Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shopping Time! Beauty & Minerals Bazaar

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Dear Philippine Readers:

Christmas time is coming up and better be ready for gift-giving and shopping!

Beauty & Minerals Bazaar schedule is up!!!!

What are you waiting for???? GO!!!!!



  1. aaawwe.. how come there is so much going on in the Philippines. Sometimes, I really wish I were just living there. :-(

  2. This looks like fun I wish I could go!

  3. how come we never get these kind of events in malaysia?? :(

  4. LV, I am sure a lot of these Philippine bloggers will go to singapore and will meet up with yoU! ME TOO! If I've decided to plan a trip there! :) So don't worry!

    Lydia :) You are too far away :D

    Bee, you just attended an event! How could you forget???? I wanted to be there and test on make-up like you gals did!

  5. i'm going to the AC bazaar, cause of my sister. :)

  6. Phew!!! so glad it's not here. hehehehe

  7. saleeeeee! sale everywhere! and everyone LOVES sale! LOL ohh i'm fine here Nikki, thnx :) and i got the unlimited connection at campus YAY! :D

  8. Hi Nikki, thanks for posting this bazaar event...I was there last year and met Sophie in person. Anyways great blog. I hope you can also visit my blog and make a comment? Thanks in advance!


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