Friday, November 14, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: TBS Nature's Minerals Cheek Color

As seen in my previous Coming Soon post, I got the chance to test on The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Collection. (again thanks to Lisa of Ignite Social Media )

I love blushes so I started using the blush first for the first part of my TBS Nature's Minerals review.

Color: Warm Copper

Nature's Minerals Cheek Color Says ---
  • Mediterranean clay is an absorbent mineral that helps bind make-up to skin for long-lasting coverage.
  • Mica adds luster and has light-diffusing particles to help disguise fine lines.
  • Titanium dioxide and red, yellow and black iron oxide provide a natural-looking color palette.
  • Dermatologist-tested with no added fillers, preservatives or fragrances.

Askmewhats Says ---


  • you won't be looking like a clown for sure as this creates a soft, natura- looking color
  • has tiny gold specks that can create a natural sun-kissed look
  • good quality packaging, I've checked the bottom part and the plastic is no. 7 (which is good number for water bottle)
  • since the sifter is made of mesh, it makes the mineral finer thus you can never have "streaks" on your cheeks.
  • no allergies for me!
  • based on the color Warm Copper, I would say it won't show up on some skin tone, so you have to really pack on the product to get the desired look.
  • can be messy for people who are not used to mineral make-up


TBS NM Warm Copper is a pretty combination of Peach and Gold. I would say it reminded me so much of NARS Orgasm not because of the color but because of the gold shimmer both products have. Even the size of the gold specks are exactly the same as Orgasm. <--- good timing I got my Orgasm huh?

  • use a denser brush (in my opinion) when you apply this blush, as I've tried using a loose brush and I can't seem to see the color on my cheeks.
  • start less then build up the color you desire
  • if you are looking for an "obvious" blush, this won't be it as TBS NM is aiming for natural looking beauty!

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I am aiming for Pink Quartz...hmmm..
Cheek Colors are available in 4 colors - Pink Quartz, Golden Terracotta, Warm Copper and Brown Topaz

How much?

At the local Body Shop, costs Php895 (approx $18.00)

The Specs ---

Here's the size on my hand
Instructions on how to use the product inserted in

The Blush size as compared to the Foundation
(L-Blush/R- Foundation)

When you peel the safety sticker, here's how the sifter looks
It's not the usual holes from most plastic sifters
They use mesh as sifters

You've seen how it looks like on my hand

Start with tiny amount
(you can always re-apply if needed)

and Buff....

Here's the result on my cheeks
For reference, I swirled, tapped and buffed 2-3 times on each cheek to get this result

How do you like my Warm Copper Cheeks?
Interested to know what I think on the other line from TBS Nature's Minerals?
Well you have to be patient! LOL
Reviews coming up sooooonnnnn!!!!


  1. Very pretty and subtle~ warm and coppery indeed! xD

  2. very subtle indeed. thanks for sharing. i was at a Body Shop outlet yesterday to check out their mineral makeup line. They are not bad, but quite pricey compared to other mineral makeup brands.

  3. lovin the color..looks so au naturel!!!! is the foundi good? im so tempted to buy it e.. thanks for the review!!

  4. Hey I like the colour..
    looks natural and healthy
    I'm gonna go check it out now..
    is their mineral foundation good/??

  5. Gosh, this looks lovely on youuuu!!

  6. whoooooooooo's enabling???

    i see it as making one another "beautifully broke" puwahahhahahah

  7. looks nice and warm. my cream blush from TBS looks something like that too, and for once i bought the same blusher twice :D but once i finish the cream blush i'd prob try this out :D

  8. they were selling the mineral blush/foundation with a kabuki brush months ago and it was a good deal! too bad i didn't grab it.

  9. mesh is a good idea i think for sifter! i hope other places pick that up

  10. oooh... that looks really nice on your cheeks! thanks for the review. I now know what to expect :)

  11. Hi there! This question is not connected to your post, but its my first time to buy online and im trying the everday minerals website. You think its safe for me to use a local phil credit card? Thanks!


  12. fuz, thanks for liking the color!

    LV, true...but it's Body shop! :) hehehe

    Royalmocha, sis! I am currently testing on their foundie and I will do a review soon!

    Purple Snowflake, give me some more time as I am currently testing on their foundation! :D

  13. B, sis, thanks!

    Tia, broke..yeah..but at least we're all pretty right? hahaha

    Sab, really ? Were they on sale??? I saw them on display!

    Yumeko, mesh is good to make the product finer..BUT, I have something to say about the mesh for the foundation

    Connie, I can't wait for yours to arrive!

    Joeygirl, I have never tried paying using my credit card number, I suggest you sign on paypal (as it's free), at least your card number is secure! :)

  14. ooooOOoo I like it, twin! The color looks very natural and subtle. Very nice!!!

  15. looks pretty on you! i like how it has the wire mesh too :)

  16. thanks Twin :)

    Renren, thanks sweetie!

  17. I like how glowy it looks..very healthy! (I would like them if they are pressed instead, so I don't have to worry about pouring the thing allover the carpet...)


  18. Shades of u, heheheh sorry people really tend to look at the nails instead of the product! hahahah

    Citrine, ohh wait til you read my review on the TBS foundation, I do love pressed products too! :D

  19. i'm fair skinned. i tried foundaton shade04 and golden terracota on my cheeks. they're perfect!!!!


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