Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Got Lucky!

Just when I thought I ran out of luck until the end of the year. Surprisingly, right before the year 2008 ends, it ended with a BLING!!!

I am happy for a dear blogger friend Toma of the Makeup Masala when she finally launched her own site. She's always been generous with giveaways and contests and I've had my fair share of luck in the past and I can't ask for more.

That's why I can't believe when I got an email from her saying I won Bath & Body Lipglosses! I actually cannot remember joining anything. Well, aside from her monthly giveaways, she does give out cool beauty stuffs for people who sign in her Forum.'ve got a great place to hang out and you get a chance to win something? Isn't that cool?

Here are my winnings! :)

Bath & Body Liplicious Double Kiss

Left: Dual - Wang Lip Shimmer
Right: 2-in-1 Lip Stain & Gloss

Here are the swatches
They're not on my lips....YET!

Thanks Masala!
I get to win stuffs I can never purchase!
This is a great early Christmas gift too :D


  1. ive been looking for a stain with a cherry shade not the usual berry shade!! likey!!:)

  2. Did not join anything? Whoa! Lucky girl! :) Congrats, dear!

  3. Jamie it is quite hard to look for a nice stain right?

    Teeyah, being a member of the forum have a couple of prizes up for grabs as I know :)

  4. ohh they both look really pretty!

    i think either gold dust or platinum good is good for a holiday look!!

  5. wow! i just love her site! these are amazing stuff!

  6. yay for free stuff, that's perfect for ur kit!

  7. Congrats on winning! They're so pretty!

  8. oohhh, you're indeed lucky :) love the colors, Nikki!

  9. NicNic, i can't wait to try it! Haven't used it yet

    Sab, i know right? always new for u s to learn!

    Renren, I am glad it's going to go straight to my kit! Thanks for all your help girl!

    Fuz, :) I am , whew thank goodness I wish I am this lucky for lottery!

    Devi, thanks

    Gio, thanks , i'm glad I won them

    Ai , welcome back girl !!! You are luckier for being able to visit Paris!!!

  10. How come I never get to win anything?
    *grumble grumble* :(

  11. That's just cool! :) Amazing stuff that you won, too!

  12. Tine, you have to join contests! LOL :) :P

    Teeyah, thanks I love it!


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