Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stuff I Hauled Over the Weekend

Finally took shots on what I hauled over the weekend at the Duty Free Shop :)
I only planned to buy my Clinique's Skincare as I've used up my Moisture Surge Moisturizer and Mild Facial Wash. But Christmas is in the air and I saw bundled Shu Uemura item!!!! Hubby enabled me!!!!

One cleansing oil priced $92.00 was sold in twos for $125.00!!! Isn't that a great deal??? I can finally try the Cleansing Water!!! But I have to finish up my current cleansing oils before I get into these LOL So reviews will definitely take some time :)

And I HAVE to ask for freebies!
Tsk tsk tsk!
Last 2 and glad I was able to get one~~~~

Shu Uemura Leather Case
What's inside? Scroll down please!

Shu Uemura White Recovery FX+ moisturizing Lotion and serum!
And a face brush! :)

And here's what I originally planned to spend my money on!

Clinique's Mild Facial Wash

Clinique's Moisture Surge EXTENDED Thirsty Skin Relief

And again, I HAVE TO ASK for the Samples!
They told me they don't have any...
and what are these??????

A sample of Clinique Lip Balam
Clinique Mild Facial Wash
Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Skin Relief

I was asking for eye cream samples!
But better than nothing right? LOL

Philippine Readers:

Moral lesson, if you are spending your money on products, do check if they have samples! Most companies usually do have samples but I don't know why but they don't give it out! Well as if I am just "ASKING" right? I do purchase!

Use your purchasing power people!

*raise arms*


People Power! LOL


  1. ooh! lovely hauls!

    i am a shu fan right now! and clinique! i want to try those!!!!!!

  2. omg! i'm an ultimate shu fan!! i know, i ask for samples too, and i'm not ashamed of it. haha!

  3. Thanks for the congrats, twin!!! you're such a sweetie *hugz*

    That's a nice haul and you really know how to work it to make your money worth. I'd love to go shopping with you!!! HEHEHE.

  4. i think companies should give out samples voluntarily. i know that when i don't ask for samples, but they give them to me anyway while i'm buying something, it just makes me feel a lot better about the company... like they're treating me good and i'm more likely to go back and buy more things.

  5. wowm you're really good at snagging samples! You ought to share your tactics :p I'm horrible at it since I work in the industry. I'd feel bad. Lol. Usually I'd give samples if the customer buys something and I find other products that she'd be interested in or if the customer is really eager to try a particular product.

    However, there are those who just want everything FREE. They'd come up to me and just plainly ask "Do you have samples?", "No, I don't wanna listen. I have no time", "Just give me the sample". then I'd get really cheesed off!

  6. Plue, give Shu and Clinique a try :) well try not to purchase big sizes first :)

    Sab, yay for people who aren't afraid to ask for samples! *high five*

    Cinthia, i'll definitely help you out when you shop :) I'm good at talking to SA's :P

    Lily, right on! I can't agree with you more. As long as you don't go over the top in asking samples and as long as you really are interested with the product, samples are really important because I got hooked to Clinique because of the samples I've tried

    Connie, me, I dont' ask for samples if I didn't buy anything and I only ask for samples that I PLAN to purchase :) I know what you mean about people who just want samples and never plan to return! LOL I learned about this because I've used the sample of Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin relief and I got hooked! Imagine, they just spent a small jar of sample and they got a loyal consumer in me :)

  7. Great haul, girl! I always ask for samples. Gotta be totally thick-skinned if I want freebies :p

  8. what a haul! :-)

    I'm loving the Shu Uemura case.

  9. what a haul! :-)

    I'm loving the Shu Uemura case.

  10. I love love love Uemura cleansing oils! I think my face would die without the green one!

  11. i always get shu samples too but i never got a face brush , i keep getting blusher brushes XD

  12. I just bought my very first Shu Cleansing Oil last weekend. Ang mahal! But I hope it's worth it.

    Re samples: If ever you buy something from Estee lauder and Lancome in Rustans Makati, do ask for samples. They keep a lot! I bought some gifts from Estee and Lancome last weekend and I shamelessly asked for samples, and they opened this whole drawer full of samples! I got a lot!

  13. Tine, so true, before I always ask Keith to help me ask for samples..LOL now a girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do :)

    LV, I love the Shu Case too That caught my attention real bad!

    Jamie, thanks li'l sis

    Glow Chaser, green is my fave too!!!

    Gio, thanks

    Bittenbefore, ohh really? They really giveaway brushes? That was the first time I saw Shu giving away brushes for freebies!

    melvel :) Thanks for the tip, true, I always ask if it's a bit expensive purchases! :) What have you got from them?

  14. man i still have nothing from shu except their eyelash curler, lol...u inspire me to try more!

  15. Ohmigoodness, that Shu is pricey. I didn't know the cleansing oil ran for that much. Yikes! I can't wait to see your review on that.

    And yay to the Clinique goodies!!

  16. That's such a great freebie from Shu!!

  17. You're right to ask them. In Indonesia, the BAs are too stingy to share samples! LOL

  18. Thanks Vanessa M! I can't get over the recent hauls you have!

    Renren, thanks for saying that! :) Girl! You inspire me so much too!!!

    B, I KNOW!!!! The only reason I buy it is because it lasts a long long time! One bottle lasts almost a year! :)

    Fuz, so true!

    Devi, same with our country huh? haaayyy

  19. I HATE it when they do that!

    "Hi do you have samples?"
    *walk around for a bit*
    "ill take this one."
    "sure, here are some samples."

    but your haul is gorgeous! can't wait til youre done the other stuff, so you can tell us about these :)
    and about eyeko...apparently its only a good thing if I bring enough traffic/referrals...otherwise I get nothing. ahah...ah well. its still a cool title :P

  20. sinasabi lang nilang WALANG samples because they keep it themselves..dati nga my mom and i purchased 3 perfumes sa rustan's..from the same brand,tapos we asked if they had samples to give out..WALA na daw, kasi NAUBOS na daw..tsk,NAUBOS NA NILANG MGA SA... :(

  21. fab haul i love the brushes and pouch!

  22. Rasilla, EXACTLY!!!! You know what I mean! goodluck with the Eyeko Ambassador Program :)

    Miemiemie, so true!!! Irritating right?

    Yummy411, thanks!!! I love the freebie of Shu too!

  23. wow cleansing oils!!! you know i said previously i love it for removing eye makeup but now i love Lancome Bi-Facil more. :-( and you got clinique too! i love your hauls!!!

  24. whoa.
    seriously they just hand out samples like that even if you arent regulars?

    i want to try the 3 step clinique since my dermalogica seems like its not working on me.

    works well for my sis thou.

  25. Mhean, I have yet to try lancome bifacil!!! :)

    Lynn, they don't just hand out samples but they have a certain purchase amount to get a certain sample or gift. Before you purchase anything, you have to ask them! :)


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