Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: TBS Nature's Minerals Eye Color

This is Part 2 of my Body Shop Nature's Minerals Mini-Series.
Want to check out part 1? Smile and click "TBS Nature's Minerals Cheek Color"

I am finally ready to do a review on the Platinum Shimmer (Silver) Eye Color as I've been using this for several days.

I have chosen Platinum Shimmer because I can mix this with different e/s colors and Silver is the TREND nowadays!

Here's the product on my hand before I peeled off the safety sticker

And here's the color when swatched

Nature's Minerals Eye Color Says ---

Best if you want to: Accentuate your eyes with crease-resistant, blendable color that’s made from the earth’s purest minerals.

Best for: suitable for sensitive skin

How it works:

  • Mediterranean clay is an absorbent mineral that helps bind make-up to skin for long-lasting coverage.
  • Mica adds luster and has light-diffusing particles to help disguise fine lines.
  • Dermatologist-tested with no added fillers, preservatives or fragrances.

Askmewhats Says ---

  • the mesh cover works well for eye makeup as the sifter makes the e/s finer and makes it easier to apply and blend
  • Color: what you see is what you get
  • no eye allergies!
  • foiling the eyeshadow doesn't change the color or shade but instead, makes the shadow more vibrant and stays longer

  • very messy, be careful with fall outs
  • if applied dry, I have to pack on the product for the color to show up on my skin tone
  • have to use a primer/cream base for the product to stick on as the sample I have which is shimmery tends to fall out at the end of the day (read further below on tips on how to correct this)


If you are into MMU and you are into wide variety of eye shadows, then Body Shop leaves you not much of a choice as they have total of 6 available eye colors. You can't blame them though as they have all the "basic" colors needed to create a natural look.

I personally like to swatch mineral products personally before buying as I can see the colors much better. I've also checked out the local Body Shop store and I've found not a lot of shades are available. I haven't checked other branches though.

If you are someone who's into sticking to natural looks and wants subtleness, definitely go with this as one as one tub lasts a long long time!


  • for any MMU, always have a big face brush ready to remove fall outs
  • use a firm e/s brush to DAB (not swipe) the e/s onto your lid to prevent fall out
  • in my opinion, most glittery/shimmery minerals tends to fall out at the end of the day faster than regular matte e/s. If you want this to stay longer and you don't have eye primer or base available, FOIL it, how? Read on ---
  1. use a taklon brush or a concealer brush (the stiffer the better)
  2. drop an eyedrop onto the brush and remove excess
  3. swirl the brush onto the minerals and pat it on your lid gently
** TESTED, the minerals stayed longer!

Will I repurchase?
Depends, if I find a nice shade that I like

How much?

At the local Body Shop, costs Php895 ($13 on website)

Here's a look I've done using the TBS Platinum Shimmer
and PAC e/s (no foiling, applied dry)

Watch out for more detail on this look!
On what products and brushes I've used!

Under the sea...under the sea....

I feel like I'm Ariel from the Little Mermaid


  1. I've never tried any Body Shop products! I just might! They look interesting :)

  2. I like to apply my mineral eyeshadows wet. The colours pop that way :)

  3. I love that shade o blue on you. :-)

  4. I love TBS products! Especially their mask and cheek products! Thanks a lot for the review, it looks really interesting!

  5. Gee :) They have interested products :)

    Tine, I SHOULD apply them wet, but I am too lazy in the morning :P hehehe

    LV, thanks sis for liking blue on me

    Iamgrape1119, I'm glad you find the review useful :) Just so you know, I've learned so much from your reviews too!

  6. this is an interesting product, will go check out at TBS, btw, this blue looks too vibrant to use on non-oceanic days. lol

  7. love the blue on you - very soothing first thing in the morning! :D

  8. Prettybeautiful...lol I MUST use this for OCEANIC days only right? hahahha I honestly don't look good with blues..as it turns gray on me after, but who cares? I wanted to be a mermaid! hahahha

    Bee, awww..you found it soothing? Wait til you see my full face SHOT, NOT soothing at all! But love you for saying that

  9. The color is very vibrant and nice on you. When I go to TBS, I only looked at their skincare and lotion never looked at their makeup...definitely will check out next time.

    You should wear more bright colors, twin. It looks really nice on you.

  10. You know what TWIN? Same here, I'm always checking out their lotions or facial wash or Tea Tree oil products...I'm glad I had the chance to test on them :)

  11. blue looks great on you and without foiling it still looks vibrant

  12. This product looks interesting. I love that shade of blue, it is so vibrant!

  13. blue is one my faves and you rock it sis! :-)


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