Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Askmewhats Bulletin: A Note to Fellow Bloggers

Dear Fellow Bloggers:

If you are receiving comments from "me" with links, I have to clarify that I have NOTHING to do with it and I hope blogspot clears it out before people starts to hate me! lol

Thanks to Jojoba for letting me know and thanks to Parisb for believing in me!

Keep on smiling!


  1. Wow! A Nikki imposter - not nice at all. Not to worry, I'm sure we'll know when its really YOU :D

  2. ooh ooh! What's the drama?? hehe. I'm busybody :p

  3. Parisb, thanks! If there's no craziness, it's not me huh? *winks* thanks again!

    Connie, lol there's no drama! I believe there's more drama in YOUR life than mine! I tried to comment on yours but I guess you had the comment off, I feel for you, I hope things get sorted out on your end! :)

  4. i also got these weird links! and i thought it was me having problem! :P

    it's good everything got sorted out! ^_^ :D

  5. nah.. I'm feeling alright. Thanks :) Just had to let go of a little steam. all in all, i'm very happy!

  6. girl, it was all my fault and thanks parisb for standing up for you. and i found myself showing up in the wrong places like plue's blog. they gotta rid of the auto link function. NOT COOL!


  7. Plue, I didn't even realize til someone told me

    Connie, :) I'm glad you're happy!

    Jojoba, no worries, I owe you big time for letting me know! Sorry for all the trouble "it" has caused you! I hope it won't happen again

  8. OMG! that's so scary! i hate that stuff like that happens and i certainly didn't expect it with blogger. =(


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