Thursday, November 27, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Laitialies Collagen Essence Super H20 Mask

As seen in my previous review on the first ever Laitialies mask, which did not fail me, I've used the 2nd mask called Super H2O Mask....anything with SUPER sounds exciting huh? I actually had these photos ready for some time, but I find it hard to do a post on this...(you'll see why at the ending) lol

Here's how the Mask looks like
Almost the same as the first mask I've used

Laitialies Collagen Essence Super H2O Mask says ---

For all skin type.
Instantly nourish and hydrate with rich protein, and multi-vitamins from main ingredients. Awaken the senses with fresh fragrance from essential oil.

Askmewhats says ---

  • Sheet - Same durable quality
  • Scent - smells super nice, relaxing
  • Instead of the usual face mask that goes on liquid-y, imagine the sheet is covered with "GEL" like substance, a bit yucky at first LOL but it is really good!
  • Moisturizes all dry spot on my face

  • not available locally


This is the first face mask I've tried that felt like GEL all over the face, but I like this out of all the face masks I've used coz it stays put on your face. I find that after 20 minutes, my skin is super soft and smooth and stays on till the next day!

  • RELAX --- I did relaxed (you can see how I relaxed later on lol)
  • a lot of my readers commented when I did the first review to let the sheet stay for only 15-20 minutes max, they are right!
  • Use the excess and rub it all over your knees and elbows.

Will I repurchase?

I'd love to!

Where and How much did I purchase this?

This is a gift from dear Beetrice. <--- my skin thanks you girl!

Visual time!!!!
Here's how the sheet looks like

I know, Halloween is OVER!
I should have wore this for Halloween Party!
I do look scary here! :(

And even scarier here! :(


It was a better day yesterday!
Thanks to my dear friends who made it better!
Advance Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
Stay gorgeous and happy!


  1. i tried those once.. its so cold wen it goes on ur face lol but so refreshing...

  2. I am getting addicted to facial masks myself these days. It's a good way to perk up tired skin.

    I think I can get these masks here in SG. let me know if you need some. ;-)

  3. Bittenbefore, I don't call it cute :( :( I hate to look at it to be but i had to post something to laugh about! LOL

    jeSmakeup, yes, it is refreshing :) I love it... I just get so lazy at times :)

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  5. Hi Nikki :) Just wanted to let you know that it was me that just commented you... I forgot to sign out of that account lol

  6. this looks super relaxing! i want one too! :)

  7. oohh that looks SUPER relaxing hahaa i should get 1 too.. you soo stay gorgeous and happy, Nikki! :D

  8. Hi Sis! How are you? I miss you, things have been so busy on my end but I wanted to drop by and say hello and that i've missed you! Love the mask! LOL :)

  9. LOL I want to try that out! You always have such humor pictures! I love it! =]

  10. LOL! I LOVE those types of masks! I'm doing a vid about my collection of them soon, look out for it. You can watch my vids okay can't you? Hope you and yours have a beauty full Thanksgiving!

  11. These make me want to try out these masks even more! (which i realize is the whole point :P)
    But I'm a tad scared, because my skin can be so finicky. I can't use korean soaps at all, because for some reason it makes me break out into a rash. Same with a lot of their products. Though the last time I tried has been like 5 years...maybe I have grown out of that phase :)

    But it must have felt weird with the gel consistency on your face~ That really intrigues me

  12. L.V. awww, thanks so much for the offer, I will spare you the hassle :) I really appreciate your kindness Muwah :x

    Erica, no worries!

    Sab, try them, we have it at Watsons but different brands :)

    Ai, we both should stay stress free and gorgeous! :)

    Nessa I am touched you still have the time to comment, I know and understand how busy you are! :)

    Makemeup..I call it childish photos! :)

    THSG, yes girl! Of course I can watch your videos, I do watch them, but if I'm in the office, I can't :)

    Rasilla, if your skin is finicky, yes, do not just test on different skincare product, you should stick to just a few which you've tested. Lucky you, at least you won't be tempted to buy more beauty products :) LOL well good and bad, I have sensitive skin too, but thank goodness these masks doesn't bother me!! I have to be careful with my moisturizer and facial cleansers though :)

  13. Hee hee, looks like you're having a great time relaxing there ;)


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