Saturday, November 15, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "She Space Minerals" Look (Part 2)

I have ordered from the She Space Minerals months ago and I haven't had the chance to play with it again til now! (click here to see what I ordered)

I got inspired with the gold pigment, so I've decided to work with it!

Here's my end result :D

One Eye...and you know what's next....


1. Using my Prestige #104 Shadow Sweep Brush, tap on She Space Dragon Breath

2. Using Prestige #103 Shadow Crease Brush, apply She Space's Cindy's Got Grumption on the outer crease

3. Highlight with the same Prestige #103 Shadow Crease brush with Bonjour Beige Rose to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

And here are the products used not shown on diagram

L-R Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black Paul & Joe Black Eyeliner and not to forget my Stila Smudgepots in Black using Smashbox no. 28 brush

I used The Body Shop Bare Natural's Cheek Color in Warm Copper

For the Lips Cover Girl Amazemint in Toast-ed Topped with NYX Pigment in Gold

and EDM Full Coverage Foundation in Golden Fair
(not shown on photo)
It's time to show my face!

Anyone who watches the Japanese Anime Sergeant Keroro?
OMG, it's too funny!
I am not into Animes but I'm a convert..
They are too funny and cute!

Have a great weekend everyone!
I know I will! :)
I'm off to Paul & Joe make-up event this afternoon!

Want to check out my first look created using She Space?

Smile and click "Purplish Chocolate"!


  1. Looks great, Nikki! Would you believe I'm wearing the exact shadow color combination right now? Great minds think alike. lol

  2. Wowwwww Nikki!!!!

    Super prettttty!!!! Go you and your cute makeup skills!!

  3. Very pretty!! You did a great job blending too~

  4. Sgt. Keroro is so cute :D lol I like your pose, even I don'd know what is sgt. keroro hahaha

  5. aaaawwwe. you really are so cute, Nikki.

    I love the e/s. I did not really like gold before but I have fallen in love with it recently.

  6. i love how you manage to make me smile at the end of your posts. hehehe. plus the detailed makeup tutorial. :)

  7. I like those colours! And I love the last picture of you, haha :D I bought many samples from the She Space awhile ago but didn't use them either. So

  8. very nice blending.. mines still not as good...

  9. Shades of U, awww greatest minds do think alike!!! Yay!!!!! :D

    Tia, thanks for being sweet!!!!

    Fuz, ohhh thanks, I'm glad you liked my blending!

    Digital Angel, I have never heard about Sgt. Keroro since I saw hubby watch we are definitely chidish! But it's a hit in Japan! I think 3 yrs ago, we were a bit late!

    L.V. I've always loved gold e/s but it depends on the shade :)

    Sab, I thought of you coz you commented about liking the detailed products used :) So yeah..lab kita eh!

    Blu, I know! I guess it has to do with those baggies, I got too lazy

    Jesmakeup..come on girl! I've seen your blending, it is good!

  10. aww! lab din kita! thanks for the goodies!

  11. sabby! Labs you too! :) you're very much welcome!

  12. lovely look!! love the colours :)

    and i watch keroro too! it's too cute not to watch it hehe ^^

  13. Very pretty! Love the colors and the blending.

  14. i love the look, Nikki!!! sooo purteeey! and yes of course you're cute.. am sure lotsa ppl find u cute :) tee-hee!

  15. Chian li, HIGH FIVE! I felt so weird coz no one knows Keroro, at least now, I'm not alone! :D

    Connie,thanks sweetie!

    Gio, I'm glad you love the blending

    Ai, hey ! How are you??? *big smile* thanks for saying those kind words!

  16. looks oh-so-glam! and that's funny how your hubby makes it look like he's actually pinching you haha! you two are so cute lol.

  17. Eeeps, the last picture is just too cute :P

  18. mhean :) Thanks and it was great updating with you yesterday!!! Hope everything is great with you :) take care

    Tine, only the last picture??? I was kinda..expecting you'd say, you find me cute in ...*fidgets* ALL PHOTOS! :P lol


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