Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Christmas Wreath" Inspired Nails

Hello Smiley Peeps!!! :)

I just want to say thanks so much for the additional comments and advises you have done! I love it when I post the questions from the readers and a lot of you would also give your answers! Many heads are definitely better than one!!! I love it when everyone share their 2 cents :) :) :) Again THANK YOU!


It's nail art tutorial once again and I hope you gals appreciate my amateur-ish tutorial!!! Again, if I can do it, you definitely can! :)

I tried to do something Christmas related but it's not the usual Christmas trees, snowman or candles. I was a bit in a hurry to do my nail art as I have to meet up with my brother (who just came back for vacation by the way) and I got only an hour to do my toe nails and finger nails!

I got inspired with the "Christmas Wreath" but of course there's now way I can draw that! LOL So here's my version :) Hope you like it!

Step 1:

Always apply a base coat before you apply any polish color. Apply on 1 or 2 coats of your choice of polish color. I used Neon Blue from Aika.
Let Dry.

Step 2

Apply another coat of the polish

while polish is still wet, use a white nail art pen, drop 5 dots forming a circle. Applying the dots while the base polish is wet will make it blend with the polish color, dried polish will create an "embossed" dot.

Step 3

Using a needle, quickly draw a line between the circles as shown on photo below.

Step 4:

Drop a clear polish in the middle of the "circle" you've created.

Wipe the tool to the clear polish as well and grab a piece of gem and attach in the center of the nail art.

Step 5:

Top it with a glittery polish for Christmas glow.

Top is with a Top Coat. I've used the Face Shop's Top Coat :)

And I'm Done!!!

It looks hard but it really isn't that hard :)
Just a couple of days left before Christmas!
Share a smile to people you see today!
It'll make them feel a lot better!
Spread the love, spread the joy! :D


  1. Nikki,this is so beautiful!!!! im about to go towork but i have to let u know first how much i love this!!!! everytime post another tut.,... it keeps on getting better than the last! tc and goodmorning!! happy tuesday!!

  2. CUTE!
    i ordered gems online...and expecting them after the new year.
    They are cheap quality ones, but I need to get a hang of the gem nail art, so I thought as a beginner its fine.
    Can't wait. It's tutorials like these that make me want to try and do my nails prettier :P
    (oh and merry christmas happy holidays!)

  3. so so nice!!!!!
    my nail is currently naked. let them breathe for a day then pollute them again :P keke

  4. dyan, you are so sweet! You posted a comment before you go to work!!! awww :) thanks for saying I'm improving, actually I'm not , I'm getting lazier and lazier each time! lol

    Aika and nesh, thanks sisters!

    Rasilla, I wanted gems that sparkle! I want swarovski!!! Where online did you purchase gems? Is shipping expensive? Thanks girl! I'm glad to inspire others and Merry Christmas to you too :)

  5. Prettybeautiful...LOL I do that too! Breathe for a day, and I would always talk to them and say "SORRY" everytime I paint them again! hahahha

    Yumeko, funny, I actually don't have steady hands, I can't draw a straight line!

    Thanks Lily :) I'm all ready for Christmas :)

  6. This is the best nail art you've done so far! I really love it! Merry Christmas!

  7. Nikkiz, oh no! I need to top each nail art I've done :( Pressure Pressure! hahaha thanks Nikki for the sweet compliment!

    Gio :) thanks

  8. you're so creative! it looks so cool :)

  9. Renren, thanks

    Blushberry, I'm glad you find it creative :)

  10. nikki this is the one i saw you wearing. nice talaga! i hope one day i can be as good as you!

  11. giiiiiiiiiiirl, you're super creative !!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too, sweetheart.

  12. Crystal, grabe ka naman! hahahah You made me smile but no girl, you are already good! And I hope I can play flute like you! :)

    Nanzy sis, thank you and Happy Holidays to you sweetie!


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