Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Citre Shine Fresh Fusion Moisture Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner

I tried to love my Citre Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. I've given it a lot of chances to love, but it doesn't seem to love my hair :(

This review will be based solely on my opinion. So if you have positive feedback on this, great for you! :)

Citre Shine says ---

Infuse your hair with freshness! Quench thirsty hair with this moisture replenish shampoo that nourishes, hydrates and protects dry, brittle hair from further damage. Leaves hair restored and radiant. Citrus Vita-Actives: Triple-action shine technology with pure citrus extracts and multi-vitamins for brilliant shine and healthy-looking hair: strengthens and nourishes; ultimate shine reflection; lightweight, no build-up.

Askmewhats says ---

  • smells good
  • hair definitely feels softer, not sure about the shine department
  • affordable
  • definitely light-weight
  • gave me the dandruff :(
  • gave me the itchy scalp!

I believe this is a good product for people with oily hair. This combination is called to be Moisturizing and Replenishing but it dries up my scalp and flakes starts to show *gasp* Not a good sight!!!

  • test on any hair shampoo or conditioner for more than a week to see the results, as this work so well on me for the first week and after 2-3 weeks, I got the dandruff.
  • buy smaller size tube to prevent wastage, I honestly haven't seen a smaller version of this! Let me know!
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

Any local beauty stores. PHp200++ (approx $4.50) per bottle

Oh yeah, I am NOT using this shampoo and conditioner for months now! :)
So don't worry, this set has been handed down to my mom,
who loves this by the way,
no dandruffs for her! :)

Any bad experience with a shampoo and conditioner?

Spill !!!


  1. thanks for the review!

    pantene shampoos gave me the dandruffs :( So do the Loreal Vive's. The cheap White Rain shampoo also produced the flakies on my head.

  2. Thanks for the review hun!! I've tried them before, but they made my hair so dry!! I think it's the citric acid in it...:(

  3. sorry to hear about it giving you dandruft!!!!

    i use head and shoulders , it works pretty good for me
    but yah its pretty boring for a shampoo heehee

  4. aww that sucks. i haven't used their shampoo or conditioner but the hair serum is nice :) does that at least work for you?

  5. aww! sorry to hear about your bad experience nikki!

  6. yikes! I will definitely stay away from that shampoo, thank you for the review :) I am not a big fan of Herbal Essences products, they make my hair fall out AND they make my scalp dry and itchy :(

  7. same here sis it didnt work for me.. after spending much on that shampoo i realized tlga that local shampoos works more wonders to my hair.. typical asian.. products that are made for asian women lang ang nagwwork sakin..kahit sa makeup.. :)
    nagwork pa sakin ang sunsilk.. the traditional pink and the new style collection that they have.. love vaseline too coz it leaves my hair soft may amoy shampoo nga lang :)

  8. Ichigobunnie, Pantene is a hit and miss for me too!!! :) So if we found a good shampoo, let's stick to it :D

    Tao's, thanks for the additional info!

    Yumeko, you are right! If I got the dandruff, a couple of use from Head and Shoulders work! :)

  9. Yumyumsushi, the hair serum works ok for me :) But now I'm a CHI user :) :) :) and convert!

    Sab, no worries, at least i know which works and which doesn't!

    Audrie, Oooohh I've tried Herbal Essence too and it went dry on me too! But I love love love the smell!

  10. Paula, true, local brands do know our weather, our needs :) thanks for sharing

  11. I used to love this range (the smell is simply amazing!)...until I fell for VO5 - heheh...haven't looked back since.

  12. I have this same prob with this brand and also Pantene. The problem is alcohol. Some of these lower-end brands use a form of alcohol (even in the conditioners) in them, so they work good for awhile, but then they start to dry out hair and scalp. To prevent this, I just alternate them with a dif. brand. I do love both of these brands though, but just not for long-term use.

  13. Hi nikki!
    I'm using changpo now. It makes my hair silky straight. I'm loving it..i think i should buy the conditioner.quite pricey compare to local brands but i think its worth it..

  14. I had dandruff when I used this too =(

  15. Bee, V05 works for you? lucky you, it doesn't work for m :( I guess my hair is too picky!

    Toma, so true about alternating shampoo, I do that! :)

    Zashi, lol me too I'm a Changpo Shampoo and COnditioner lover! that's my number one choice, 2nd would be Tsubaki :D

    Ury, oh no! you too? We have the same scalp then! :D

    Renren, you and your BF look too cute, i can't get over the cute video! :)

  16. had a bad experience with lux...it gave me dandruff!!?!

    i'm using Asience (dunno if its available in Phil).it's so-so. can't say i love it. i think i have yet to search for my HG shampoo/conditioner..

    anyway, nikki, do you have any recommended shampoo/conditioner that lessens hairfall?

  17. Amor, shampoo/conditioner that lessens hairfall, well it depends, because our scalp is basically different, always start with shampoo that is mild, have you tried baby shampoo then use a rich conditioner? If there are Asian brands available there, do use the Asian brands as I find their formula milder :)


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