Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Cotton Candy Pink" Nails

Hey everyone!!!
Thanks for my lovely readers who wished me well when King Kong was gone! I'm so happy he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a long week, I was pushed to the limit by work at the start of the week and I needed to de-stress or I'll go crazy!!! :) And that's were Nail Art comes in!

I've decided to play with pinks. And I've decided to play it differently by using 2 kinds of polishes! :) I got a very nice shade of pink that reminded me of a yummy cotton candy :) It's not perfect, it's very amateur-ish, and of course, anyone can do better :D Enjoy

Step 1:

Apply one coat of matte "Neon" pink polish (I use Caress, local brand)

Note: Super bright in person

Step 2:

Using ELF Nail Polish in Coral over the "neon" pink polish. It creates a different shade

Step 3:

Using yellow nail art pen, apply strokes on the upper left hand side and lower right hand side looking like the drawing I did on the photo.

Step 4:

Do the same feather-y stroke this time using white nail art pen

Step 5:

Top it with something glittery, like silver or gold. Whatever you have

Step 6:

Top with a clear top coat. I've used Sally Hansen base and top coat.

A lovely friend whom I got to know because of my blog gave me a nice acetone dispenser for early Christmas gift. We bonded because of our love for nails!!! I'm excited to use this! Don't ask me where she purchased this because....I don't have any idea!!!!

Nancy, thanks so much for this!!! You are right, I feel like a pro!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
I will definitely sleep like a bear this weekend!
King Kong and Bear together...awwwww LOL


  1. love the pink! that acetone dispenser is definitely going to come in handy!

  2. Love the nails, they're so pretty!

  3. I've never seen acetone dispenser like that! Great idea for my mess, thanks! :) And glad your hubby's back already, have a nice weekend for both of you :D

  4. the dispenser is cool!!!!
    love it

  5. hehe...I have those dispensers! they're great for nail polish removers as well as any other type of liquid! :)

    I got mine from a beauty fair at a bargain price - RM10 for two...yay for bargains! ^^

  6. Renren, yeah, I'm sure it'll be a hit for me :)

    Gio, thanks

    Devi, thanks so much for being glad my hubby is back, I'm happy too :)

    Sab, thanks sweetie, what are you up to this weekend?

    Bittenbefore, :) Yeah, i'm glad I have it

    Bee, I have never seen them here, so I have to keep my small eyes open :)

    Sher, lol yeah 80's is right! :) Reminded me of the Pink Ladies from Grease

  7. So pretty as always!!! I cant wait for more beautiful designs!!! Tc

  8. ooohhh! cute as always, Nikki! have a great weekend :)

  9. Sis Dyan :) Thanks

    Teeyah :) Welcome back!!! Can't wait to see what you hauled in HK :)

    Ai, thanks and you have a great weekend too! :)

  10. Nikki! thanks for the sweet comment :) my bday isnt until 16th hahah! long time away but thanks anyway hehe.

    ohh your nail art always look so pro!!! I really want a bottle like that too xD

  11. I love it! And this one might be easy enough for me to try too!

  12. Cute nail art, twin. Like always :P

    me want that acetone dispenser. It looks so handy!!!

  13. pretty nails lady! always all the time!
    that dispenser looks cool! i want one, but i'd probably use it for make up remover! :D

    i think i may do my nails today since i won't have dance next week pwahahha

  14. i like that cotton candy pink color... nicee work done!

  15. your nail arts are as pretty on you always! :-D that acetone dispenser sure looks neat!

  16. Nic Nic, :) Its ok to greet early right? :D I love your new bangs by the way and yeah, the dispenser is cool!

    Lilan, do give it a try and I'm sure you'll do even better :D

    Cinthia twin, it is handy, no spillage and very easy to use :D

  17. YumYumsushi, yeah! I'd love my makeup remover to be in this bottle too! :)

    Jesmakeup, thanks

    Mhean, for someone like you who's into nails too, this dispenser will make you really happy :D

  18. Those acetone dispensers are sold in some specialty nail salons. I saw them in Optima (my favorite nail salon in front of Greenbelt 5), they're sold for P250 each (just the bottle, no acetone inside). I found it expensive, so I passed.

  19. nice pink! i need to get myself a dispenser like this too, i always spill my nail polish remover everywhere. i think i know where to buy it :D

  20. Melvel, thanks for the info :) at least I know where to go If I needed another one :)

    Prettybeautiful, yay for the Pro-acetone dispenser! too cute :D

  21. Oooh that dispenser thingy is what I see those people at the nail salon use! I want one I want one! :p

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