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Askmewhats Reviews: Coastal Scents Brushes

Good day everyone! Today is a happy mood for me coz it's Saturay!!!!!!! Christmas is near and time flies super duper fast I can't seem to keep track!

My brother, whom I visited last October in Shanghai, will be coming home for Christmas! I'm so excited to see him again!

Anyways, let's get back to beauty related issues ! :D

After the post on my CS Hauls, a lot of my dear readers asked me about their brushes, so here we go! A review from yours truly!

First brush
the Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush

Coastal Scents says ----

This brush measures end to end 6", has a brushed nickel ferrule with pink pearl painted handle.
Hairs measure 1/2" x 1/2 " Sable Hair

Askmewhats says ---

  • it's PINK! lol
  • super affordable
  • does not shed
  • no bleeding
  • packs on colors amazingly
  • perfect for people with small lids
  • if you're not a Pink lover, this is a CON
  • the ferrule looks a bit cheap (but this brush is really cheap though lol can't complain)
  • shipping is more expensive than the brush itself
  • for people who are used to more expensive brushes, this could be a bit prickly (but very minimal, you wouldn't notice much)


I find this brush to be a very good brush especially for people starting up on make-up. It's super affordable and it does not shed! It doesn't lose it's shape no matter how rough I was in cleaning this the first week!

This is a very good brush to play eye make up with. If you can buy back ups, go ahead! :) worth it

  • newly purchased brush should always be washed first before using.
Will I repurchase?

Yes, I'm waiting for the next sale from Coastal Scents

Where can you purchase and how much?

Coastal Scents website for $1.69 (approx Php90.00) + shipping (variable rate depending on how many your purchase)

Close up Shots

Hair is soft


Next brush to review is the Black Deluxe Shadow Brush

Coastal Scents says ----

If you love the Pink Deluxe Shadow then you will be just as happy with this one. I use the deluxe when applying shadow on my lower lid, it packs in the powder and offers an even application.

Shiny black ferrule and wooden handle
Top of hairs to bottom handle - 6 inches
5/8 inch hair span, made of sable

Askmewhats says ---

  • very dense
  • picks up colors well
  • no shedding
  • perfect brush for highlighting the brows
  • looks very pretty and professional
  • if you plan to use this for eyeshadows: this is too huge!
  • again, shipping is more expensive than the brush itself


Though I bought a couple of brush sets, I haven't seen such a big eye brush my whole life! This is perfect for brush collection. But if you are only starting up and needed some brush essentials, you can skip this as other brushes can do the same function as this brush.

  • aside from highlighting the brows, I love to use this brush to contour my nose
  • you can also use this brush to contour your cheeks then blend with a blush brush
Will I repurchase?

Maybe not anymore, as this brush isn't as versatile as the Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush. One in my collection is enough :) I am not greedy hehehe

Where can you purchase and how much?

Coastal Scents website for $2.49 (approx Php125.00) + shipping (variable rate depending on how many your purchase)

Close up Shot
As you can see, the brush hairs do not move much,
Very dense

I hope my review is helpful! I haven't had the chance to try on the Coastal Scents' bestselling brushes, The Badger Brushes. I think I will give brushes a skip. I will only purchase a new brush if I don't see it in my collection :)

Anyways, some of you are intrigued with the Coastal Scents' White Angled Liner Brush. I've just started to use this recently, as I have my own Eyeliner brush and I bought this for back up, but since this White Angled Liner brush causes a bit of a stir of interest to my readers, I washed this, and have been using this for 3 days straight! Reviews will be coming up soon!!! So please be patient.

And before I go, here's the close up shot of the White Angled Liner Brush for reference! Yes, the tip is not pointed but if you dip this brush on your gel liner, it sharpen a bit :)

Found my review helpful?
Give me a hug! :)
Have a great weekend everyone!
and stay safe with Christmas Shopping! :D


  1. Hi Nikki! I'm a new reader of your blog, and so far, I love it! I agree that the black shadow deluxe brush is just too big. I find myself reaching for it to contour my nose instead of applying eyeshadow. Its a good brush though. I look forward to reading the angled liner brush review~

  2. I have the pink brush you have, and I think it's good too! :) Thanks for the review.

  3. As soon as I saw your post I went and ordered! Dammit! I'm supposed to be using my money for Christmas gifts! I got 2 brushes and one of the gel liners. I can't wait!

  4. Vivi, welcome to my blog! Thanks for leaving a comment! I will be reviewing the white angled liner soon!!! :) Check back!

    Ahleesa, you are welcome!!! :) Have a great weekend Ahleesa!

    Toma, oh no! LOL But at's not that expensive to break the bank!!! What color of the gel liner did you purchase!??? I will wait for sales!!! Coz I want more of those gel liners! Can't wait to hear your thoughts

  5. i am SO glad that you did a review on these! i really wanted the black deluxe brush for the longest time. now i am glad i didn't get it lol

  6. darling! i am tempted with the pink one now! :P

    i got small lids, so i think this wud be good :P

    oh gosh, you shud try the chisel detail mini too! it's nice! :D

    can't wait for the white angled line review!

  7. Great review! I've been curious about CS for a bit so thanks:)

  8. Lily, I'm glad I saved you a couple of bucks :) It's not bad but it's not "to die for gotta have it" brush :)

    Plue, sorry! I am not helpful at all! There you go..clicking at the CS site!! Plue..STOP!!! lol

    Beauty paler, you're welcome!

  9. *hug hug*

    the pink brush looks so cute! and your thumb nail color is just too distracting :P i can't concentrate on the brushes.

  10. I've been thinking of getting the eyeshadow brush, but I do agree with you, the shipping is more expensive than the brush, which is just stupid really. I'll probably just wait if I want to get anything else and then combine the shipping costs.

    I'm very interested in the angled liner brush though, so I shall wait patiently for your review :)

  11. Sorry Prettybeautiful, lol I should just removed my nail polish when I hold on a product for review, lol the colors are loud and people tends to look at the polish!

    Tine, if you buy more, the shipping cost increases too! that left us with super expensive shipping, maybe wait for a discount, then I just think of it as "discounted" shipping rate rather than cheaper products! lol

  12. oooh i have been wondering abt brushes lately! thank you for sharing!

  13. How pretty! I've never tried thru brushes before but hmm I'm like you, ill wait for a sale :)

  14. I got the gold one. I've heard good things about their gel liners, so I'll get the blue/aqua ones next.

  15. Yumeko, you're welcome :)

    Vanessa M., we're smart bargain shoppers :D Have a great weekend!

    Toma, oohh Gold!!! I wanted that too!!! I am so waiting for their new ones, I wanted all of them actually! Can't wait for their next sale! :)

  16. hello , can you pls email me on where to buy these affordable make up brushes? pls. email me at tnx.

  17. Aww, I definitely want to get the pink one! What would you rate it out of 10?

    And how much was shipping? How much more do they add? (what option did you choose?)

    I heard US First Class International was only $5 shipping.. :S

  18. Anonymous, I already emailed you week ago, hope you got it.

    Kiri, the e/s brush is really great!! I love it I would rate it 8.0 or even 9.0. I'm using it everyday :) I got this when they had sale, and the option i chose is the USPS international mail! I haven't heard about the $5.00 shipping :) I hope they have it now! :)


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