Sunday, January 11, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Eyeko Pretty Eyes 5-in-1 E/S Cake

Cute Packaging Alert!!!

I got my Eyeko Pretty Eye 5-in-1 eyeshadow cake a couple of days ago and I can't believe how cute their packaging is!

Here's the photo

Based on swatches alone, applied without base, swiped 2x,
it is very Sheer!

Eyeko says ---

5 in 1 Eye Shadow For Instant Eye Beauty
With a selection of five complimentary shades per tin, mix and match your beauty moves to suit your mood.

Pretty Eyes: Play up your eyes with pastel pinks, lilac and iridescent white for a flirty feel.. CELEBRITY FAVE as seen in Reveal Magazine Issue 19: "Helena Christensen loves Eyeko Fat Balm, so we bet she can't wait to get her hands on this cute eyeshadow tin in springs hottest pink shades. Eyeko Eye Beauty in Pretty Eyes."

Askmewhats says ---

  • cute choice of colors
  • great highlighting colors for both eyes and face
  • cute packaging, tin can ain't heavy to carry around
  • affordable! And they ship worldwide! For free!
  • very shimmery, if you're not into shimmery shadows, this is NOT for you
  • some shades like nos. 1 and 5 are sheer
  • limited choice of colors, they have only 2 pans available (Pretty Eyes and Sexy Eyes)
  • no matte shade at all (I was hoping even just 1 out of the 5)
  • some shades are a bit powdery (shades 3 and 4)

This is overall a pretty decent product, if you're young and into girly-colors or you are into a "no make up look" this is definitely for you! What I'm happy about this is that I got a back up for my Kate by Kanebo Gradical eye, the texture and look of the white shadow from Kate and Eyeko are very similar!

  • use a base if you plan to use these shadows as this tend to be gone easily without base
  • use a big brush and swipe it gently to the pan approx 2 x and highlight your nose bridge and cheeks!
Will I repurchase?

It will take me time to finish this product, probably another product from Eyeko :) I am lemming for their mascara! hmmm....

When can you purchase and how much?

Eyeko website for approximately $8.00 (approx Php384.00) FREE SHIPPING worldwide!
Enter code E149 and receive a free gift!

Reference eye look done using 4 out of the 5 colors
I've used (nos. 2, 3, 4, 5) <-- check out number above swatch photo

The only non-Eyeko e/s used is my Urban Decay Roach color
Eyeliner used - Coastal Scents gel liner in Truffle

I love this as a highlighter!!!
Yellow portion are the highlighted areas
Using a slanted blush brush

(see how dry my lips are without anything?)
and yeah, I'm in my pajamies lol

I hope I answer those Eyeko product queries from some readers!
Have a great weekend again and let's take that beauty rest
to be ready to conquer a whole new week!!!
Stay Happy!

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  1. reminds me of shu spring eye palettes. too pastel and sheer... shimmery is good but sheer is not.

    ps: i wish i could try more variety of products like you do! the problem of me not wanting to shop online i guess. :)

    good day to you!

  2. The colours look really natural on you! Are you wearing no foundation? If so I'm jealous because your skin looks really good!

  3. Jojoba, thank yourself that you're not willing to shop online, since I said YES to shopping online, I am in trouble! hahahaha :) But I still have the determination to shop ONLY if it's worth it :) (I sound guilty eh?) hehehhe

    Blu, hahah blu, I wish I have the greatest skin but I do have foundation on, it's EDM foundation lightly patted on skin before I put on the highlighter

  4. This eyeshadow is very cute. Kinda similar to cargo eyeshadows :)

    and btw, Thank you for your kind message :) It means so much :D

  5. The colour looks pretty, but why sheer? :(

    But then again, I found out something! If it's just too sheer, maybe use it as a highlighter! :D I think those will work! As long as it's not too glittery/ shimmery ya? :P

  6. tats a good idea to use it as a highlighter!!

  7. hehe its cute! isnt there anoter one too? w blues? idk..ihave the sexy eyes and its cute !

  8. Iyah, I've never tried Cargo :) So It's good I've got a dupe :)

    Plue, it works perfect as a highlighter, i Love it!

    Yumeko :) I know! :) That's why I reach out for this every now and then!

    Vanessa M, yeah, they have the other one :)

  9. The packaging is similar to CARGO blushes! Hehehe..

  10. I have this in Sexy Eyes and it really disappointed me. The colors are way too sheer, I have to apply a lot of product and it will barely show. I only use this when I want a minimal, barely-there look, which isn't very often as I love bright looks. The packaging is very pretty though.

  11. Devi, yup! that's what I read! Dupe to Cargo container! and locally... G-lish!

    Gio, I know what you mean! :) Sheer=highlighter power!

  12. Oh no.. FREE SHIPPING?? And the Pound is so low now too... oh Nikki this is bad for my wallet, bad bad!

  13. seems like a good product.. i think i want to try this. thanks for the post. =)


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