Food to give this restaurant a try.

Philippine readers, if you know President's Restaurant, you definitely know that they close down temporarily, due to management issues. One of the chef opened his own restaurant and called it "YING YING Tea House" <--- I love Ying Ying restaurant more because it's President's Restaurant yummy food PLUS Dimsum!!!! Place is smaller, but it's cozier! :) Doesn't look cheap or dirty, doesn't look too high class either :) Do not expect great ambience as it's usually crowded and people are chatting and talking and eating like they don't care! LOL Now, let's go to the juicy part (literally). By the way, there's 4 of us eating plus we had leftovers, so don't ever think I sniffed all the food! lol

Ohhhh..before the juicy part! I have to say, this is the BEST SERVICE ever!!!! We ordered all these and we got them on our table in less than 5 minutes! NO JOKE!!!! Well do not expect it to be this way all the time, but boy! I am impressed!

Cold Cuts

What I like about this is that we were able to tell them
what combination we would like the Cold Cuts to have.
There's Chicken, Duck, Pork Asado,
Seaweed (which I devoured already), and Crispy Pork.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

What I love about their Yang Chow fried rice is you can taste the shrimp, the pork, the vegetables as they put a good amount of it compared to other restaurants!

Crispy Squid

The best crispy squid I've tasted. Very crunchy and fresh!
Dip it with vinegar, and you are in heaven!
Well not you, but the Squid is in heaven! LOL

I can't remember how do you call this but it's
Pork mixed with crunchy noodle and veggie with a lovely sweet sauce on the side
What to do with this?
Well this marries the......


And this is how I do it!
Wrap it in a veggie roll!
Forget your poise and OPEN your mouth wide!!!!

Ying Ying Tea House

233-235 DasmariƱas St. cor. Yuchenco St. Binondo Manila
tel nos: 3872797/7103856/2416323

Would you believe all of these costs less than Php1,500 (approx $30)?
4 hungry hippos are happy and full!
If you are a Philippine Reader who passed by the area, do not miss this!!
If you are not in the Philippines :( :( :(
Drink a full glass of water and imagine you're full? haaayyy
I'm also hungry blogging about this!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your own cooking :D

  2. Ohhhhh Nikki... you and your delicious food porn... I love the last one, it's like lettuce wraps!! HOW YUMMMY!!!!

  3. yes i would believe so... its pretty cheap! and u do live in the philipines. US is EXPENSIVE most of the times lol yUmmie food.. fried rice loooks good!

  4. wow Chinese food yet again!!! :-D i love everything! the last dish i was able to eat in Singapore before although i forgot how's it called too lol. totally tastes the bomb with the lettuce!

  5. i love those lettuce wraps!! so yummy! have you ever had the duck slices that you put into little white buns?

  6. less than P1500? really? sana meron sa makati! :)

  7. the crispy squid looks really yummy! oh GAWD, i need food now LOL

  8. I love lettuce wrap!! All of that for $30...geez twin, you always get good deals. Can't hardly find decent food here for that price. You're so lucky!!!

  9. Devi, oohhh lol is that a challenge? well i do cook but trust me, its NOTHING spectacular, so I'll leave the food posts to the professionals :)

    Tia, I love lettuce wraps and it is as good as it looks on photos! :)

    Jesmakeup, yup I'm in the Philippines :) I'm sure you're going to enjoy all the food here if you did come for a visit :)

  10. Mhean dear, I'm glad you are into Chinese food, I LOVE Chinese food..and Korean, and Japanese..and short I LOVE ALL FOOD! :P

    Lily, thanks for talking about the duck slice, gave me a moment of silence when I read your comment, that is my ultimate favorite dish too! I LOVE IT!!!

    Sab, i know, I guess its more affordable because it's located at Chinatown, if its at Makati, I'm sure the price would go "whooping high"

    Ai, sorry :( not intentional to make you hungry :D

  11. Cinthia, come on over! I'm sure you'll get fat here :D

  12. woooweeee...I love chinese food =D

  13. mmm! the food looks greatttttttttt yumyumyumyum!!!

    you make me hungry!

  14. Ury, I kinda know you are someone who would love Chinese dish :)

    YumYumSushi, :) I am hungry everytime I open my own page! :(

  15. im starting to miss chinese food now! haha

  16. Nicnic, I am sure you can find some good Chinese restaurants there in japan! :) Btw, you will be going back home for the Holidays right? I'm happy for you!

  17. if i'm not mistaken it's called minced pork


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