Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tag Time: 16 Random Stuffs

I do apologize as I didn't get to remember who tags who! LOL this has been around for quite some time and I just had the chance to do this :)

16 random stuffs about Askmewhwats

  1. I don't eat rice. I prefer noodles, bread, or just plain food!
  2. I can dance for 4 hours straight without sitting down. (I can dance 6 hours straight when I was younger) lol
  3. I can sing karaoke 6 hours straight! Been there done that lol
  4. Base on no. 2-3, you would think I love to party! WRONG! I am not into parties or night outs, I am a home body. But, if I do party, I act like a Party DIVA! I don't drink but I dance and sing like I'm drunk! lol
  5. I was in love with Tommy Page (the guy who sang I'll be Your Everything), I even wrote him a fan mail snail mailed to California. Never heard from him :( I'm crushed.... lol
  6. I can cut people's hair! I have all the "frou frous" like scissors, cape, water spray bottle, belt..etc..
  7. I can sense how people are feeling just by looking at them! lol call it 3rd sense? Or freaky sense? I don't care! But I really can!
  8. I love to hug, kiss, sweet talk. If I don't have long hair and dress femininely, I may pass to be a lesbo because I am very sweet to my friends.
  9. I don't act my age! I am childish! LOL I guess I matured too early! I was giving love advise to "older" friends and relatives when I was 10yrs old!
  10. I was a bookworm, I've read so many Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley Highs, Sweet Dreams, V.C. Andrews etc... I am into romance!
  11. Now, I'm a magazine Freak! I love to collect and scan them every now and then!
  12. I can listen to my favorite music re-played 1 million times! lol
  13. I can watch my favorite movies again and again!
  14. I am half deaf! not Dead! lol I have a hard time listening with my right ear. I cannot switch phones!
  15. I don't cry if I'm sad, I cry if I'm super angry and I don't have the outlet! lol
  16. My Hubby is my first and ONLY boyfriend! And I'm proud of it!

Everyone has been tagged, but if you haven't done this and wanted to! :) Feel free!
I think I gave out too much information?


  1. number 1, i dun like rice :P i like noodles!

    number 4, i also don't party. i hate them in fact. :P i guess i am too lazy to leave home.

    number 11,12,13: yay! me the same! gah! ppl scold me for doing it every so often! :P

  2. sweet valley! me too! :)

    i like to hog the mic too when i'm drunk. haha!

    and you and keith are both lucky to have each other... :)

  3. ooooh cut my hair for me! i can never explain what i want XD

  4. sweet valley high!!! i used to read the books and watch the tv shows! i watched so many shows that i could tell the twins actors apart lol

  5. nice facts. how long u been wit ur bf? n how old r u? lol happy H olidays!!!!!!

  6. Plue, I knew we have a lot of things in common!!! WE're both going to stuff our noses with noodles when we meet in KL!!! I am praying SOON!

    Fabuless Beauty, I have a feeling almost all of us have read Sweet valley! Lol

    Sab, lol I can't imagine, I've seen you personally and you look toooo SHY! :)

    Yume-chan, lol Ohh It's a challenge to cut someone's hair who doesn't know what they want :) LOL I have a lot who'd say "you do what you gotta do" I love it! I can be as creative as I can be! LOL Are you scared now? hahaha

    Lily, me too! i can totally tell who's Liz or Jessica! :)

    jeSmakeup, we've been together for 11 yrs when we got married, we're married for a year now so we're like 12 plus years together! darn !I feel so old..and I am going for the BIG 3-0!!!! Next year I'll be 30!!! PROUD :) :) :)

  7. i bring you to a shop that sells really nice noodles! ramen to be exact! IMO, i think it's nice, dunno what others think though :P


  8. i cant dance :( at all

  9. I like dancing too...but I haven't gone out for a party for ages. :(

  10. Plue! I can't wait! I dont' care...I trust your taste :)

    Prettybeautiful :) I'm sure you can, I can teach you! I'm a good dance instructor :)

    Sesame, don't worry, this year, I can count with my fingers how many times I partied..ahhmmm...I partied because it's office party??? LOL

  11. weee i can sense karaoke night!!!!

  12. HAHAHA I see you doing ur 16 random factors too I just did mine.. and OMG ur first bf is ur hubby?? how long you guys went out before you decided to get married?? That is SOOO rare..... .. hehehe

    and Merry Christmas!!!

  13. awww thanks for sharing. i love reading these. great way to get to know you!

  14. Paula..lol funny thing, I don't go to Karaoke much, weird no? hahahah

    Purple snowflake, I've been with my hubby for 11 yrs plus! :) He's my highschool sweetheart :) Merry Christmas to you too sweet!

    You're welcome yummy411 :)

  15. i was a bookworm when i was younger too. regarding your hubby, nice naman! it's very rare for someone to marry their 1st and only boyfriend.

  16. #5 - Hee hee, I was a fan once too, but I don't think I actually sent him any fan mail. Did anyone reply? :P

    #8 - LOL!!

    #16 - Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  17. Crystal, so true, I'm lucky I found THE ONE early on :)

    Tine, no one replied!!! I love him to death before and I am not the type who'll go gaga over celebrities or singers..even now...but if you ask me, it just happened once and that's for Tommy Page! I know his full name his birthday! He's Thomas Alden Page! LOL I am crazy! :)

  18. Sweet Valley! Aaahh. Childhood/teenager memories! :)

  19. Teeyah, I finished the whole Sweet Valley High!!! That's my favorite I want to read them again hahahah


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