Friday, November 28, 2008

Reader's Corner: Philips JetSet Control ION HP 4883

How's everyone today? Happy THANKSGIVING day to everybody!!!!
I am so thankful it's FRIDAY today!!!! :D
I am also thankful to all my readers, for appreciating my thoughts, ideas and opinions. It really meant the world to me!

So today is dedicated to Reader's Corner. I've got a question from a reader on what Hair Dryer I am using to style my hair. A short history, I have owned a travel size hair dryer for the longest time, I didn't mind that the only button it has is the ON/OFF button. After 4 years, it finally bid me "bu-bye". So worth it huh?

But now that I'm older, and the demand of my hair is bigger... I wanted to buy something different...I want a heavy-duty dryer, that would last me a long time.

I've searched, high and lows...well not really, I've just searched the malls...LOL

One Philips dryer caught my eye. Philips is well known for it's Home Entertainment system, so I guess their hair tools are good too right? I gave in and bought it because it looks sturdy, specifications are great...and best of all, I bought this less than Php 2,000 ($38). I've been using this everyday for more than 2 years now, so definitely worth it!

Sorry, I don't have a photo of it's box as I threw it away. This dryer comes with Volume Diffuser <-- at="" coz="" home="" i="" it="" left="" not="" on="" photo="" span="" style="color: #ffccff; font-style: italic;" too="">(my home when I was still single)

Here's my Philips Jet Set Dryer!

For you to imagine how big it is
By the way, it has it's own
removable air inlet grill
Which I didn't include in this photo

It looks sexy to me because of it's Ion Conditioning Factor What's it for?

Ion Conditioning
The ionizer inside the hairdryer creates negative particles, called ions, that neutralise the positive charge hair usually has. This calms the individual strands, brings them back into balance, and removes any static.

My take? I can't seem to see any drastic change! I've been drying my hair everyday and at times without any heat protecting serum (I know I'm Bad) and so far, my hair isn't FRIED YET! *knocks on wood* lol

Has 2 speed and 3 heat settings

Aside from all those above, I'm not done yet! LOL
It has Cool Shot and Quick-dry Setting (or HOT)

Cool Shot - for fixing the style you created with a shot of cool air for long-lasting results. Quick-dry setting - enables you to dry very wet hair faster, without the heat damage

Overall, I find this dryer to be really good and helps with my everyday styling! It is a bit heavy, but I don't mind because it does help in drying my hair fast with a "safe" temperature and I can always choose to get high heat setting if I wanted to style my hair on special occasions. Definitely a versatile dryer!

Philippine Readers: I bought this at SM Makati :D Not sure if they still have it though.

Am I boring you with all the blow-dryer lecture?
Sorry, I can't help but brag coz my dryer has a lot of cool settings! HAHAHA
I guess that's the reason why I bought this in the first place!
I am a sucker for technology!This is my current Hair dryer
What's yours?


  1. I have a salon size hair dryer too! Its the best way to get nice bouncy hair because little travel sized ones just don't cut it in the power department! :D

  2. I have a revlon 1872 Ionic! I love it! Yours looks awesome too!

  3. i have something like that at home, but it is so so heavy!

  4. your dryer looks hardcore! i love it! i guess it doesn't take much to style/dry your hair with this one, right?

    i'm not really happy with mine. :-(

  5. Teeyah :D It is big, but I felt professional using this

    Parisb, so true!

    Lydia, oohhh Revlon dryer, I've seen them sold here too and they look good too!

    Xin, I know, that's why I can't blow dry my hair for a long time!

    L.V. ohhh sis! I'm sure you can find a one that you'll be happy about :) Yes, this works well that I don't have to spend so much time drying my hair

  6. Philips has been expanding their brand not just a light bulb. They're also famous for their great (and affordable) flat iron in Indonesia :)

  7. Very nice hair dryer with ultra technology.


  8. All are very useful hair tools.
    Thanks for sharing these with us.


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