Friday, December 12, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Christmas" Nails


A reader requested me to do a Christmas Inspired nails. It took me a bit of time to do this because I've had my nails rested for a week! And I got a bit lazy to do my nails for the past couple of days.

Anyways, I am back!!!

Since I did a Christmas Look with Reds and Greens, I will be sticking to my motiff and my Christmas Nails will go with my Christmas Make-up :)

Note: This may look crazy but just a bit of background, my work does not require me to meet face to face with clients. I do have meetings with the "Big Boss" but it's always on the phone, so he doesn't see my nails! LOL

Another Note: If you want to try this nail art but work or school does not permit you to, well you can go for more conservative colors :) Be creative and do your own mix and match :D

More Note: This tutorial can be done by anyone even if you do not have Nail Art Pens. See how much I love all of you???

Additional Note: Are you guys going to kill me? LOL Ok Ok!!! Let's start my version of "Christmas Nails"!!!!

Step 1:

Apply any base coat you have, especially for colorful polishes to keep your nails from yellowing.
Using a red and green polish (thanks to Aika for mine). Alternately apply the 2 colors to your nails. 2 Coats. Let Dry.

Step 2:

Apply any white polish (thickly) on the tip of your nails, just like you do for French Tip, but you don't have to worry on making it perfect.

Step 3:

Using any brand of Base Coat (I used local brand Caronia in this tutorial, or use any base coat as long as the texture is not too thick), lightly sweet the white colored polish towards yourself. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect. Let Dry.

It will look like this
(not perfect for sure)

Step 4:

Using any glittery polish, I used Elianto's Glitter Polish, apply it lightly with feather-y strokes OUTWARDS (opposite direction of Step 3). Let Dry.

It'll look like this
Look closer, there's a hint of "GLITTER" like snow

Step 5:

Apply a good Top Coat. (I used my newly purchased The Face Shop Top Coat)

And you're ready to go!!!

Shiana, I hope I put justice to your request :)
Everyone can do this!!! :)
Give it a try,
again it's NOT perfect
but I can definitely feel the spirit of Christmas
Every time I glance at my nails! :D
Stay pretty, stay happy!


  1. looks pretty and oh so yummy! apples and cherry? it looks so adorable!!!

  2. It looks icy, and also it looks like you have these pretty christmas lights on your hand and dipped in the ice :P cute !

  3. nice! like frosty neon lights :D i can't wait for the xmas holiday to come!!!

  4. That's really cute! Somehow I doubt that mine would come out looking like yours;-D

  5. I looooe this look! I could probably get away with doing one nail at work. I think I'm going to try. Operative word: "Try". LOL!

  6. Fuz dear, thanks!

    Royalmocha, the polishes are fun right? Fun colors and I can't believe I am sporting it to office up to present :D

    Digital Angel, thanks so much sweetie for liking it :) It meant a lot coming from you :D

    Prettybeautiful, I can't wait for "no work" days!

    Nikita Wilson, who knows? This is my first time to do this look as well, if i can do it, though its not perfect, I'm sure you can :)

    B, with the way you paint your nails, I'm sure you can do it without problem!

  7. woo-hoo!! snow on your nails! very very CUTE!! i'm gonna have to try that for sure :D thnx Nikki for the cute nails polishes!

  8. AWW! Those nails are so cute!! You are so creative!

  9. awww...dang, i SO have to get into the christmas mood!! loving the glitter effect!! :D

  10. woah nice nice ha,i love the neon green on your nails :)

    anyway,i'm finally back to blogging once again..hahaha did you miss me na? haha sorry kung hindi ako nakakapagvisit and reply sa messages mo sa cbox ko

  11. reminds me of snow!

  12. try using acrylic nail polish that can be bought in local stores. (i use reeves) then use a rough sponge for a better frosted french effect. then use glitter nail polish over clear! ^_^ it's cute

  13. Ai, you're very much welcome :)

    Iamgrape119, thanks girl!!! I am not even halfway being creative compared to my nail art lady :) Lol

    Beetrice, thanks , I love glitters too :D

    Miemiemie, welcome back to blogging! :D

    Aika sis, I'm sure you can do it, coz I've used the polish you gave me :) Thanks gain

    YumYumSushi, now it reminded me of Mt. Everest hehehe

    RielleFrancois, hey! thanks so much for the exra tip, I wonder where I can find Acrylic Nail polish, I'll have my eyes open for that! Thanks so much for your suggestion :D Great help

  14. I love this!!! It looks like frosting on green apples and cherries! :D~

    You have very nice feminine nails!! Mine are so squarish and small!! >.<

  15. Love it! Those nails are so cute!

  16. aww cute! it looks like it's snowing on your nails!

  17. you are really creative nikki! :) your nails look cold! haha!

  18. i like it! nice snow technique :)

  19. Jenn, if you can see my hand in person lol my fingers are short... :P It just looks long with my longer nails :D

    Renren, thanks sis!

    Gio, thanks for liking it :D

    Lily, I'm glad you like it :D

    Sab, really ? cold looking nails? LOL At least I got snow on my nails, we don't have snow in PI!

    Shiana, thanks


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