Saturday, December 13, 2008

My First Coastal Scents Haul

Hey everyone!!! I can't believe I get to receive my Coastal Scents Haul in less than 2 weeks! I think it's exactly 8 days!!! This is my first time EVER to purchase from the site and I am really impressed considering I made this order on Cyber Monday , which obviously meant there's a whole lot of orders from all over the world! They didn't mess up with my order and I am really happy!

Everyone knows I'm a smart shopper, if shipping costs a whole lot! No matter how much I love the product, I wouldn't pay crazy shipping rates! So....SALES and Discounts are the perfect timing for me to shop. Why? Having a discount is like reducing your shipping fee! So, when Coastal Scents had their 25% Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale! I am definitely buying!!!

I didn't go crazy, I just bought what I want from the start :D

I love how pretty they packaged their stuffs
Wanna know what I purchased?
Read on!!!

I really do not need more brushes, but I can't say no to brushes that I don't have right?
I got really intrigued by these 3 brushes as I've read good reviews on them

L-R Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush,
Black Deluxe Shadow Brush
White Angled Liner Brush

Coastal Scents are known for their affordable and wonderful Gel Liners. I planned to order all 10 but True Black is out of stock so I cannot order the whole set!!! Too bad, it is way cheaper to order the whole set and shipping as well!!!

I ended up getting only 1 CS Gel Liner to try on...

Gel Liner in Truffle

I couldn't believe how small it is! lol
I've always imagined it to be bigger
Size comparison with MAC eyeshadow

Here's how it looks like on pot
Looks like chocolate!
YUMMMMMM, I wanna eat...... *licks lips*

Here's how the color came out swatched on my hand

Very beautiful colors! And now, I am definitely lemming for MORE colors. I've checked out the site and saw that they came out with 4 more colors!!!! OH NO!!!! I hate it when I'm starting to want something ..... :( :( :(

I am actually using my CS Gel Liner in Truffle at the moment, and so far, it's working really really good!!! I will do a proper review soon!!!

Aside from the gel liners, the Silica Powder Spheres, who's known to be the perfect dupe for Makeup Forever's HD Powder, tickles my fancy. Not because I have oily skin, but I am generally born to be intrigued with something new, cheap and works! LOL

I finally got myself.....

Silica Powder Spheres
1oz - 28.35 grams

I chose not to buy too much as I want to test them out and make sure I won't be wasting my money on something that doesn't work. It came with a nice container. The container is quite big though! Because the product itself is less than half of the size of the container!


Texture is super different

A very premature review/swatch

See the difference using such a small amount of Silica?

*click photo to enlarge

I wonder how it would look like on my face?

Last but not the least, a Freebie from Coastal Scents

Tangerine Pearl Mica

So far, my first experience with the company is great!
I will definitely test them out and report back on my findings!
I will be busy today with a new client who will also be attending a wedding party!
Then, I'll be going out for a Christmas shopping.
I've got a long list! It'll be a busy day!
Take care!!! Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. nice haul.... i also got the white angled liner... it's amazing.... ^^ not as good as sonia kashuk,, but great for the price...... =]

    so funny how i also compared the JW indelible gel eyeliner to mac eyeshadow...... lol

  2. wow! i've been wanting to get brushes from this site! i didnt know there's a sale!

  3. WHOA that is a huge tub of silica powder! haha, I bet it'll last ages! Enjoy your haul :)

  4. oo i've got a question! for the white angled eye liner, is it "flat"? like is the shape of the brush this small rectangle and when you look at the side is "thin" and "flat" like paper?

    i've been sooo eyeing that eyeliner brush for a while now and i'd love it if there could be a detail photo of it if you have time :)

    aww man true black is out?? that's the color i wanted...oh well. i dun really have the money right now anyway >.>

    what i am hoping for is for my cousin to give me a Visa Check gift card again this year for christmas so I can buy things online :3...

  5. I LOVE CS (coastal scents.) I bought the 88 matte palette and the 88 shimmer palette. I'm reluctant to try the brushes (I have a fear of bad brushes) but the shadows are GREAT.

  6. Nice haul Nikki!! everything looks great especially the Silica powder!! :D~

    Do you have the MAC fluidline? Do you know how this gel liner compares to the MAC one in terms of lasting power and pigmentation? :D

    Have a great weekend too Nikki!! And happy shopping!! hehehe!!

  7. Ohhh you gotta love the Silica Powder on your face coz I do love it so much hahaa. Nanzy told me to try it and I'm glad I did.. It makes the oily somehow goes away ho ho ho

    Yeap, CS never fails me! w00t w00t

  8. i also like their gel liners

    kaso malaki bayad sa p.o. kapag nag over ng $50

  9. omg! the white angled brush is RIDICULOUSLY tiny!!
    I almost regret buying it :T
    I hope it works well though...

    and did you buy on the friday? I bought on the monday, and they were out of silica :( so sad. that just means that I have to buy silica and the true black gel liner next time :)

  10. Mystiqueen, hey! I am really intrigued with Sonia Kashuk brush now! everyone's raving about it!!! oohh I was thinking of ways to compare the Gel liner from CS, and I would think everyone knows the size of MAC, so it's perfect :D

    Sab, sorry I didn't tell you , didn't know you plan on purchasing from them, I'll let you know if there's another sale coming! :)

    Audrie, :( I thought it wasn't much of a silica powder :( I wanted more LOL Greedy me

  11. Ichigobunnie, it's NOT thin paper flat like those flat's regular rounded liner brush with a flat tip (not pointed) , I'll definitelyl show you the photo of it close up ASAP :)

    Dwana, I have read a lot of bad brushes from them, I've read good reviews on the badger brushes but I didn't purchase any as I've bought a lot of brushes in the past :) You are right, their palette is wonderful!!!

    Jenn, I am sorry I don't have MAC Fluidline to compare it too, I am using the Stila Smudgepots (my HG) and I've used the Truffle CS Gel Liner and so far, I dance like really danced and sweat...and it stayed! For more than 10hours :) I'll do a proper review soon :D

  12. Aika, aaaahh ganon ba? I didn't know that..but thanks for letting me know, I wouldn't go over $50.00 anyways :D

    Rasilla, it is TINY, but the handle is long! It doesnt' look bad to be honest, I just need to use it...:D

  13. love the silica powder sis! still testing on mine nga not wearing it everyday e..would wait for your review heheh mas reliable kaw magreview kesa sakin eheheh! luv the haul sis!

  14. ooh i just went on their website and saw their new colors. how does their liner hold up? can't wait for the review!

  15. Paula, hahaha You got it first no! I've been so lemming for it that I gave in and bought some myself ..though I don't have oily skin to start with, perfect for clients :D

    Lily, I saw their new colors!!! I want them all!!!!!!

    Fuz, thanks girl!

  16. Looking at your haul reminded me of some brushes and the gel liner which I wanted to get, but forgotten all about :p

  17. ooh! u bought truffle! i got indigo blue (a bit like purple), 24K (old gold kind of colour), turqoise (light sea green) and tue black (dark black)

    is truffle shimmery? or just plain brown?

    i saw they have new colours! i wonder how's bark like, i am so tempted u know!

    and oooh! i hope they come with a dark shimmery green! then i won't need to buy BB's ivy shimmer anymore!!! :P

    ah~ how's the white angled liner? is it good? :P

  18. Tine, I wanted more gel liner :( :( :( toooo bad, coz they don't have the discount anymore, I hope they have discounts again soon!!!

    Plue, I saw BARK too! I have a feeling it's a darker brown color. Truffle is matte, and it's a medium brown kinda color's pretty, and I wanted BARK too!!! aaaggghhh I wanted a lot of their new gel liners too. I haven't had the chance to use the white angled liner, will let you know how it goes as soon as I have the chance to use it :D

  19. thank you nikki dear!

    i want the whole lot of gel liner too! i think it's better than MADs, as I think it's a little dry? :P I don't want matte brown, i've always liked some shimmer in my e/s and liners :P Except for black. Haha!

    I shall do a comparison between those 2, I think i shud be free during Xmas. Not going anywhere with the crazy crowd around :P

  20. Plue, yes I remembered you telling me you wanted shimmer for your liners, Im the opposite, I wanted matte for liner :) I like more gel liners!!! acccckkkk I wish there's more coupon codes out there for CS :)

  21. hahaha! i always like shimmery stuff! :P

    yeah! i wish they have coupon codes! that'd be great!

  22. been wanting to order CS brushes for so long. kaso wala akong credit card :( nice haul nikki! love your blog! very informative!

  23. man i'm hitting myself over the head for not getting anything on their cyber sale dangit!

  24. Can the silica powder be used on sensitive skin?

  25. Plue, I'll definitely let you know if there's upcoming sales from CS you tell me if you learned about it too deal? :D

    Nehs, true, you need CC to order from them no?

    Renren, I know! I wish they're on sale again!!!

    Fab Beauty, I have sensitive skin, but I always use this on top of all the product I had before the I suggest if you have super sensitive skin to NOT use this anymore..just to be sure as some people break out on it! Better be safe than sorry right

  26. i have been trying to get into CS website but I never could. Failed to load.

    I wonder what happen...

  27. so far I can open it ! Give it a try again :)


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