Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Can Feel Christmas!!!

This is first in my lifetime to have received all packages in one single day!!!
Work is stressful,
Traffic is crazy!
And it takes me way longer time to go home!
I am starting to feel like a Grinch!

But the Grinch in me died down when I saw what I got when I got home! It's not even the gift that I'm looking into, it's the fact that people I haven't met sends me Christmas Greetings and Gifts! I am really touched!

My dear friend Toma, after winning so many times on her blog, became a good "blogger" friend of mine sends me a lovely Christmas card! I am so envious of her personalized Christmas Card!!! Fantabulous!

A lovely friend from Japan Yumeko, whom I originally thought a Filipina, (don't ask me why I thought of that), sent me a nice gift as well. She's the best ninja ever! I love her "stolen" shots of a beauty store!

She gave me a very cute Hello Kitty Face Blotting Sheets and Trio Eyeshadow :)

Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous , spoils me as well.

More prettifying products!!!!

Lancome Lipstick in Soho Red! (ooohh she wants me in red lippie!)
Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion
Maybelline Express Finish Advance Wear Nail Polish
Samples from L'occitane
BB Cream samples!!! (she knew I wanted to try these so badly!!!)
Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21

And here's a swatch on the red lippie!
It's not too dark, I like it! :)

I also got a surprise from a lovely reader! Joyce, she's so sweet! I've never met her or seen her my whole life! She emailed me and we became email pals, I guess because of our same love for MMUs! I know she's super busy but it's sweet how she sends me gifts and told me she thought of me when she saw these stuffs!

She got me ---
Eyeko Fat Balm
Creed Spring Flower Oil
Marks & Spencer Bath Soap

Nail Art Stickers from Anna Sui
e/s and blush samples from Adorned with Grace minerals
e/s and blush samples from Meow Cosmetics
and the best of all?

The super touching note!!!
Thank you!!!

Aside from all those overwhelming gifts! I've also received my first order of BB cream. I know I'm late, I know I don't need it that much, but I got intrigued, and I can't stop thinking about it! LOL So I gave in. I bought BRTC Cover BB cream on ebay for $22.00 (with shipping) straight from Korea! :) I got Dr. Jart's toner as freebie too! :)

I just can't believe how small the BB cream is....
Well it's good, coz I just wanted to "try" it right?

I just hope I don't get addicted! :D

Definitely a lot of reviews coming up! :)
Thanks again for all the wonderful surprises!
I feel so loved!!!
I love you all too!!!!
(now that feels like showbiz...tsk tsk tsk)
But I really do love you all!!!
to each and every single reader who visits my blog...
Thank you!


  1. wheee u got my package!! so glad it got there

    now i know my package made it, i can send my other package to you

    more surprises coming your way!

  2. Oh no Yumeko! You don't have to!!! I really love what you gave me and that's enough! I swatched those trios and they are super pretty!!!! Can't wait to do looks using them! I don't have oily face but when I tried on the face paper, GOSH!!! I can fry an egg! LOL THANK YOU SWEETHEART!

  3. Look at all of those goodies! Yummmmyyy!!

  4. You're not the latest with BB creams. I haven't got one :(

  5. how sweet! aren't our blogger girls the best :)

  6. Woo have fun with all those new toys~

  7. Hahaha, Christmas sure came early for you this year, and all at once too! :p

    Enjoy babes :)

  8. Enjoy your playthings! MMU is the best, eh? ;-) As usual, I love your nails, you nail goddess you! =)

  9. B and Connie, Thanks I'm ecstatic to try new products *rubs hands together * weee!!!

    Teeyah, I'll let you know if it's worth it or not :) I hope it's worth it, but I do wish it's not going to be too good coz it's now available for us here! LOL

    Renren, yes they are!!! You too!

  10. Fuz, new toys, these are toys for the big girls!:P

    Tine, thanks babe!!!

    Shades of U, LOL Thanks for putting your nail trust in me..and yeah, more stuffs to play with, I am loving MMU, thanks to you Ms. MMU Goddess :P

  11. All in one day! Must have felt like Christmas Day itself eh? :D Maybe more will be coming? :)

  12. wow!
    u can open a store now nikki!!!

  13. Parisb, actually I've got one notice card that needed me to pick it up myself :D

    Prettybeautiful, lol how I wish to open up a store but they're all mine! :) lol I won't be selling those!

  14. I'll be waiting for your review on the BB Cream! :)

  15. omg! bbcream! i must try that too~ i think i will be grabbing the VOV one later. it's only 880 php do you know anyone who's using it?

  16. Teeyah, sure! i'm starting to use it na :)

    Riellefrancois, I didn't know VOV makes BB cream! I don't know anyone using it pa! Maybe you? :D

  17. Wow... so many packages came on the same day!! You must be feeling really happy! :D

    Hereby wishing you a very blessed Christmas, and a wonderful new year ahead!! Take care and stay pretty!! :D

  18. Have fun with all your new goodies!

  19. Oh wow, sis! I can see you've been a good girl as Santa's had an early Christmas stop at your end ;) Enjoy your new freebies sis :)

  20. Wow you must be very excited!

    Anyway, Merry Christmas Nikki! May all your wish come true :)

    Happy holiday!


  21. Aww I love all your presents! Especially the HK blotting sheets and the BB cream. Looking forward to your review!

  22. Jenn, sweetie, thanks so much for the wonderful greeting :) Happy holidays to you and your family too!

    Gio, I definitely will!

    Gracie, you know I'm a very very good girl! *winks*

    Devi, thanks! Merry Christmas to you and your family too! :)

    Blu, I am very excited with my BB cream too! :) I will review it sooN!


  24. hi! do you know where to buy Liole BB cream here in Manila? or any other BB cream? coz i don't want to buy online..thanks!

  25. Yummy 411 thank you sweets!

    Kyuu, I believe you can search the brand on multiply and there's a lot of resellers, I can't really say for now coz I haven't purchased any BB cream locally :)


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