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Askmewhats Reviews: BRTC Cover BB Cream

Almost everyone who blogs about beauty knows what BB creams are. But for readers who haven't heard about this "craze", let me introduce you to them, and try to persuade you into this craze too *evil laugh* heeheehee ---


Blemish Balm, also call BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin. Soon, it became popular with many Korean celebrities.


-Helps to soften skin texture
-Prolonged used of product may help to improve overall texture of skin & fade acne scars
-Act as a makeup base & foundation
-Helps to cover the irregularities on the skin, even out skintone, camouflage undereye circles, scars & add radiance to face

There's so many BB cream brands out there! There's Skinfood, Missha, L'egere, BRTC, Dr. Jart, Etude House, Lioele, name a few! For someone like me, who's into research and I wanted to read a lot of reviews before purchasing, I find it overwhelming to even start off by choosing just ONE BRAND.

And I finally did the choosing!

My first BB Cream Purchase BRTC Cover BB Cream

What made me choose this brand?

Before I answer this question, BRTC is an abbreviation for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics. I chose this brand because I have read that this brand is one of the most famous and trusted together with Dr. Jart's.

Out of all the BRTC BB Cream lines, why did I choose the Cover BB Cream?

Because the size isn't big, and the price is reasonable. If it doesn't work on me, I won't feel bad! lol But of course, I chose the Cover BB cream because it states that this covers blemishes and uneven skin tone naturally!!! <-- very important for Askmewhats.
Here's how it looks like on my hand
Has a pinkish tone rather than yellow

Blends a bit
As seen, it has a thick consistency

Looks like a cream foundation

If blended well, you hardly notice anything!
The color blended in with my skin

(click on photo to enlarge)

You'll see that there's a certain glow

Now let's go to the real deal...

The Product Review!!!

BRTC Cover BB Cream says ---

It naturally covers the uneven skin problem caused by blemishes and trouble marks and express vital and brilliant looking skin.

Various botanical active ingredients are effectively delivered to the skin and care the blemishes and trouble marks while presenting flawlessly natural looking skin tone.

Main Ingredients:

Macadamia Nut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin C derivatives, Swiss Alphine Herb Extract, Allatoin, Camomile Extract

Askmewhats says ---


  • Tube is hygienic and easy to use
  • natural looking
  • sheer-medium coverage depends on how much you put, can be used alone on lazy days
  • brightens my skin: I can't help staring at my skin every now and then
  • it didn't cover my blemishes and spots BUT my skin is definitely MORE even.
  • ingredients are all natural
  • A little goes a long way

  • not available locally
  • quite pricey for 10ml tube
  • if you are looking for heavy coverage: This is not the one as it does cover up some blemishes and undereye circles, but not completely. Have to follow up with foundation though and it works ok
  • Oil Control: not too much, have to re-touch a 3-4 hours later
  • no SPF as other BB creams have SPF and Anti-wrinkle
  • Available in ONE shade only, so not everyone will appreciate this
  • has a tiny "clay" scent, but it doesn't bother me (could bother others)

If used alone, the BRTC Cover BB Cream looks like a tinted moisturizer with a tiny amount of concealer. If used together with your favorite foundation, it gives out a flawless looking skin with the natural "glow". I like this! I can't tell about it's function as the "healing" agent as I've only been using this for a couple of days. Definitely check back for Askmewhats Revisits when I finish this tube.

Is this vital to your skincare and make-up regimen?

It is considered a luxury for me, we can live without the BB creams as we aren't actors/actresses who needed the "CLOSE UP" shots all the time. For coverage, we can always use a concealer and our favorite foundation.

BUT, if you're someone who wanted the "extras" in life, it is ok, but I have to warn you! It gets ADDICTING! Can you believe I am now searching for other BB cream brands? I am looking into Dr. Jart's or Skin79!!! And I am not even halfway done with this!

Imagine how hard it is to choose your foundation shade? Choosing BB creams is harder because you don't get to see the product unless you're living in Korea!

So...... I'm holding off choosing for now.... because.....

Thanks to Tine though for sending me Missha and Skinfood BB cream samples, at least, I have my hands full for reviews.

  • you have to apply moisturizer before using this product, especially for my dry skin, can cause a bit of skin flakiness
  • apply BB cream AFTER basic skincare BEFORE makeup application
  • you don't need to apply this BB cream all over your face, you can use a small amount on areas that needed more coverage and finish with patting motion all over the face
  • you can apply BB cream with a Stippling brush/Make-up Sponge or Fingers. I've tried everything, I like using my fingers better! <-- funny how this doesn't sound right! LOL
Will I repurchase?

I might! I'm loving the extra glow!

Where can you purchase and how much?

Ebay! I bought this for $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping (approx Php1,175.00)

Now, this ain't a review if I don't use this on my face right?
Are you ready? lol
Am I the only one who's NOT ready?

Left: nothing but pure skin
Right: nothing but BRTC Cover BB Cream

(Click photo to enlarge)

As seen on photo, it didn't cover and "magically" remove the spots on my skin but it did brighten my skin a bit and even out my skin tone :)

I hope my review is helpful to people who plans to start using BB creams! I hope I'm not enabling some of you because I know how hard it is when your "ENABLED" button is switched on! Goodluck BB Cream hunting!

Christmas is near!!!

Christmas is near!!!

Are you opening up any Christmas presents?
Me, NONE :( I've opened up everything already! LOL
Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Stay Happy and Stay Pretty!


  1. YOur skin looks flawless with or without the cream sissy!!! But yay, welcome to bb cream madness!!! hehee

    Happy holidays twin!!! I've been busy lately with holidays right around the corner didn't have much time to check out your blog/leave comment. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. <3333

  2. Looks like it does its job~~ But gosh it's SO tiny!

  3. XD its too late for me
    u knowww i am addicted to bbcream for too long now XD

    but love the review!

  4. Thanks for the review hun! I love your reviews! I've been wanting to try them, but they are really $$ and hard to find...:(

  5. wow nikki ur skin is flawless by itself! I AM JEALOUS!!! :(

    but, im now looking into BRTC bb also, but they are almost like 40% more pricey than skin79. but i am also going to missha, etude house & skinfood to try out first. I prefer one with SPF tho, can skip the sunscreen. heheh

  6. I have BRTC BB cream too, it's not same one as you have but I like it alot. BRTC has a great coverage :D

    Merry Christmas !!
    Have a good time with your family.

  7. I snagged some samples of Missha BB cream so I'll give that a go. I'm not that into the BB Cream craze though :) Thanks for the review anyway and I saved all my pressies for tonight! :D

  8. nice review! I think bb cream is suppose to help remedy red or dark spots or prevent your skin from breaking while using it (as far as I have read it is supposed to be that way) I haven't purchased a bottle of bb cream for myself. So I am telling you my opinion based on what I have read. I plan to buy one locally but to tell you honestly, online shopping is quite more convenient don't you think?

    btw. does your bb cream indicate whitening? the bb cream in VOV has whitening properties and I am quite worried of what will happen if I stayed under the sun with that on. (PE @ UST grandstand is bad) the possibility of a more toasted skin is at risk T_T and I don't think I would like that to happen.

    this will be the last one I promise!
    BRTC BB cream as you have said is pinkish. Do you think it would suit brown with heavy yellow undertone? that has been my problem in getting any concealer or foundation. ^_^

    I enjoyed the post! merry christmas!

  9. Cinthia sweetie, thanks for the sweet comment twin, I understand, everyone's busy nowadays and I know I'm in your thoughts :P

    Fuz, it is very tiny! lol I think I will be finishing it up soon! :(

    Yumeko! I know!! I think we're both addicted to BB cream but just recently go to really purchase them!

  10. iamgrape119, I know! it is hard to find even down here, it's all on Ebay....I don't think you'll need it though sweet, whatever you're using at the moment works so well on you!

    Prettybeautiful, you are right! it is way more expensive than others but I guess because they are really well known in Korea :( And I think BRTC started out for therapeutic purpose! I guess

    Digital Angel, oohhh if you like it I'm sure it's good! Merry Christmas to you and your family too!!!!

  11. Parisb, I can't wait to try SkinFood and Missha samples I got from tine!!! :) I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    RielleFrancois, my BRTC Cover BB cream's function is mainly to heal, protect and to cover up a bit, it doesn't have SPF or any whitening purpose. Some BRTC creams do have it. With regards to the tone, though it is pinkish, and I am yellow toned, it just blends in with your skin and it doesn't have any white cast. I would say to color goes well to most asians.

    True about the fact on BB creams as a healing agent as you continuously use it, but still there are reports on breakouts to some people. So yeah, it is still hard to look for the right BB cream. Thanks for writing your insights :) I'm a Thomasian too!

  12. you finally entered the bb cream craze! i have 2 bb creams, one skinfood and brtc. bago na pala ang packaging ng brtc. i don't use them that much anymore though because i prefer mmu and because it's not exactly my shade but i noticed that with bb cream my pimples dry up faster.

  13. wow your skin is already good, better than mine! :) Thanks for the review! I'm one of those that haven't tried BB creams because its just too confusing to start.

    Actually I just realised this costs more than La Mer Tint per mL...the La Mer is US$65 per 50 mL while this would be $100 per 50 mL! Though I'm sure you don't need to use as much of this compared with the La Mer tint. Also the BB cream is supposed to have the anti-aging benefits that the tint doesn't have.

  14. wow! you've made me want to get a BB cream too!

    and you opened your gifts already? tsk tsk! haha

  15. Crystal, actually the BRTC is not a new packaging but it's just a different BB cream as they have too many :) Y ou don't need BB have good skin! :)

    Blu, oh yeah now you made me think! It is definitely more expensive than your Lamer...gosh what am I thinking? hahaha But I just can't get BB cream out of my head! I Just have to try them to satisfy my curiousity! lol

    Sab, sorry sis!!! I don't plan to enable anyone as this is an expensive Quest! LOL Well I am old enough to open my gifts early! lol Well most of the givers want me to open up the gift in front of not my fault! hahaha

  16. hi nikki, i wish i could tell you yeah i have good skin but i don't. i'm really oily and acne prone and the slightest mistake i make on my beauty routine will give me pimples the next day. plus when you saw me it was the first time i tried a new technique sophie taught me of putting lauress minimalist on top of my monave foundation. it gives a very nice finish.

  17. hey there! Ive got the one with the blue cap. I think the differences are the size and how heavy the coverage is. The one I have seem to be medium coverage and it keeps oilies at bay. maybe try that one? its the same brand but I forgot the exact name of it.
    p.s. merry christmas!

  18. Crystal, awww at least you've found make up that really works for you :) So don't worry about it!

    I know what you're referring too! The blue cap Could be BRTC Recover BB Balm or the BRTC Protect BB Balm, they both look the same, one for dry and for for oily skin. That's what I wanted to try next! LOL

  19. the recover balm is what i have. i rarely use it because it's too white on me :P

  20. i've never tried this but always wanted they come in darker skin tones?

  21. hii(:
    i've heard that the cover bb cream is actually a concealer, and not something u apply to the whole face. what do you think?
    and does it fade acne scars overtime?
    thank youuu(:

  22. Crystal, that's the bad part of bb creams, you can't choose the right shade for you, you just purchase and HOPE it works :)

    RenRen, sad to say, most BB Creams come in one tone or 2! But some good BB Creams looks whitish but after some time, it blends in with your skin :)

    Anonymous, yes, Cover BB Cream is actually a concealer but also works as BB cream, if you want to use it longer, then use it on spots only,since I have redness on most parts of my face, I prefer to use a tiny amount and spread it evenly on my face. :( Sorry I don't have really distinct scars to test it, but I'm looking at those redness and hopefully, I could report back if it helps lessen my redness :)

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  24. great review..its really helpful :]

    check out this other bb cream on my blog :]


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