Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Under the Sea" Look

As promised, I've created a look as inspired by my Body Shop Nature's Minerals Eye Color. I've always wanted a look using silver! As it is quite challenging for me as my skin tone leans toward Gold rather than silver! Oh well, it's not too late to try!

A teaser photo was up yesterday so here's the full on LOOK!

Diagram Time!!!

1. Using my Smashbox no. 26 e/s brush or any e/s brush available, I pat on PAC Pearly Blue eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye concentrating on the center

2. Use any blending brush, in my case, I've used Prestige #103 Shadow crease brush and grab a bit of MAC Carbon and lightly swipe through the crease area.

3. Using my MAC 217 or any smaller blending brush, use the The Body Shop Nature's Minerals in Platinum Shimmer and lightly sweep on the crease area to blend in the PAC Pearly Blue eyeshadow and lighten the harsh lines. Also apply it below the lash line.

4. Using the same Prestige #103 blending brush, apply Bourjois Rose Beige or any highlighting eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone area and the inner corner of the eyes.

5. Apply Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow/Liner in Lagoon 3/4 area of the waterline.

6. Apply Fashion 21 Stict Eyeshadow/Liner in Pearl on the inner 1/4 corner of the waterline

And the rest of the face?

Use Nars Orgasm on the cheeks

NYX Herades and top with Shawill Gloss


Hoping to make you smile Photo Time!!!

Hubby's going out-of-town (work related) and probably be back 2-3 days after, depending on how fast the project will be over :( :( :( This will be the first time after I got married that I'll be away from my hubby/photographer/King Kong!!! :(

Oh well, I'll be keeping myself busy doing more product reviews so I won't miss him so much!!!!

Send me some smiles!
I needed that! :D


  1. LOL @ hubby/photographer/King Kong... you're too cute! You're such a mermaid ;)

  2. I love that last pic!!! you two are so silly!!!

  3. aww ur hubby is going away? poor you. I like ur last pix how is grabbing your head. very creative!

  4. Blues look fantastic on you!! Aww @ the hubby leaving. He'll be back before you know it. Just watch! I'm sooo laughing at that picture. Too cute!

  5. wut a beautiful blue... i am loving it a lot! i want ur palettes!! u have such a good camera.. it takes it super clear unless ur under a lot of lighting?

  6. hello little mermaid. you're way too cute! Keith is cool too. :-)

  7. nice colors! i can never pull of blue lol

  8. hey u r one cute mermaid! :D no wonder kingkong caught u... hehehe

  9. awww! nikki! the last photo is sooo cute! i'm sure your hubby will find it hard to be away from you for days too!

  10. aaww you two are such a cutie! love the under the sea look, Nikki! really pretty :)

  11. dream to be a mermaid is coming true!!! hahahha

    Yes Twin and you are my twin, YOU ARE SILLY TOO!

    Makemeup, yup! he's going away for a couple of days, I'll try to keep myself super busy so I won't miss him so much! :)

  12. B :) Only a crazy one can appreciate another crazy person! LOL Birds of the same feathers do flock together eh? *hugs*

    Jesmakeup, surprisingly, I take shots after work, so definitely night time and it's just room light, I'm glad you liked it, I took a lot of shots with different settings, uploaded it on the computer and choose the best ones! :)

    THSG, thanks! I'm glad you liked it

  13. LV, Keith is super cool! that's why I married him! LOL He's up to whatever challenge! :D

    Lily, I can never pull off blues too, but just for fun! and for review, I'll do anything! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, now now, that's a nice love story.... "KingKong returns: With Li'l Mermaid" :P *aawww*

  14. Sab, thanks for understanding my though we've been away in the past, it's just different now coz we're married. I'm used to babbling to him about WORK, STRESS and EVERYTHING :(

    Ai, dear! I'm glad you have unlimited access to the internet, hate to see you gone for long :) Thanks for liking the look :)

  15. The last photo just cracked me up :P
    Don't be sad, my dear, your King Kong will be back sooner than you know it ;)

  16. Tine, LOL I do talk to King Kong on the phone frequently! LOL Surprised he knew how to speak "our" language :) Thanks for the "cheer" :) Take care

  17. OOh such a pretty blue eye look. =) And *hugs* and *smiles* to cheer you up =)

  18. very pretty! dont worry you wont miss him! you have us!

  19. Ur too cute! :)

    Blue is such a "challenging' color to pull off, but you pulled it off gorgeously!

    Lol... Your Kingkong sure knows how to take photos well... hehehe

  20. Kahani, thanks sweetie!!! thanks for the hug, I appreciate that!

    Vanessa M, you are so right, when I got home last night, all I did was read blogs!!!

    Bhing :) hey! nice to see you here, I have a question for you, how come I can't seem to open your blog anymore?

    Thanks sweet Aika!

  21. funny pics with and the hubby always make me laugh lol!


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