Friday, January 9, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Wonder Woman" Nails

Hello beautiful people!!! It's FRIDAY!!!! I am so happy to rest for the weekend. The hardest week would be the week after the long Christmas Holidays! :) I'm sure a lot of you are nodding eh?

I've missed last week's Nail Art Tutorial. I've done a simple nail art with big rhinestone but hubby wasn't home that time so I did my nails without my "loving photographer" lol And come to think of it, taking shots of your own face is hard but work-able, but taking shots of your "wet nails" is way harder! LOL And I can't seem to find the yeah, I am yakking once again and let me go straight to the point! hahahah

I came up with this nail art design, well it's not even a design as I've done boring French Tip with a simple Star Jewel from a generous Colleague who gave it to me as gift.

After doing my nails, the colors kinda reminded me of "girl power" "ass-kicking" "original hot babe"

Wonder Woman!!!
(the only difference is, her stars are white and mine are in blue)

Step 1:

Apply any base coat you have. I applied 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Cotton Pink Polish. Let dry.

Step 2:

Using any bloody red polish, (in my case I've used The Face Shop) and apply on the tip of the nails. You can do it vertically or horizontally (as long as you're comfortable). If it's not even, it's OK!

Step 3:

Using my "yellow nail art pen", I applied a thin line right below the Red French Tip. (you can top the yellow line with glitters if you like.)

And the semi-ending result looks like this
(you can end here if you don't have rhinestones)

Step 4:

Apply any clear polish on top of the design, but before doing so, make sure the French tip and lines are completely dry.

Step 5:

While the clear polish is still wet, put a star rhinestone wherever your heart desires. Let dry. (you can also choose whatever sizes or shapes of rhinestones you have available, you wanna put diamonds? Sure! Just hold onto your dear fingers for life! lol)

Final Step:

Apply another clear coat to protect the rhinestone from falling.

And now I'm ready to sit on my transparent plane
and wear my sexy

Wonder Woman Outfit!


Added more rhinestones on the thumb nail :)

I wonder if Superman will find me gorgeous *adjusts bra* :P

Ain't it simple?
Yeah, I do love simple nail designs too you know!

I may go crazy with those designs
but hey, I am a simple gal!
Smile ya 'all!
Stay Happy!


  1. HIya Nikki!! How r u? This is perfect for you.... YOU"RE the wonder woman!

  2. That is sooooo cute!!! I love that ring too!

  3. lolz i do prefer simple designs too most of the time:D when you've done many elaborate designs for the day it's nice to look at your own nails and see simple but sweet designs on it!! loving your wonder woman!! :D

  4. that is soooooooooo cute.

  5. nikki, you are so creative! this is very wonder woman-like!

  6. This is so you! I saw the title and had to rush to check it out. cute!

  7. Hi nikki! very pretty design..sadly, I can't put colors on my I can't do this..I only put polish on my toes hehe coz they are not visible when I'm applying for work :)

  8. wow. that's really cool. that's a very modern twist to wonder woman inspired nails. :)

  9. I love your nail tutorials. I get excited when I see the the title of your!

  10. Royalmocha, i am getting excited coz it's friday! How have you been? How's 2009 treating you?

    Katrina, thank you!!!

    Acutelife, same here, I am so into nail art (process) that I tend to put so many designs, I'm glad I take a breather and done this simple look :) I'm glad you liked it

    Trinh, thank you girl!

  11. Lily, I'm glad you concur it does remind you a bit of wonder woman! lol

    Jojoba, so me? hahaha I wish!!! Wonder Woman can wear that outfit, I CAN'T!!!! lol

    Nesh, thanks

  12. Crystal Gale, I wonder what your job is, I'm glad I can paint my nails in any outlandish color and still get away with it : )

    Janniedoll77, i'm glad you find it modern Wonder Woman!!! :)

    Toma!!!! I'm glad you liked my nail tutorials, there are a whole better ones out there, but you know I'm always doing my best and enjoying the ride :D

  13. omg this is possibly my fave from you
    i gotta try it out!

  14. Yumeko, you ca definitely do this!!! :) You have yellow right? :D

  15. So imaginative! I'm more interested in your ring though - so cute!

  16. nikki the wonder woman!

    i love these rhinestones :) on another note, have u received my stickers nikki?

  17. Liz, I've had that ring for quite some time and I love to have more in different colors, I can't seem to find more colors though lol :)

    Prettybeautiful, awww! You shouldn't have! I think it will be coming soon as the postal office was on holiday for almost 2 everything is on hold for sure :) I've got a couple of packages yesterday from some of the i'm sure yours will be coming soon :) THANK YOU SO MUCH

  18. WOW.. wonder women.. use to love watching that cartoon =p...
    ur so creative.. and the stars are just cute....

  19. This has to be the best so far! I like!!! :)

    I didn't buy anything from the new MAC collection. :(

  20. This is soo cool!!! I love it!! You are so creative Nikki! :D

  21. Right this is IT MISSY!!! I am crowning you the BLOGGER NAIL QUEEN!!!! I am even going to put this on my Blog Roll!!

    This is amazing - You gotta be ambidexterous!!

  22. wow nikki! you're so creative. nice work =D

  23. i wonder, how long before the rhinestones fall off the nail?

  24. Purple snowflake, wonder woman has like the least power but I still like her sexiness! hahhaha thanks

    Ally, I'm glad you like this, you haven't been playing with your nails? But yeah, it takes time! :) Miss your nails

    Jenn, thanks !!!

    Glow Chaser, sad the say, I'm NOT ambidextetrous and never will! LOL I know you won't believe me but I can't form a good word using my left hand... PROMISE..oh no! thanks for adding me to the blog roll but not as Nail art queen! the real ones out there would probably be mad! I tried adding you but it won't work, says URL problems dang..I'll try it again ! :) thanks

    Hapi, tks

    Ury, thank you for liking it

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, it depends, if you coat it well with a good top coat, mine can last for 2 weeks, bigger rhinestones fall off faster, but you can always re-glue it :) smaller ones I believe lasts longer :)

  25. That is so cool and creative, I love it!!

  26. Ohmiiiiigoooosh!! That is soooo pretty!! Girl, I wish I had the patience. I haven't done anything more than just boring polish. Okay this weekend I will try. You are the original super woman!!

  27. Gio, glad you liked it!

    B, no girl! hahaha funny but when I wrote about Super Woman, I honestly remembered you! hahahaha I guess we have the lovin' huh?

    Devi, :) how have you been?? Happy new year to you!

  28. I love how you did your nails girlie! I wish i can do mine like that :D

  29. the rhinestones made it uber cute!

  30. Iyah, I'm sure you can do a good one! :) Let us know!!!

    Lydia, thanks

    Mhean, I know! I am addicted to rhinestones now!

  31. wow those are so creative! you make me wish i could wear nail polish to work so i can try all the looks you do.

  32. Miracle, thanks :)

    Blu, I'm glad you liked it :D I'm sure you can give it a try even the simplest design you can think of, it always starts from somewhere :) Goodluck :)

  33. wow good tips :) sure love to try.. hehe bad habit is I like to break nail.


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