Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Grayish Without Gray" Look

Hello all!

I've finally managed to play with my eyes, I've been super busy the past few days, meeting friends, buying gifts, doing chores..... It's time for me to relax!!! And relax time means playing with make-up! I love creating new looks, but the hate part? Make-up removing! LOL

Here's a look I came out with. I didn't use any gray but I like how it came out to be "silvery gray". <--- ON PHOTOS!!! (I guess it's because of the flash, my Laura Mercier Blue shadow has specks of silver.

Oh yeah, people are wondering what's the right spelling for the Color Gray/Grey. I've researched and Gray is American spelling, and Grey is British. And I've read that the original spelling of Grey is Grey and it evolved to Gray <-- Right or Wrong, it's still nice to know some extra info right?

Here's my final look

Here's how it looks like close up
Eyes open
Gosh, my lashes are non-existent!

Interested to know what products I've used?
Keep scrolling....

1. Apply Laura Mercier Blue Sky Eye Quad Aqua color with an eyeshadow brush using a light patting motion. Using a pencil liner, apply the same e/s below the lashline.

2. Using a blending brush, lightly sweet through any matte brown color (I've used L'oreal Hip in Foxy) on the crease area.

3. Using a smaller crease brush, apply the darkest color from the Laura Mercier Blue Sky Quad on the outer V. Blend blend blend with a larger blending brush. Re-apply if needed.

4. Highlight the browbone area and inner corner of the eye with the white shimmer e/s from K anebo PK-2

Other Products Used not on Diagram ----

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black
Stila Smudge Pots in Black
Charm liner brush

Arezia Palette blush in Pink
using a Charm Duo Fiber Brush

Contour my nose using MAC Shadester and
the Coastal Scents Black Deluxe Shadow Brush

Here's the effect

NYX Round Lipstick in Sky Pink

And again, here's the final look!

And will I ever end this post without smiling to YOU?
Have a great day!!!
Darn, I look so tired! :(

I will be answering a couple of reader's query on my next post!
Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments and questions!
I like it when we are sharing what we know!
And you know what?
I'm getting to know more of my readers,
and I'm starting to gain more and more friends!
Blogging really makes me happy!


  1. Hot! I absolutely love that palette.

  2. Aww I always like your photos, esp that last one, you're so cute.

  3. aww this look is so cute on you! Love the greys girl! YOu look so pretty!

  4. thanks nikki! i'm sure everything will be fine with joey. i just gotta stay positive! join my contest!

  5. u have the best tutorials, how do u do it? [the eye area sections showing where u put what] love them!

  6. nice color. and i do think that nikki u need a good rest :P i want to see the happy nikki with blasting energy!

  7. RoyalMocha, vampy?? hahaha So I can be part of the Twilight? LOL

    B, thanks sis!

    Fuz, thanks so much! :)

    Makemeup, thanks! When I think of you, I can see the lashes, the wonderful lashes on you!!! :)

    Spankedelic, thanks! I'll get back to that!

    Yumeko :) the power of photoshop! There's this Pen thingy on photoshop and you choose colors and kinda draw on the photo! :)

    Prettybeautiful! I KNOW! I need 1 MONTH rest! LOL

  8. very pretty. I really like this look :)

  9. This is very pretty! The blues really make your brown eyes pop! :D

  10. you look lovely!

    but i kinda hafta agree with you, you do look a little tired...

    go and take some rest!!!! we shall be waiting for a well rested nikki to come back! :D

  11. Wow so creative!! Making gray without any gray hehe. Lovely look on you :)

  12. speaking of spelling GRAY! DH and I had an arguement when we first met. Well, he is BRITISH english educated and I am AMERICAN english educated... you know wthere the story goes then...

    anyway, i love gray with blue or purple or black. whatever so long as it's hot and smokey!

    and you look smokey!

    btw, I thought you linked strange post to my blogs the other day and I was not happy about it. I was "angry" with you for something you didn't do. anyway, it was the blogspot doing it. now I removed the "create a link" function and it no longer automatically links other unrelated posts to my site.

  13. i like your hair up like this! it's cute! i love my mac sculpt and shape! i feel like it really does make a difference

  14. greyish blue looks good on you =) pretty

  15. Askmewhats: I know. I am so sorry! I told parisb and she said it wasn't you but I was so sure. anyway, I told her that I felt very bad.

    I decided to let you know so I don't feel so bad at myself anymore.

    I apologize for angry at you for something you didn't do at all. Stupid of me. :P

  16. My art tutor used to tell me to mix blue and brown to get a more natural grey, rather than mixing black and white. Didn't know that it applies in makeup too. Haha.I guess painting your face is pretty much the same as painting a canvas then huh? :D

  17. pretty! i miss my shadester duo, it totally cracked on me!

  18. I love this look, so pretty!

  19. really pretty!!! the whole look goes really well together ^^

  20. Sabby, thanks sis!

    Tina Marie Online, I'm glad you liked it!

    Jenn, I've always had a hard time with blues, but I'm glad you like it

  21. Plue, I will definitely rest, thanks! I knew that I look tired as soon as I saw the photo!

    Audrie, lol I guess that's how it is, experimentation yields to something new

    Jojoba :) Hugs you back!

    Thanks Connie girl! and congrats for winning all those lovely goodies

  22. MisSmall, guess it does apply to make up too! thanks for letting me know, that's additional information

    Renren, oh no!!! Sorry to hear that

    Gio, thanks!

    Nicnic, how are you girl? I missed you! thanks

  23. Oh dear, Nikki, you do look tired. Rest rest rest! :)


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