Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paul & Joe Event and Meeting Nice People :D

Paul & Joe, my favorite cosmetics brand, had a 3-day event this weekend. I got this over the mailbox but I kinda forgot about the dates. Good thing I got a text message to remind me about this. I have work on Friday, so I attended Saturday event instead :) Once is better than NONE right?

I have met a Sab, a wonderful blogger friend, for the 2nd time and this time, it's with her MOM!!! Her mom is so cool! :)

I've also met a new blogger friend KIM *waves at Kim* thanks for introducing yourself to me! I would've never recognized you! Kim is lucky because she won the P&J jewelry box raffle!!! And she's proud to be a P&J girl now!!! :D

Here's how we P&J addicts squeeze ourselves inside the P&J shop :)

The Chief Make-up Artist Ms. Cherry Pacheco Uy and
the Sr. Associate Artist Ms. Lanie Acedillo taught different tricks for make-up

And I was asked by my hubby
to look back and SMILE! LOL

It was a great event and I enjoyed chatting with fellow make-up addicts. We've decided to walk around the mall and I went in the Face Shop and the SA, who's always been nice to me told me about the "bundled" Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. LOL Yeah, she knew that I love it! I think, I've used a total of 4 sets of Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner! And they get to be out-of-stock a lot of times!!

Though I am currently using my Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner, I knew that I'll be going back to TFS Changpo Set! So...I bought the sets (I said sets cause I bought 2 hahaha) for back-up as I get to save Php115.00 (approx $3.45) per set!

Here's how pretty the box looks like

And my 2 sets ready to be inside my
Panic Buying Storage! LOL

I've also hauled so much on lashes as I don't go to Glorietta as frequent as before!
Lashes Porn!!!

I've also shopped for a skirt, a nice dress and a pair of sandals....
Not on photo because... :( I dont' know why! hahaha
Well, how's your weekend?
Have a great weekend everyone
and I'm glad to have met a couple of nice friends today!


  1. it's so nice that your hubby attends these makeup events with you. it's hard to just even get my boyfriend to walk into a girly clothing store with me.

  2. omg look at all those lashes! drool! lol

    its sooo cute that you go to these things with your hubby, and he takes such awesome pics for the blog :)

  3. ur at a makeup meetin? cool.. heheh wow look at all those lashes..

  4. ack! i didn't know you have a photo! hahaha! buti na lang i wasn't slouching! hehe.

    it was so niiice meeting you! my mom said you're so nice daw! :)

    thanks again for the goodies! i'll post them tonight. :)

  5. hello nikki!!! waah! T____T im so jealous!! ive always wanted to attend those kinds of events!!! im just curious, where exactly in Glorietta did you buy those lashes? *drools*

  6. oh review of shampoo and conditioner please!! compared to tsubaki ?

  7. Fuz, I am more jealous when I go to your site and see those lovely hauls you have!

    Lily, he's always there, wherever I am :)

    Rasilla :) Yes, I am so lucky to have him always by my side :)

    Jesmakeup :) it's not a meeting but it's just a free seminar for P&J lovers like me :)

    Sab, trust me, I didn't know I have a photo toO! And I do have one shot of you SLOUCHING! So....*evil laugh* you have to be nice to me or i will post it! :P Awww, I love your mom too ! So Cool!!!

    Yda, you can still attend! today at 4pm. You can buy lashes at Landmark :)

    Bittenbefore, I will review it definitely and I will compare it to tsubaki, I am using my tsubaki shampoo and conditioner now! :D You do have The Face Shop in Japan?

  8. now, that's a lot of falsies! :-) i dodn't know you're a falsies addict! ;-)

    i don't attend such events here, because it's either i have makeup stints or i feel lazy. :-(

  9. wow we ought to meet up soon too! lol. i also saw an event at MAC yesterday but i didn't want to pass by since i don't want to get anything out of the blue haha what with all my hauls lately? as if i needed more lol. am just waiting for Red She Said... am still curious about falsies but i am really wary to try them... maybe you can share how you use them when we finally meet? :-D please! lol.

  10. You didn't get anything at P&J???!! I'm surprised!!! you did good, twin!!!

    Those lashes are to drool for!!! but I've never seen pic of you with falsies before. hrmmm...can't wait!!!

    Y didn't you take pic of the skirt, dress and sandals? You're making me even more curious!

  11. did you buy something from P&J, Nikki? *wink wink* is the shampoo&conditioner really good? I need really really good shampoo&conditioner..

    and that's lotsa falsies. your clients must love you! i want to be ur client :D

  12. Just surfing through - I'm smiling!!

  13. shopped pa after? haha. Sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye. Everybody left already when I came back to the store. What's the price of the falsies for each pair?

  14. yeah, i'm naturally "kuba". hahahaha!

  15. You're so lucky to attend these events! And it's nice of your husband to go with you, my boyfriend would never do that.

  16. Mhean, sureeee! I'll definitely show you how to use the falsies! I love putting falsies to other people! HAHAHHA

    Cinthia twin, I didn't buy anything coz I still have a lot of backups from my previous haul! I bought a lot because I wanted to get the luggage..and girl! If you can see their new's TO DIE FOR and my first luggage gets a bit embarrassed now! LOL I do wear falsies but ONLY on special occasions, I buy them because I do make-up on others and some wanted Falsies :) Back up is good! :) I'll try to take a photo of the stuffs I bought if I had the chance! :D

    Ai, I didn't buy anything :( Yeah, I try to look around for stuffs I have to buy, but I'm still ok, I still have back-ups on every P&J I use :D I will definitely be honored to have you as my client :D

    Rick *smiles back* thanks

  17. Ury, it's ok, I looked for you, but you weren't there I thought you left :) But yeah, I'm glad you foudn P&J :)

    Sabby *high five* I am super kuba too! But when someone has a camera in front of me, I go sit up straight! hahahha

    Gio..ohohh I am really thankful of my hubby, he's super supportive and I asked him to walk around and he said it's ok for him to wait with his PSP hahaha

  18. OMG that's a load of products you bought! LOL. It seems that you have a great time there! :)

  19. Ohhh, looks like fun times!!

  20. Paul & Joe... love. Must get in touch with that company again! And I need to find me a hubby like yours. If the above comments are anything to go by, though, I think there's a lineup. Sheesh!

  21. awww..yes, you are definitely P&J's biggest fan! :D the invitation looks oh so pretty...dang!!

    PS: does your hubby have a twin brother? LOL!!

  22. i'd love to see you wear those lashes!

  23. Devi, i did have a great time! :) thanks

    B, fun fun fun! We both love fun baby!

    Janine , do keep us posted on how the contacting P&J mission goes! I'd love to see P&J there in Canada!

    Bee, sad to say, hubby doesn't have twin brother and if he has..GO line up! :( :( :( You can treat me extra special and I'll bump you a few steps forward *winks*


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