Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Snacking: Jamaican Pattie

Hey everyone!!! How was your weekend?
Mine was great as seen on my previous post! I've attended a P&J seminar, met Sab, Sab's Mommy and Kim then Sunday, the family and hubby went to the DUTY FREE SHOP here in the Philippines.

Why did I go to the Duty Free Shop to shop??? That's where I buy my Clinique products as I'm done with my Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief as seen in my previous post and I have finally bought the Clinique's Moisture Surge EXTENDED Thirsty Skin Relief.

I will do a post on what I purchased soon! It's late when we got back so I'm a bit tired and it takes some time to do all those cropping! :D

I did some weekend snacking and let me show you a snack that me and hubby enjoyed snacking.

The Jamaican Pattie' Shop!
I had this over the weekend at the Glorietta Mall
but the photos below are from the SM Mall of Asia Branch
as the Store is CUTER! :D

Jamaican music...
nice ambience

Here's where they home the Jamaican Pattie
to keep 'em warm!
Be careful when you eat this, Filling is HOT!

They are available in different variants
Beef, Chicken, Tuna
in spicy and non-spicy too!

Take-out box!
Cute! I like reading box notes...
and they had the History of the restaurant printed...
So I have something to read while I eat LOL

6 assorted Jamaican Pattie waiting for me to devour them!

Don't ask me what's
2 red dots..means...I don't know but just bite me! hahahha

Eventhough the filling looks thin,
the taste is just WOW!
A good serving of beef/chicken/tuna with their specialy sauce!
I feel like dancin' the Jamaican beat!.....
*Ooohhh Baby I love your way...*

I will be back!
With reviews, some answers to readers' questions, and requests! :D
I will post what I bought from the Duty Free Shop soon!
It isn't much but it really broke my heart! LOL My wallet's heart!


  1. OOOOoooo I've been wanting to try the moisture surge for the longest time. Please do a review soon. I wanna know what's the difference between the extra and extended version.

    You lucky you have duty free shop that sells clinique!!!

  2. wow tuna patties?? we dont get those here. I usually have the beef/spicy patites yum :)

  3. hmmm look very yummy here!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

  4. I love Jamaican patties. I don't eat beef so I am all over the chicken and veggie. I tell ya one thing...the best patties are in Jamaica. Yums!

  5. first time seeing jamaican patties, reminded me of futurama ( there is a jamaican dude in there who is an expert of limbo) hehehehee

  6. wow tat looks soooo good!!!

  7. how come you don't gain weight? :-( boohoo! i envy you.

  8. yummy! and you look pretty even from the back. :)

  9. ooh jamaican food. i've never tried it before. looks interesting!

  10. Nikki you're killing me!!! Those were my comfort food when I was still living in Manila. I miss everything about Manila whenever I read posts like this. :( Memories!!!

  11. it looks yummy :D I never tried jamaican food. By the way, you can call me Digital Agency, how about Digital Agent ? :P

  12. Cinthia twin! I will definitely see the differences and will let you know, I am using the Extended version so I can give a review soon!!!!

    Fuz, it does doesn't it? :D

    Sher, Yes, they offer Tuna too! I believe we always mix it with something that goes with the Filipino taste :D

    Makemeup, are you into jamaican pattie? have you tried them? Do you like it?

  13. you know what one of my favourite pastry snacks are? EMPANADAS!! they make them so good back home in The Philippines. yummmm-o

  14. B! That's something new I learn about you! YOu are not into beef huh? Would you believe I am not into meat? I am semi vegetarian before but I kinda have health issues because of yeah, I'm a carnivorous mammal now :P

    Prettybeautiful, futurama sounds cool!

    Yumeko, it does looks yummy and taste yummy :)

    LV, come on! You are very very very very slim and sexy! You don't have to worry about your weight at all!!!Trust me, I know how it is to be on the heavy side, I've reached almost 140lbs in the past LOL

  15. Sab, come on!! Everyone looks pretty from the back!!!! :D Your posture is like the BEST!!!

    NicNic, I hope you can find these in Japan!

    Lily, Do they have Jamaican food available there? I have a feeling they should!

    Shades of U, awww sis..sorry for killing you softly :( Hey, when was the last time you visited Manila? When do you plan to come back?

    Digital AGENT, come to think of it, this sounds cool! hahahaha

  16. ARGH..
    i'm hungry.. can you post some to me please? looks so yummy =p

    if I ever go there u have take me to go eat lol

  17. Wow! Those look yummy! You enter the contest by using the form at the top of my page...good luck!!

  18. YOU always make me hungry even tho i'm full, Nikki! LOL

  19. Purple Snowflake, YOU ARE ON!!!! Let me know if you plan to come over, I'll list down all the "must go" and "places to eat" and we'll take you there!!!

    Tammy M, thanks!! LOL I can't believe I didn't see it! I kept on reading back and forth the post you did!

    Ai, i know how food can make you hungry even if you're full! LOL I hope you're doing fine there! I'm glad you're still able to log on!!! How's the internet going?

  20. Those look so yummy!

  21. ahhh! i love jamaican patties, they're some of my fav!

  22. I've never eaten Jamaican food but that one looks yummy!

  23. JO, you are right! Empanadas are great!!!! You missed them huh?

    Gio :)

    Renren, do they have a lot of Jamaican Pattie where you live? I wonder what other dish they serve!

    Devi :) it is yummy, if you love to eat turnovers, this is the lighter version :D

  24. i heart this foodie booth too! i am not a fan of empanada's/patties but this one surely takes my breath every time. ;-D

  25. The first picture, the store at mall of asia is not de original jamaican patties, It's Jammin Jamaican. I like de original jamaican patties more.

  26. masarap talaga dito! >___<
    i especially like their sm north - the block branch ^___^' kawaii, heheh..
    but im not so happy with their logo.. confussing yung jammin' jamaica logo, tas sa package de original jamaican pattie.. ito nga yung ginawa kong product develepment plate.. hahah!
    pero masrap talaga dito! ^___^


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