Friday, November 21, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Ellana Translucent Mineral Finishing Powder

, a lovely blogger friend, gave me Ellana Translucent Mineral Finishing Powder sample when she last visited me in the office.

It's great timing because I've ordered a couple of foundation samples from different MMU companies and I always manage to forget about finishing powders!

Perfect timing!
Here's how big the sample looks

The color looks shocking but it is sheer
so no worries!

the color came out sheer with hint of yellow/gold tone

Ellana Translucent Mineral Finishing Powder Says ---

Our Mineral Finishing Powders are used to set your foundation.They are extra silky fine face powders that presents a more radiant look and provides more staying power for your make up. It also minimizes the appearance of small imperfections and fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Mineral Finishing Powders come in Oil-Absorbing Finish and Translucent Sheer Finish.

The Oil-Absorbing Finish for oily skin, contains mattifying minerals without weighing down your skin, controlling acne while keeping your skin fresh and shine-free throughout the day. If your skin is extra oily, this powder is best used before applying your foundation.

Our Translucent Sheer Finish for normal to dry skin has light moisturizing minerals. This is a fine, light formula that melts evenly in your skin while giving you a natural finish.

Askmewhats says ---

  • the finishing powder is finely milled
  • easy to blend
  • looks too yellow on the package but came out really natural and sheer
  • sets the make-up really nicely
  • no allergies or itchiness

  • since this is not oil control, I find that I got a bit of shine after 2-3 hours, but not so bad! I just need to reapply :D


I've got the translucent formula to test on and it is perfect as the translucent formula is good for people with dry skin. I find the extra step is always important to set your make-up and let it stay longer.

For people who's got oily skin, (I know a lot of you out there are raising your hands lol) you can choose their oil control formula.

  • after you finish your eye, cheek and lip make-up application, dust lightly the finishing powder with a large powder brush.
  • do not forget to include the neck area
  • if you find the finish a bit unnatural and powder-y, spray with water sprays

Will I repurchase?


Where and how much can I purchase?

Addicted to Minerals Site

sample: 1g - Php80
oil control formula: 2.5 g - Php120
translucent formula: 2.5g - Php120

If you're a Philippine reader, the site would really be super helpful as the seller is based in the Philippines. If you are an international reader, this is their international site. <--- I believe they added a 3rd kind of Finishing powder called Sheer Velvet!

By the way, my King Kong is back!!!!
Perfect coz he made it for the weekend!!!
Stay happy everyone!


  1. i bought a full pot of the powder but unfortunately, someone took it from me..huhu. my cuzin loves the product so much that i didnt bother taking it from her..:D

  2. thanks for sharing, Nikki. I guess i'll bet me some when I'm in the Philippines for holidays.

    You do product reviews almost everyday. Whew! You must really have a lot of makeup! ;-)

  3. oooh! i have this too! i like it because i it's so light on my face. ;)

    yay! happy weekend for nikkI! :)

  4. Jamie, least someone is happy !!! :)

    LV, hahah I do have a couple of stuffs to review but I never thought of me having a lot of make-up, you'll be surprised that I don't have a lot :)

    Sab, :) Happy weekend too, yeah I remembered you loving their face powders :)

  5. nikki, try their new finishing powder..Sheer Velvet makes my skin smooth! it's their version of an HD powder like MUFE's :)

  6. Thanks Gale for the reco....I should give it a try if it's the version of MUFE HD powder!

  7. thanks for sharing this! i'm lookin forward to try some of their stuffs :)

  8. You are welcome Fifi, the Ellana intensive foundation is my HG mineral foundation at the moment :)


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