Saturday, January 10, 2009

AMW Makeover: Engagement Party + Post Christmas Gift

Last weekend was a busy weekend for me. It was my first gig for the year 2009!

Pam, a friend of mine and colleague, wanted me to do her make-up for her Engagement Party. I felt so touched as she trusted me to be her and her mom's make-up artist for the event! I do have to apologize as I didn't get the chance to take the before shot of her mom....that will follow! This shot was "unprofessionally" taken by me, as the photographer had to be at work, so please bear with my amateur shots!

Here's Pam's Before Look
Her hair already done by a hairstylist

Skin: Combination (She has a great skin to start with) Concern: Oiliness Target: A very simple yet glowy look

After Shot
(sorry, it's my bad for the bad lighting)

Products Used (as I remember) ---


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light
Paul & Joe Cream Foundation 03 Clair
MUFE Concealer Palette no. 5
Paul & Joe Protective Powder Foundation No. 30
Joppa Finishing Silk Original Formula
Thevi Matte Shadow 231 (for blush)
Nars Orgasm
MAC Shadester (to contour)

MAC Coquette for brows
Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2
MAC Sushi Flower
L'oreal Hip in Foxy (brown color used)
Kate gradical eyes PK2
Stila Smudgepots in Black
Shu Uemura Curler
Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black
Ardell Lash Glue in clear


I forgot to post about another Christmas gift I got from a dear blogger friend!!!
Thank you so much for thinking about me!
I know why you gave me the polish and I know why you gave me Paul & Joe!
Isn't it obvious? hahaha
Love it!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
I will be zzz'ing the whole morning for sure!
Beauty sleep!!!
Stay happy!!!

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  1. she looks fresh! i like that. and the christmas present is fab too.

  2. I am the 140,000 visitor !! Hooray :D
    Her skin is so pretty, flawless, and you did a good job.
    Is she wearing any lipstick or lipgloss?

  3. Wow nice gifts! The polish is gorgeous.

  4. Wow, you really hit the mark on the look! It does seem simple, but you highlighted everything very well, and emphasized her natural beauty.
    Congrats on the first gig of the new year :P

  5. I love the look! so fresh and blooming..she looks very beautiful and happy :)

  6. Jojoba, thanks

    Digital Angel, LOL you are too funny, you do visit with a good number on my blog!!! Last time you were the 100,000 or something. Thanks . About the lipgloss or lippie, yes, she has, but the camera didn't catch it, so I hope I can get a decent photo from a photographer ! :) Soon!

    Fuz, yeah the polish is definitely super gorgeous! And that's from a friend :)

    Rasilla, thanks! She is happy, and that's the most important thing for me... to know what they want :) And do it! :) Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for the positive note!

    Crystal Gale thank you sis! :)

  7. She looks gorgeous and happy - perfect for her engagement party! Congrats on your 1st gig of the year - may there be plenty more!

  8. ParisB, thank you!!! And thanks for wishing for more! :) I wish too!

  9. I love the look, it's fresh and very pretty. Great job!

  10. wow she looked younger in her after pic! she looked very relax and glowing, excellent job sis! you are truly a natural look guru! :-D

  11. Gio, I'm glad you liked the look and thanks for letting me know :)

    Lydia, thanks

    Mhean, :) Wow Natural Look Guru! lol that's a great award :)

  12. she's so pretty sis! love the lips! :) make me as pretty as her on the 31st. :)

  13. She looks fab! Btw I was wondering how much do you tag for a make over? :D

  14. Shen :) Sweet girl! thanks for saying those sweet words! :)

    Devi, it honestly depends on what kind of occasion and where will the makeover be :)


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