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Askmewhats Reviews: Clinique's Moisture Surge Extra vs. Extended Thirsty Skin Relief

Happy Monday friends!:)
I will be doing a review on my Clinique's Moisture Surge EXTENDED Skin Relief Moisturizer. I will also be comparing this to the old version called Clinique Moisture Surge EXTRA Thirsty Skin Relief.

Interested? Read on...

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief says ---

Enjoy rapid refreshment and a full 12 hours of soothing moisture with an addictive by-a-waterfall feel. Thank advanced hydration boosters and a new botonical blend that locks it in. Clinique Moisture Surge Extened Thirst Relief holds your skin's moisture in balance through stressful shifts in humidity, like steamy exteriors and interiors parched by air conditioning.

How to use:

Use daily for immediate moisture. For a midday boost, tap on over makeup. Or use as a 5-minute mask: Massage onto clean skin and blot off excess with a tissue.

Askmewhats says ---

  • hydrating
  • good for my sensitive skin, no allergies
  • no breakouts
  • absorbs quickly, doesn't have the oily feel, very light-weight
  • I don't have dry skin for more than 8 hours! Nice...
  • the packaging is still not the best
  • if you want the extra properties: no SPF, no anti-aging, just pure moisturizing
  • the product states that this can be used as mask: I can't do so, as it seeps into my skin too fast! lol Maybe my skin is just too dry. So could be CON but this doesn't act as a facial mask for me

Clinique's Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief is my HG moisturizer. That's why I panicked when I learned that they will be discontinuing this for something else. I was literally screaming : "Why would they do that?????" Well thank goodness for beauty blogs as I've read that Clinique upgraded it. They changed EXTRA to EXTENDED, not sure what's the point but I'm glad the product will still be there for me to purchase!

I had a chance to dip my hands on the Extended version when I finished up my Extra. Am I confusing you gals? lol I hope not. I was really keen on checking out the changes, the differences, everything! I found that the product works exactly the same! So I really can't tell the difference or maybe it's too early to tell.

Overall, it is still my HG moisturizer, I love it...I hope it won't change...

  • use this after your usual moisturizer, as this definitely is an "add on" you don't have to apply this all over your face if you have combination skin, I sometimes use this to pat on my "dry areas" especially after make-up
  • again, use a spatula instead of dipping your fingers to the whole jar and contaminate it
  • if you have combination skin, pat this to the dry areas only
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

At the Duty Free Shop in the Philippines 75ml for $45.50

Now readers are interested with the difference between the old and new formula Here's side by side comparison. I've used FULL Size for both but I always transfer them to smaller jars for hygiene

Here's how the gel looks like for the old and new formula
The new formula is more "pinkish" in color

Texture wise: the new formula is a tiny bit "thicker" than the old formula
as seen on my hand

Is there a difference with the way both products perform?

Definitely NONE! I've been using the new formula and the effect and feel are the same as the old one. I wonder what's the difference between the 2. If someone used the 2 and saw a difference, do let me know! :)

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  1. thanks for the review
    in this range there is also a spray or something [also pink bottle, moisture surge range i guess?]

    have u tried it? always wanted to try but am not sure.

  2. I've always been wanting to give this a try, thanks for the review girl :) I hope it'll work well for me the way it does for you.

  3. nice. i havent tried the extended yet, still havent finished my clarins hydra quench moisturizer. i think i will go back to moisture surge after finishing the current one

  4. Hmm... so many people have reported good things about this Clinique Moisture Surge cream I'm itching to try it! I shall try to snag a sample to see if it works with my skin because Clinique has killed my skin before this. Thanks Nikki!

  5. Yumeko, I've seen the facial spray but I didn't buy it :( So I won't be able to do a review on that, so far this is the best Clinique line in my opinion, as I've tested other line and this one works best for me :)

    Ladyjane, good luck, look for samples before you buy them :)

    Prettybeatiful, goodluck, keep me posted on how yours work out

  6. Parisb, Definitely score for samples, if they will give you any! LOL We're not in the US. Be careful, if it killed your skin before, maybe do not be too intrigued by us LOL

    Fuz, you're welcome girl!

  7. When I bought the Extended version in the US, the sales assistant told me that Clinique was phasing out the original version. Have no idea why. Both were the same to me *shrug*

    I can't remember if they actually charged extra for it, but if they did, then it's a rip-off. Tsk tsk


  8. This moisturizer totally reminds me of the Lancome Aqua Fusion moisturizer, the consistency seems very similar! I'm not a big fan of gel moisturizers though, they don't moisturize my dry skin well, I like'em rich and thick! lol.

  9. i never thought they had an upgrade since i'm a recent convert...the only reason why i switched to clinique (from Celeteque water-based moisturizer: my ex-HG, hehe) bec its oil-free and i can't find celeteque here in japan.

  10. Tine, i think it's the same price :) So it's actually just the same, I just don't get it why they have to change the name! lol

    Audrie,ooohh never tried Lancome Aqua Fusion, thanks for letting me know, ohh I am into gel moisturizer, with tropical weather here, thick moisturizer is no no :) thanks for dropping by :)

  11. The review was pretty comprehensive, I'm about to be a convert! :]

  12. Hi, I wonder if it's too oily to be used in Jakarta (where I am now), I know the weather in manila is abt the same. but my skin type is normal towards oily. I'll probably try it when Im in Australia as it's super dry there :)
    btw, I read around your blog and found out that you love nail art n doin nail art business :) Im in the same business too...hope to see more great designs!! :D

  13. Thanks for reviewing both products. However I have a question in mind; do they great for oily-combo skin? :)

  14. sounds like something my dry skin needs!

  15. Wonderful review, fellow Clinique fan!

  16. Sis, I think that is the best thing about Clinique... they tend to improve their product as for someone like me who's got a weird type of skin, that means I won't have to keep changing my skin care regime every time the previous ones have stopped working os start giving me reactions. I've tried moisture surge in the past (in sample sizes), but never really purchased them as I find them too rich for me. I'm glad it suits you though :)

  17. Thanks so much for the review sis!

    I saw the older version at CCO!! Will definitely give this a try once I'm done with my current moisturizer.

  18. Teeyah :D Let me know, what moisturizer are you using at the moment? Does it work for you?

    Acutelife, I answered your query on your blog :) Thanks for the question.

    Devi, yes, if you have combination skin, apply this on spots that are dry and you can leave the areas that's too oily, but overall, this gel sinks in, even if you apply it all over your face, never gets oily!

    Renren, so true

    B, *high five* clinique Fan!

  19. Gracie, true, as our skin gets use to a certain product no matter how good it works for you, climate change, skin changes, so you are right, thanks for the enlightenment!

    Cinthia :) You are one clinique fan yourself! :)

  20. Hi how long would samples usually last?? like 15ml ones? thanks.

  21. @Anonymous The sample will last you approximately a week :)


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