Thursday, December 11, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC 187 Stippling Brush

Everyone calls this the "magic" brush, everyone raves about the "Airbrushed" look!

Are these true? Or is it just a hype?

I've been lemming for this brush for the LONGEST TIME!!! It took me a whole lot of contemplating as this is the most expensive brush from MAC!

The MAC187 Duo Fiber Brush
*damn you brush! lol*

I actually bought this in HK as it's a couple of hundreds cheaper (in peso), yeah yeah, everybody knows by now that I'm a bargain shopper. :P Again, there are so many dupes but something about this brush hypnotizes me to purchase it....I'm glad I bought this or it'll be haunting me FOREVER!!!

MAC 187 Duo Fiber Brush says ---

A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibers.

Askmewhats says ---

  • multi-purpose: can be used with liquid, cream and powder foundation, cream blushes
  • will use lesser product compared to sponges
  • soft bristles, not scratchy at all
  • does give out an airbrushed look
  • foundation blends seamlessly
  • foundation application cuts half of the time
  • doesn't smell
  • sheds, approximately a hair on 2 on every other usage (will it go bald? lol)
  • brush isn't perfect, I've got a lot of "flyaways" lol
  • the price is steep especially for people who aren't earning their own moolah yet.


I find the raves true, it does give out an "airbrushed" look without the streaks. BUT, I do believe there will be a good dupe out there. Though I haven't tried a lot like some of the beauty bloggers, I am sure there's a comparable one.

Is it worth the price???

It's actually worth it, if you take care of this brush and use it everyday. I would say this brush is very versatile, but if you are only using this brush to apply your blush? Then you are not using this brush to the fullest.

People who are into liquid/cream foundation, this will definitely be an answer to your prayers as you save more of your foundation with this brush, using this brush cuts your foundation application time in half. If you are a powder foundation user, you can skip this, save the money and buy EDM Flat Top brush (in my opinion)

  • some people thinks the coverage is sheer if you use this brush. In my opinion, you can always layer the foundation with this brush and it always gives out a soft, natural coverage.
  • if you are using this brush for your powder foundation, spritz on mists or sprays on the brush for the powder to "stick" to the brush

Will I repurchase?

Maybe not, I will take care of this brush and use it for decades! LOL

Where to buy and how much?

MAC store for approx Php2,400 ($45.00) <--- not sure


Here's how the MAC187 Duo Fiber Brush looks like
Top view

Here's a photo I've posted 2 months ago,
using MAC187 brush to apply my liquid foundation

Speaking of Dupes
I got a CHARM Duo Fiber Brush from
Beauty & Minerals

I will be testing it and I will definitely report back if this is a good dupe or not!

Have you tried MAC187 or any dupes?
What's the best dupe in your opinion?
Let's do the battle of the Duo Fiber Brush....NOW!
But let's not get toooo competitive ok?
Have a great day!!!


  1. OOHHHH! i've been wanting this brush for forever! but still can't afford it hahahaa.. so in your opinion, do you like the MAC or EDM brush better? Have a great day too, Nikki! :D

  2. ah the airbrush look brush.
    actually i should be transferring back to liquid for the winter...
    it gives better effect in this crazy cold weather.
    the picture of your self looks great though. i need to stop buying miscellaneous little things so i can finally start a small mac collection of the basics.

  3. never bought a MAC 187 but I bought a MAC 188 and it didn't work and i gave it away. somehow its bristles couldn't be cleaned propelry and it picked up more pigments than my BB Kabuki at the time. weird. it just failed. not used any similar brushes since...

  4. Yours shed?! I bought the LE version, which was part of the Novel Twist set (shorter handles), and always thought it shed, but my friend (who talked me into getting MAC brushes) swore hers doesn't. @_@ I only got the full size today, so we shall see.

    I have the full size 188, which I love! It doesn't shed and I use it for blush and highlighter. Perfect!

  5. I've never worn foundation but always felt like I had to have the 187. LOL! It's perfect for applying a light hand of bronzer or blush for those subtle looks. I love it!

  6. Vanessa M, :D

    Ai, well, I usually use powder foundation so I grab my EDM flat top more!!! I haven't tried EDM flat top with liquid foundation, I should and will let you know :) For now, my EDM FT brush is still the winner!

    Rasilla :) I myself have dry skin, so those days that I need liquid foundation, I reach out for this brush, really cuts the application time in half! And I sound like those INFOmercial LOL

  7. JoJoba, sorry the brush doesn't work for you!!! But at least you have a brush that works for you at present right? So why ask for more?

    Liz, mine sheds! :( I just can't believe it's supposed to be THE MAC Brush right? LOL Can't wait to hear your thoughts on yours. I hope yours doesn't shed

    B, it actually works so well with the Stila Bronzer you gave me!!! Thanks again! :D

  8. i love the 187!! i've tried the 187, EDM flat top as well as the coastal scents silver stippling (dupe). sad to say the latter is far below par. my 187 doesn't shed but i do agree with the "flyaways" though.

  9. wow! that is pretty expensive for a brush.. and to think it sheds..

  10. Wonderful review on the 187 Nikki! :D I have a 187SE from last year's heirlooms collection... it doesn't shed but it BLEEDS like crazy!! YUK!! I'm definitely getting a full sized one! :D

    I agree that this brush is really versatile!! I especially loved how flawless this applies my foundation!! I can't live without it!! :D

  11. my song for christmas... "Santa baby, just put a 187 under the tree for me...!" hehehe! even if i have the moolah now i'm still hesitant to buy this coz it's really really expensive... it think it's 2950 now in MAC Manila...:( sniff!!

    great review sis!!! :)

  12. Ooo I have always wanted to try this brush :)
    It is on my list of beauty things to buy :)

  13. I tested a skunk brush like this one for liquid foundation. Air brushed perfection! Made me want this MAC one LOL... Mine's by the cheapy Flirt brand found in the USA. Thanks for the review. Since I'm a powder foundation user, I'll try the EDM flat top as recommended by you!

  14. i love this brush to bits!

    i have 2 187 now, rotating each one since i wash the brush each time i finish using foundation, i think it's yucky to leave it and use another time.

    i don't do that if brushes are used for powder stuff. :P

    i do have flyaways with 187, I thought only me having this problem! haha!

    i am contemplating on whether shud i get mac188, i have dupes on hand, but still, i feel like owning one!

    how? :P

  15. hehe i got a brush set just because the 187 was in it :P & i doooo love ittt
    but i haven't used it in a while only because i don't use liquid foundation anymore. because i can't find a good color match & im scared to break out (even more :((( ) haha
    but you look GREAT your skin was already flawless to begin with anyway!
    i have heard of dupes, i think it's either EDM or CS? i forget...haha

  16. hehe i got a brush set just because the 187 was in it :P & i doooo love ittt
    but i haven't used it in a while only because i don't use liquid foundation anymore. because i can't find a good color match & im scared to break out (even more :((( ) haha
    but you look GREAT your skin was already flawless to begin with anyway!
    i have heard of dupes, i think it's either EDM or CS? i forget...haha

  17. Coastalscents had a horrible dupe. I tried one from Make Up Store.. it was *slightly* cheaper but works the same. I'm waiting for my 188 dupe from Silk Naturals :D

  18. ahhhh.... mine also shed at first, nikki..... booo!!

    but it stops shedding after a couple of weeks.... so i guess it's a good sign.... ^^

    i personally adore this brush...... so soft and all....

    as for dupes,, i have coastal scents pink duo fiber and manicare artiste stippling brush (it's an australian brand)... compared to 'the' #187, they are nothing.... seriously... i thought it was only the hype... but it's not...

    CS sheds like crazy.......
    and it's too flimsy,, so it's not suitable for use with liquid foundation.... but it's good for blush...
    it's incredibly soft... even softer than #187... but yea..... not comparable to MAC..

    i find the artiste one a better dupe... it's more firm and also soft.... but still in the 'sheddy' side.... can be used to apply cream products...

    i'm going to try Flirt! stippling brush and report back.... ^^

    as for the 'flyaways' problem,, i solve that using brush guard.... which you can get from i'll post the piccehs soon in myy blog...

  19. It's kinda sad that I love it so much I have 3......which explains why I'm broke....

    Thanks for the review! I love your reviews! They are so detailed!

  20. i've got around 18 mac brushes now but i still havent really gotten into them

    i have the 187 and 188 but they both shed like mad!!

    i have washed it so many times now but it still sheds. T-T

    but u are right, it is good [if it doesnt shed]

  21. hi nikki! I also wished to have my own MAC 187 before but I changed my mind after purchasing 217 got fly aways and became scratchy after a couple of washes..and since MAC brushes have the same hairs..hehe you got the drift..I just don't want to shed P3,000 for a single brush :)

    about dupes, I have Charm and Lumiere duo fiber brush..I prefer the Charm one better coz it has fuller and denser head and it can be used for for foundies and powders..while Lumiere is flimsy and thin and can only be used for blushes and glows coz the size of the head is too small..but the latter is softer and doesn't shed even once..unlike Charm that sheds a few hairs every now and then :)

    I'll be watching out for your review on both MAC and Charm :)

  22. Princessmei, I think true to what others say, if you use it more, the shedding lessens :) Thanks for letting me know about the CS, glad I didn't purchase it :)

    Sab, yes, it is very expensive and I felt a heart break everytime it sheds, there goes Php100 per shedding lol

    Jenn, oh no! The LE bleeds? Why?? I just don't get it! Well I do know the LE editions are machine made and the full sized ones are handmade, but why does it has to bleed..uggh! I'm glad you liked it, I love the finish too :)

  23. Shen, wow!!! Then its more than a hundred cheaper when I bought it..well dollar rate is cheaper then , but it's getting worst by I don't know how much it cost in HK. How have you been? I hope Santa gives you this for Xmas :D

    Lydia, oohh I wish you'll have it from Santa this year.

    Parisb, yeah, I actually used this MAC187 not more than 30times, since I'm changing from powder to liquid and back to I am confusing myself! LOL Gooduck with EDM Flat top brush, can't wait to hear your thoughts, I really love mine!

  24. Joshua, thanks.

    Plue, plue have 2??? How could you??? LOL!! I can't put myself to buy another one!! LOL my next ones are definitely DUPES! Can I be a mom right now?? SAVE UP!!! LOL LOL LOL

    YumYumSushi, I know what you mean about Liquid Foundation, it is hard to match right? Well I use this for those powder foundation as well and I love the sheer finish :) Yes, they have dupes from CS and I think Silk Naturals? Not sure, I have read that CS is crap..well I could be wrong :)

  25. Connie, can't wait to read more about dupes! I don't know why but I love love love dupes. It's like telling those companies "BLEH :P I've got cheaper version of what you're selling, I ain't buying yours" lol you know what i mean?

    Mystiqueen thanks! It's nice to know the shedding will stop!! Thanks a lot, I've been reading so much about brushguard too! I may take a look at it...thanks for the reco :) I can't wait to try on dupes as well, I have one from local reseller and I have heard it's great, so I can't wait!!! :) can't wait to read your reviews too!

    Iamgrape119 THREE! Yes, I remembered you talked about it....gosh!! 3? I can't get over it :) hahahah

  26. Yumeko, wow you got a whole lot of MAC brushes, I guess I am lucky I got a set of 28pcs brush which stops me from purchasing so many brushes, I only own 2 MAC brushes, the 187 and the 217 that's it :D

    Crystal Gale, lol my 217 has flyaways too but I"m glad it works on me or I'll be hitting my head on the wall right now. Yay! I'm glad you liked Charm, I am excited to use it and compare the 2 :) I hope it's as good!!! If it's good enough, I'll probably walk pass MAC store and wave my Charm Brush at them! LOL

  27. i tried one from another mineral company and it wasn't as firm, meaning i couldn't really use it for foundation, but i use it to apply pigmented blushes! i think the shedding should stop after a couple of uses, mine did that in the beginning too...try not to push down on the brush so hard so you don't lose a lot

  28. Erk! I have a similar brush -- don't know if it's the same one! Gotta check the number on the handle.

    I do like MAC brushes, though. I've never had to throw one away. In fact, some I bought about 15 years ago, and they're still in tip-top condition. Can't say the same for all brands.

    You have beautiful skin, lady!

  29. That brush is a little steep for me. Let me know if you find a cheap dupe!

  30. I used my full-sized 187 today and am happy to say that there was no shedding! It's funny though, cuz the full-sized one felt softer than the LE one, particularly the white, stippling bristles. I'm not quite sure which I prefer (harder or softer), but it's always better to have a brush that doesn't shed.

  31. i think MAC187 is da bomb! seriously! I think it's real hard to get a dupe as close to this one!

    i am now itching to get a smaller version of 187, which is the 188. but me looking for good dupes! :P

    Ahhhhh~ good dupes are hard to find :P

  32. Before the sales assistant at MAC totally pissed me off, I did ask her about the function of this brush, and she said it was for liquids and creams, not powders. I'm not sure if I wanna use this yet, even though I do use liquid foundation. I guess I'm still old school and prefer using my fingers and a makeup sponge :)

    I do have the Silk Naturals brush, which is supposed to be the dupe of the 188. Have no idea how to use it, don't know why I bought it. I've never even used it, but just running my finger over the bristles, 3-4 hairs shed. Not a good sign, ladies, for those who wants to get it.

    As for the MAC 187 shedding, what the heck is wrong with MAC brushes shedding? So's my 150! And I paid a good AUD85 for it too :(

  33. Renren, thanks for the tip, I don't push my brush but I'll wait for the shedding to stop, actually just by talking about it, I come to realize that the shedding does lessen..!

    Janine, I'm glad to hear yours lasted more than a decade, so worth it then!! Thanks for liking my skin, now I'm liking you more! :P

    Fabuless Beauty, will definitely report back for a cheaper dupe

  34. Liz, good for you for liking it!!! :) I have read that the full sized ones are better than the LE ones, at least you've got the best of both worlds, the siffer and the softer :D

    Plue Plue Plue, YOU are MAC 187 ADDICT :) I love you for that! We got to know each other more because of this brush!!!

    Tine, I felt so bad if expensive brushes sheds, I just want to pick up the bristle and glue it back! LOL LOL LOL :) Take care sistah!

  35. hee~ we have a lot of other things to talk and get to know each other more! :P

  36. glad i came to read this post. i've been wanting to buy mac 187 brush bec of the rave reviews from brauty blogs..but being a powder foundation user, i think it's not practical for me. i'm sticking with my diors which lasted me for over a year now.

  37. hi nikki! i'll be looking forward to your review regarding the charm stippling brush. i think that the mac 187 is too expensive for someone like me who doesn't have a full time job yet.

  38. Plue, definitely! I'll let you know if we have the chance to visit Malaysia, I hope not too long from now!

    Amor, if you're a powder user, stick with what you have :) you can skip this MAC 187 :D

    Musicalfan loves minerals, I am on the process of reviewing it and so far, like I commented on your blog, this is worth it, works fine :)

  39. I've been going back and forth on your blog trying to decide which stipler i should get! lol im so thankful you took so many pictures and did the comparison as well :)
    but ahhh...why must brushes be so expensive :T I ugess thats the hard part. to part with the money

  40. I'm glad the photos are helpful!!! is very expensive, I think base on my readings, if you have ETUDE house there, I've read from Plue's blog that it is a good dupe for MAC 187, locally, I would say CHARM brush works really good :) Let me know what your final decision is :)

  41. I have the 187 brush too and I think that mine has started to shed more, the more I use it - I was it weekly and use it nearly every day. In the beginning it was fine, and barely shed at all but now it seems to shed 2 or 3 hairs every use. And, I get the same with my 129 brush too.

    What is up with that?

  42. I just realized I bought a fake one from ebay!! Y____Y mine doesn't look the same as yours from the top...I was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt even with the HORRIBLE shedding that would have given itself away from the first time I used it! yes "used" as in applying make up..and just imagine what more when I washed it!.. and then I noticed another was bleeding blue-black! I was like "huh? my make up is brown"... unlike what I've read from other dupe 187's, it didn't smell bad because my makeup was overwhelmingly good smelling..hihi... However, I didn't want to admit this because it looked like the real thing and it feels so soft, BUT........ 'I've been duped'......T_T
    I shoulda just bought from the website >< So you guys out there reading "Authentic, brand new, etc etc" descriptions from ebay sellers, you know better than that! much for my very first "authentic mac brush"!

  43. Susan Tinsley, I really don't know why it sheds, we really have to tell that to MAC :)

    Anonymous, I am so sorry that this happened to you, there's so many fake MACs out there!!! So please do not purchase over ebay! If you don't mind me asking, how much did you spend for the fake MAC?

  44. It was $36 with a $3 cash back after positive feedback received. I'm not gonna give the user ID of the seller...I think nobody should EVER buy from ebay!!!

    pfft! and I was wondering why nobody was bidding on it!

  45. actually, the most expensive brush from mac is the 134 large powder brush. it's $52 USD.

  46. hi Nikki! =) I'm getting my 187 for Php2300 in Taiwan! So excited! Mac is on sale there! But just in a Japanese Dept. Store because of their anniversary sale haha.

    Just wanna ask how do you properly wash a 187 brush? I've read of washing fiascos and the brush never returns to it's original state... I'm too afraid to ruin this because of it's steep price...

  47. Anonymous, so sorry you have to go through all the trouble for a fake one!

    Another Anonymous, thanks for the additional information, I didn't think about 134, I have to check if we got it down here, thanks!

  48. Chelle, yay for cheaper MAC brush in TW! :) Go for it. How to wash? I am lucky mine is still as good as new. what I do is I mix Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo with a very gentle liquid detergent (I'm using ivory) then I mix it with water, and wash it gently. For this stippling brush, if there's just so much liquid foundation, I use the cleansing oil first to remove the liquid foundation, then use the shampoo + detergent method. Mine is still as good as new and still ok :) thank goodness :)

  49. thanks for the advise Nikki! =) my seller told me it was almost sold out yesterday coz it's the last day of sale in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi XD glad she got hold of it haha


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