Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: John & Yoko

The post title should be "Last Weekend's Food Tripping". It took me some time to re-size these photos cause we ordered so much! LOL Me and my college friends make it a point to meet up every Holidays, and so far, we never fail. We were even joking about our topics of discussions...

It started as ---

1. crushes
2. boyfriends

3. getting married

4. kids

and you know what?
It'll go to

Health Issues
How to stay and look young

and I won't be surprised if we're going to talk about our

GRANDKIDS sooon!!!

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

We've decided to go to Greenbelt 5 Makati as the place is more quiet and not a lot of crowd (inside note: Cause everything's darn expensive there! shhhh)

John & Yoko restaurant is owned by actor Mr. Marvin Agustin, I'm not sure if the partners are the same though. And he also own our favorite restaurant at the Shangri-La Mall called Sumo Sam!

John & Yoko, the restaurant name, is obviously derived from the Beatles' singer John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono. I don't know why, but you wouldn't find their photo inside the restaurant (thank goodess). I love the restaurant ambience, great for meet-ups, for gatherings and family! :) No matter how crowded it is, it's not that noisy!

Here's how cute the restaurant look outside
And we are the 3 early birds!

We have to wait for our table

Yup, that's a lot of people inside!

The cute plate and menu

Note: This will be pics heavy coz there's a lot of us who ordered!

First stop ---

Salmon Shashimi
Php208.00 (approx $4.16)

I didn't have the chance to try this, I'm not a Sashimi Lover

Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza
Php258.00 (approx $5.15)

My friends love this so much and they've been raving about this!
I had to take a piece myself, it is delicious!

I love the crunchiness of the pizza, as thin as a cracker
I love the taste of the Chicken Teriyaki
mixed with the sweetness and sourness of Mangoes!

Chicken Tempura
Php228.00 (approx 4.50)

The highlight of this dish is not the chicken, though the chicken tastes good but the frieds!
I love that they sprinkled "nori" flakes on top of the fries

Tofu Steak
Php248.00 (approx $5.00)

If you are a reader of my blog, you'll know that if a restaurant I go to serves Tofu, I'll definitely order it! I am a tofu lover! And I guess I'll have "Uric Acid" when I'm older! *knocks on wood* I love how different this tastes compared to other restaurants. You have the choice of Beef or Pork. This dish, we chose Beef. Iron dude! Iron for the body! lol

All Meat Fried Rice
Php178.00 (approx $3.50)

The name didn't live up to my expectation. The rice tastes wonderful though but I'm not showered with MEAT. It's a huge serving though great to be shared by 3-4 ladies! Great to be shared by 1-2 MEN lol

Beef Tepan
for Php358.00 (approx 7.20)

Juicy beef! Love the vegetables too! We had 2 orders ot his! 'nuff said!

Tonkatsu with Curry Sauce
Php238.00 (approx $5.20)

You have a choice of 2 sauce.
I can't remember the other one

But curry blocked my memory coz I love curry!

I forgot to take a shot of their Iced Tea
They have 3 choices. Sumo Sam has 2, not sure if they added the 3rd one already.

Red colored Tea - (has Calamansi - local Lime)
Green colored Tea (has Lime)
Blue colored Tea (Dalandan)

And here are the UST Goddesses lol All full!!!

Compared to Sumo-Sam,
John & Yoko is a bit more expensive and the food is cooked differently.
In my opinion, I love the taste of Sumo-sam better!
But John & Yoko isn't bad at all!

I've bombared everyone with all those food shots! LOL Sorry!
But this weekend, I also got a gift delivered straight to my doorstep from a reader and a nail art lover now a MMU addict, Ms. Nancy! She's the one who gave me my acetone dispenser!

Thank you Nancy! Now I have more MMU foundation choice to test on! And thanks for the cute cake!

ELF Light,
Revlon Medium Light

Blusche Columbian,
Philosophy Natural

and a cute cake

Thanks Nancy!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh no I love John and yoko I would love to see their pics!

  2. the place looks so cute! and i love sashimi! i just started liking it recently... but i can't have too much because then i start freaking out about eating raw fish haha

  3. Nikki! I haven't tried Sumo Sam...what food can you recommend? =D

  4. OMG... your food made my tummy rumble!! They all look so yummy and delicious!! hehehe!! I really really miss Japanese food, so i'm really gonna indulge when i go back home!! :D

  5. yey! the pics are here! where's janet and the babies?! i guess the photo was taken before janet arrived.

    loved the pizza! yummy! the all meat rice as you said is good for 3-4 ladies, but only Bogart and i shared in 1 bowl. i guess that makes us men! lol!

    next dinner, i suggest somewhere in Trinoma. hehe! :) till next kita kitz! merry christmas goddess!

  6. Vanessa M, :) it would be great to have their photos too! :) But I really don't know why they name it that way and don't have a photo of them! lol

    Lily, I can eat them, but It's not something I'm craving for! :)

    Kim, oh my Sumo Sam?? EVERYTHING tastes yummy! Their noodles (I've tried all and they're all good), their bacaon wrapped beef is good too! Their drinks! YUM

    Jenn, Good japanese food there?

    Gailie, I know! I had the photos on Multiply na so you can grab them! Hope to see you all again! :)

  7. the food looks great! esp the tofu steak. and nikki u look great it bright yellow! cheerful as sunshine :D i really enjoy reading yr blog =)

  8. Wow your pictures make me hungry again even thought I just had a huge Korean dinner! =P

  9. Hello! yay for another filipina blogger! Hehe! I'm glad kase pwede mo ako share-an ng mga new things jan tapos pwede ko pabili sa mom in law ko! hahah! :P

    Nagpahanap din ako dati jan ng LYNA. wala sila mahanap. buti nga nag research pa ako ng maigi about it. naku! :/

    Add kita sa bloggy ko :)

  10. boy those food looks delious!!! The restaurant looks very nice!!! YOu are so lucky to dig different restaurants every weekend with your hubby!! I hope I can do that every weekend! =]

  11. the food looks yummy! :)

    i've been eating out a lot this week, all the parties! bad for my diet! haha!

  12. Prettybeautiful, hey! thanks! my hubby loves me in Yellows too :)

    Vivi, lol sorry, wow! Huge Korean dinner? I LOVE korean food! now you're making me hungry

    Iyah, yeah, do research more about it as I lost my interest na after I read more about it! :)

    Makemeup, don't worry we don't go eating classy, expensive restos every weekend, we are bargain Food tripping too :D

    Sab, I know!!! The gatherings and everything, we really need to get back to our diet comes January!

  13. all the food looks so yummy! specially d chick tempura. btw, thank u for ur comment nikki! you're one of the nicest blogger i know :)

  14. Happy holidays also!! Wow, Christmas is almost here :)

  15. Nesh :) You are so sweet to say that! :) I am nice to people who are nice, just FYI to you :)

    Happy Holidays Iyah!! When do you plan to come back home???

  16. me too! i like sumo sam better than john and yoko.

    i lovelovelove the foie gras rice in john and yoko though.

    but but sumo sam's victory boat is love.

    merry christmas ganda!


  17. I love Sumo Sam's Victory boat too! :) I'm glad we felt the same! :) I hate it that they're both booked all the time! LOL


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