Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reader's Corner: Questions Answered and a New Traincase!

Hello pretties! Thanks for the wonderful comments for the makeover I did yesterday!!!

I've been super tired and busy the past few days and I do apologize for not getting back to some queries at once. These are some questions on the comment section that I wanted to answer in a new post for everyone to be able to read it as well. Thanks ladies for asking these questions! *hugs*


Nikki! I'd like to ask what you used for each of the two girls .

Askmewhats Answers:
Thanks for liking the makeover and thanks for the interest. I've re-edit the post I did yesterday and added the products used (as I remember) . Smile and click HERE


Hi Nikki! I've been curious about Clinique All About Eyes for the longest time. What changes have you noticed on your eye area ever since you started using it?

Askmewhats Answers:

I've got a couple of queries about my eye cream. I would say the best I've tried is Clinique's All About Eyes. Though I've only used a sample jar, which lasts me more than a months of daily usage. I didn't see any drastic change, (same as all eye creams), but my eye area doesn't get as dry as before. The darkness of my eye didn't lighten up but the puffiness definitely lessened. I'm never consistent on my eye cream as I always felt eye creams never give out "obvious" result due to the small area it covers. But with patience and consistent usage, you will definitely reap what you sow.


I want your brushes!!! What are they??? (Referring to my post yesterday)

Askmewhats Answers:The brush set I am using is from a local distributor called SUESH. They're quite famous in terms of having a lot of exposure on magazines, newspapers as they're known for selling good quality brushes at an affordable price. I would say they are not comparable to MAC or those high end brushes brand but for starters, they are really good, I love their eye brushes!

If you're wondering, I own the 28pcs brushes set for Php4,500 (approx $90.00). NOT BAD.


I am beginning to wonder why aren't you in this professionally? (referring to being a make-up artist) Or are you? :)

Askmewhats Answers:Great question, thanks for asking! I guess I've been doing a lot of makeovers for a lot of my friends and family that people would think it's just a past time. Well it started out to be, but I am leaning into this as a profession. And those makeovers I've done recently, well they are clients. I don't know them personally, I was just referred to them by a friend and I got paid!!! :D

That's why being a professional make-up artist means, I needed more space for make-up I have to bring as I have to be ready on whatever foundation shades, eyeshadow colors, blushes etc... that clients would need. So, I will now present to you my new "Trolley Traincase" !!!

Sorry I haven't had the chance to take a shot of it beside me, if you want to know the height, it's up to my knees :) A size of a regular luggage that can pass as handcarry.

This is available in ONE SINGLE SHADE!
I wanted something black or just plain silver, but they don't have any
and I love the size of this, so I gave in and bought this!
Now, as I look at it more, I am starting to love to color...

Back Side
I love that the handle is sturdy

Side View

When fully opened

Spacious inside
I love that I can put my brush set and palettes in here

And the best part?
I can lock it!!!

**Bought at Quiapo Seller for Php5,000 (approx $100)

Isn't it pretty?

I can't believe I upgraded from a semi-pro traincase to a PRO!!!
I've seen the ones with
Next time...
One wish at a time right?
Have a great humpy Wednesday!!!!


  1. I love your traincase!!!!!!! It's looking fabulous. OMG. Definitely a FAB upgrade, twin. I like the style and the color very much. How much did it cost?

  2. I believe I nearly bought this one!!! it's quite cheap and it's made in china right? but the ones I tried here all could't be locked! not because there were not locks but because they were all broken even before they were unwrapped from their packaging!!!

    how lucky of you to have a traincase that works! Seriously, I have talked to parisb about this issue while I was in the store trying to buy this EXACT SAME TRAINCASE.

    The trolly could be detached and that's why I liked about it. but its lock just won't work with the key for some reason. It was sold for 300++ MYR so it's very cheap.

    Sigh, I told parisb that I'd get an OFFICE grade makeup organizer that has a BIG AND PROPER lock! LOL

    Thank you so much taking the time out to reply! If I ever come across one like this and can be locked, I'd buy it immediately. Apparently it does the trick for you so well!

  3. Wow Nikki!!! That traincase is smashing! I cant wait to see all ur stuff neatly packed on that! Whered u buy it? Its really nice.

  4. i love love love your traincase! :-)

  5. congrats nikki the pro now! :D i am really happy for u *clap clap* and yeah if it can be trolled it will be so much easier for u to carry ard ;)

  6. Cinthia twin, it costs approx $90! :) I think it's a good deal :) I you know me ! :D

    JoJoba, I have a feeling it's made in China, but good thing mine locks, and it's super sturdy, my hubby won't let me purchase it if it's not! :) Maybe they upgraded it or something? I'll let you know if it died on me! LOL *knocks on wood* I hope it doesn't!

    Fuz, :) Yes, but I am lemming more on your Asian haul LOL

  7. Royalmocha, naku, it'll take time pa for me to really use it, I'm still using my ever handy traincase, maybe on wedding gigs na lang :) I bought it at Quiapo :)

    Liz, I hope you get yours soon! I know you planned to change right?

    Prettybeautiful, thanks for the clap :) I am happy too! :D

  8. that traincase is a beauty!

    La C.

  9. i love your traincase nikki! the color is different and it is huge!! :)

  10. Whoa! That traincase screams PROFESSIONAL MUA coming through! :D Happy for you Nikki! Some day, you gotta come do mine ok? ;)

  11. amazing traincase
    love it

    i dont have that much makeup though XD

  12. I love your traincase too! I like how it locks, so does mine lol, sometimes I lock it to keep my boyfriend out of my face lotions hahaha!

  13. waaahhh, i want a traincase like that too! hehehe, can u tell me where u got it? :D


  14. waaahhh, i want a traincase like that too! hehehe, can u tell me where u got it? :D


  15. Wow that traincase is more than what a make-up artist can ask for. You can fit everything in there! I love it...

  16. nice! i dont need one yet.. i still dont have very much makeup lol but i saw a purple on .. i want it!!!! hahah

  17. wow! nice traincase, I want something like that, but smaller!

  18. oOoo that looks great :) very nice indeed :D

  19. Hi Nikki! Do they have a smaller one? I've been looking for a train case kasi and sa faceshop lang ako nakakita ng type ko and it's 4500 whew...Where in Quiapo? Is it near the church? =D Btw...I bought the falsies at landmark na hihi =D

  20. lacouturiernyc, thanks :)

    Sab, the color is better in person, the photos I took didn't do justice ehhehe

    Parisb, a big SURE-O!!! IT'll be my honor to do your make up, ON YOUR WEDDING DAY? lol

  21. Aika, prettiness no?

    Yumeko, trust me, I don't have a lot of make-up as well, but it helps me to want to "GROW" my collection lol

    Jamie, sis ..ONE AND ONLY COLOR!

    Lydia, that is funny! Your BF is into your face lotion? Well, at least he takes care of his skin :D

  22. Jheng, I have a feeling it's the same area where you bought yours, I saw the black traincase similar to what you have :)

    Tina Marie Online, I love it too!!! I am still looking at it and it still gives me the "giddy" feeling :)

    Jesmakeup, I saw the purple one from sephora too! I agree, it is super pretty!

  23. Ladystarr, I know what you mean, I've been choosing this one and the one smaller but same trolley type...after 30min, I came into conclusion that I buy this as in the future, I know I will want this size ;D

    YumYumsushi :) :) :)

    Kim, they definitely have the "hand held" type...they have smaller one and I didn't ask for the price, but it's definitely cheaper than Face Shop or any other traincases sold in shops. It's at Quiapo..near the Quiapo church Manila City Plaza is the Building at Stall S-26 :)

  24. girl, the more i looked at the pictures of your traincase, the more i want it! the convenience of haveing a case with wheels! i will shop around and see if i can find one that has a proper lock. by the waym ther ones in the store are silver or black, not the same colour as yours. so whoever wantrs to get this, avoid those maybe???!!!

    or it's just my bloody bad luck...

  25. wow nikki... the traincase is HUGEEE.... ^^

    show us what you put inside....!!

  26. JoJoba, there's a smaller version of this, in black! and it's also sturdy, but I like the quality of this one I bought checked and double checked by Mr. Askmewhats LOL I hope you can find yours soon!!! Don't be in a rush, I nearly bought traincases in the past and I'm glad I didn't because the quality isn't as good as this :)

    Mystiqueen, hopefully I can show you what I put inside SOON!!! :D

  27. that's a pretty traincase nikki! unique color and it looks sturdy :)

    I bought my train case in Divisoria 2 years ago (i think) and it's still okay until now..and it is made from China too so with care I think yours will too :)

  28. Thanks Nikki! =D I learned a lot of things from you =D

  29. Wow you could really get organized with that!

    I love your tutorials it's easy to follow ^_^

    aside from suesh brushes do you have other brushes that you recommend?

  30. Crystal Gale, true, if you take care of it I think we'll be able to use it for years :D I'm glad yours is still ok :)

    Kim, you're very much welcome! I'm glad to be helpful in my own ways :)

    Riellefrancois, thanks, i'm glad you find my tutorials easy to follow :) About the brushes, well I haven't use a lot of brushes, but for the more affordable ones, there's Coastal Scents brushes, there are also Charm Brushes I've used from They're all great for starters :)

  31. Ohhhh that's a lovely traincase you got there, Nikki! :D

  32. I love that traincase, it's gorgeous!!

  33. the rolling handle thing is going to saveeee your back, i promise! email me if you ever wanna gab about freelancing!

  34. yay MUA's unite!! we are all starting out at the same time. can't wait to see you and your work in mags!!

    great traincase.. i love how deep it is and the side inside pockets!

  35. Ai, I know, I can't help smiling everytime I look at it :)

    Gio, thanks :)

    Renren, I'll definitely enjoying gabbing about freelancing with you :) thanks for the offer!

    Yummy411, yay!!! Now I felt really good knowing we're on this together!! Thanks sis!!! Let's UNITE!!!!

  36. If I get married, you can fly over yes? ;) Not happening any time soon but hey! doesn't hurt to plan ahead a little LOL...

  37. Sweetie, it's time. Go pro!! Too bad you're not here, or in M'sia. I guarantee you you'll have plenty of business :D

  38. love your traincase sweetie! which reminds me to upgrade mine too... hmn, lol! where in Quaipo exactly?

  39. Parisb, I WOULD LOVE to fly over the attend your wedding AND BE your make up artist!!! That would be my pleasure!!!! let me know in advance? Who knows? i can do something about it LOL You don't really needed to make me your artist, I would just LOVE to be part of your wedding..someday..someday..soon???

    Tine, that is too sweet for you to say, I am touched :) Thanks for the trust!

    Sis Mhean, musta ka na??? IM me naman!!! It's located at Manila City Plaza, Carriedo Street Quiapo

  40. I know this topic was 5 yrs ago but are they still selling these? Is the store still there? Thanks

    1. I doubt it, I heard they moved na or changed location but at least now, you're luckier as there are more and more online shops and shops selling train cases! :)


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