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Askmewhats Reviews: TBS Nature's Minerals Foundation

Part 3 and final part for my TBS Nature's Minerals Review.
I've written the review for the Mineral Foundation last as I've used this mineral for more than a week. Had a query sent to the Body Shop and I got an answer

Read on :)

Let's check out the specs first!
Come follow me
Here's how the packaging looks like
All made from recycled material! (I like)

I love the safety sticker!

My Love/Hate relationship with the Mesh Sifter

Swatched Shade 02 on my hand
Perfect Match
(I'm MAC NC30, I would say this is great for most Asian Skin)

Nature's Minerals Foundation Says ---

Best if you want to: Achieve a healthy, radiant complexion with ultra-fine minerals that blend evenly to protect skin and reduce redness and imperfections.

Best for: suitable for sensitive skin, provides light to medium coverage

How it works:
  • Kaolin clay and Mediterranean clay are absorbent minerals that provide long-lasting coverage.
  • Mica adds luster and has light-diffusing properties to help disguise fine lines and pores.
  • Titanium dioxide and iron oxide protect skin from the sun without clogging pores.
  • Dermatologist-tested with no added fillers, preservatives or fragrances.

Askmewhats Says ---


  • very natural, doesn't create a white cast on your skin
  • easy to blend
  • non-drying
  • no allergies
  • mesh sifter: the product will come out really fine and easy to blend (love part, read on to the Cons for the hate part)
  • has SPF!!!
  • as the product specs goes, it is for light to medium coverage and I agree with it, I have a couple of red spots on my skin and it isn't completely covered, for people who needed heavy coverage, need to use a concealer first
  • Mesh Sifter: no matter how careful I am in tapping the product, since the mesh made the powder super fine, it's too messy! Every time I open the jar, foundation flew from all direction! I suggest the company make the foundation mesh sifter "smaller" <--- just for the foundation line as I don't have problems with the blush and eye color packaging.
  • Compared to regular MMU, this has expiration. BUT!!!! It's not as CON as it has SPF! (as confirmed by Lisa, in the US, anything that has an SPF has to have an expiration date due to FDA) <-- everyone should take note on this :)
  • need to reapply after 2-3 hours


The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation works best for anyone who doesn't need a lot of coverage and who doesn't like the heavy feeling of foundation. I find that their product are very natural and caring for the skin and would suit anyone from all ages! I can imagine my mom using this!

True, as compared to other MMU companies, this is pricier compared to others but I won't say they are overpriced. I guess because most MMU companies do not have a lot of operational expenses as compared to The Body Shop because they sell it online.


  • I use a spoon and transfer the "sifted" foundation to another jar with a regular sifter. Works better this way
  • If you want coverage on spots, use a concealer brush, foil the foundation and apply it on areas that needed more coverage OR, use your favorite concealer before you use TBS foundation.
  • always tap the cap before you open the jar, so that not a lot of product flies out if you twist open the cap.

Will I repurchase?

I would say, yes, because there are days I am longing for a light coverage (on good skin days)

How much?

At the local Body Shop, costs Php1,499.00 on US Body Shop website $25.00

And before I finish this review,
here's a visual on how I apply my TBS Minerals
Of course you have to shake your booty while you do these steps! :P

Well...that's it!
I hope you guys find my 3-parts Nature's Minerals Review helpful :)
Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

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  1. hey hey..
    OMG you make me want to go and get those mineral set from TBS...

    but I dislike the messiness >< and it takes longer time to apply in the morning...

    you have everydayminerals?? how does it compare to that??

  2. thanks for the review.

    i got bad skin these days due to stress and hardwork. LOLz. this might not be suitable for me --- not until after i visited my derma, at least. :-)

  3. thanks for the review.

    i got bad skin these days due to stress and hardwork. LOLz. this might not be suitable for me --- not until after i visited my derma, at least. :-)

  4. its funny you mention the sifter jar

    cos i found a shop here selling jars with a mesh sifter for loose powder and considered buying it for MMU but didnt know if it was good

    was going to ask you and bang! here's the entry

  5. i can't stand the messy work too, my mirror area is always loaded with the messy flying powder :(

    my Q: is there any method to let mineral foundation adhere longer to my face? thanks!

  6. aww..nice to see someone loves it as much as I do!! :)

  7. Purple Snowflake :) Yes I do have EDM and I would say EDM coverage is heavier and it is more matte. TBS Nature's minerals foundation gives out a "soft/natural" look.

    LV, people with good skin definitely should try this!!! really brings out the prettiness of your skin!

    Yumeko I'm glad to be of service *winks* I'm glad you found answers

    Prettybeautiful, I find that if I give my face a spritz of facial mist (like Evian, MAC or any other) , it makes the mineral stays longer.

    Sab :D Yay for taking care of the environment

    Bee, oohh yeah, you love your TBS minerals too? Especially the Kabuki brush! I remember now! :)

  8. That's the same way how I apply my sheer powder. LOL. We're definitely twin!!!

  9. i dont know much about face products... but that brush looks super soft.. wut kind is it?

  10. wow,now ko lang nalaman na may expiration mga MMU pag may SPF, thanks for the info :) haha i miss doing comments..hahaha will make it a point to comment more on blogs..puro read read ako.tamad magtype! hahaha, namiss mo eyes ko? haha ako din..when i took pictures kanina, parang naamaze ako..haha parang first time ulit mag makeup :) hahaha

  11. that sifter would definitely try me crazy, he he

  12. Thanks for this! I've always wondered about this foundation. I do like how it doesn't contain bismuth like BE. How would you say this compares to Everyday Minerals or Buff'd?

  13. Cinthia YAY! We are confirmed long lost twins! :)

    jesmakeup, its from Beauty & Minerals..a Kabuki brush from local seller! :) It is indeed super soft

    MieMieMie :) OO parang ang tagal since I last saw your eye shots! :) Well you are having the time of your life take your time!

    Renren :) yeah it will!

    Fabuless Beauty, I haven't tried Buff'd but I have EDM and I would say EDM has heavier coverage as compared to the Body SHOP :)

  14. Did the foundation oxidize at the end of the day? Cos the SA here told me I should get a shade lighter cos the color will turn darker. Anyway, I thought the mesh is great but now that I've read your comments, inside story. ;)

    Your last pic is cute girl! *giggles*

  15. Sesame :) No it didn't oxidize on me....background though I am non-acidic and I have dry skin..but the BE foundation oxidized my skin, i guess because of Bismuth :) Maybe the SA told you that because your skin type is "acidic"?

  16. The site just wonderful, would recommend to all friends!


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