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Askmewhats Reviews: Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

When I did my product review on the Kiehl's Lipbalm SPF15 and expressed my love for Kiehl's Lip balm #1, a lot of you are requesting for a review on what Kiehl's are proud of, they have confidence on their product so much they call it the No. 1 Lip Balm! I've read so many raves and the number or raves are equivalent to rants too! So how did this balm survived the Askmewhat's watchful EENT? (eyes ears nose throat) lol? Smile and read on!

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 Says ---

  • Relieves chapped or cracked lips
  • SPF 4 sunscreen
  • Not tested on animals

Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips. Helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.

Askmewhats Says ---


  • I love it that it's not tested on animals
  • no scent, probably just a hint of hmmm "magazine" scent, lol
  • soothes the lips
  • moisturizing
  • 1 tube lasts a long time
  • does not feel too thick on lips
  • doesn't taste yucky


  • packaging! You always have to clean your hands before using this product. Applicator is not friendly to use straight to the lips
  • a bit pricey for a lip balm, but I don't mind, it lasts long
  • this does not work for some lips! I'm glad it works on mine!

This is my HG lip balm! I have the driest of all dry lips and I can't stress more about how much my lips chap and how painful it gets when I get lip allergies. But just one swipe of Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, it really soothes my lips ASAP and it moisturizes my lips so well it gets really soft (hubby test) :P

Is this product comparable to Petroleum Jelly? Well a big part of the Kiehl's ingredient is Petroleum, other people uses oetroleum jelly and it works for them (lucky gals), but I've used them and it doesn't work for me as much as Kiehl's does. So its basically a trial and error, if you can purchase petroleum jelly and test it on your lips first (it's way cheaper) you've got nothing to lose! If it works for you? Then you don't need to spend too much on other lip products!

In my case, I need Kiehl's. I really do!

Will I repurchase?

I will and I did! Have back up!


  • do not apply Kiehl's lip balm or any lip products if your lips are cracked and are bleeding, it my worsen your lips
  • if discomfort occurs, STOP using it and see a doctor
  • apply Kiehl's before you go to sleep and wake up with really soft lips
  • you can apply Kiehl's lip balm with your fingers, but you always have to make sure your fingers are clea, or I prefer applying this with a retractable lip brush.

Where can you purchase and how much?

Kiehl's shop at Greenbelt 5 for Php 450.00 (approx $9.00)

Show you more with photos! :)

Here's the tip, not convenient to apply directly on your lips
but I like that it doesn't leak or came out with dirty cap

Side by side comaprison with Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF
Same amount of product 15ml

But the cap of Kiehl's is shorter,
easier to be misplaced lol

And here's the consistency of the No. 1 Lip Balm
not too thick and not too liquid-y

Just right

Sorry I forgot to take a shot of a super dry lips
but I've chosen a very dry lips day and applied the balm all over
Nothing on but Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

I'll be out celebrating my mom and dad's wedding anniversary tonight!
We'll be dining out at Chili's for American food :)

I hope they enjoy it! Can't wait to sleep in and snore like a pig!
I don't!!! lol
Stay Happy!

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  1. ooo I have always wanted to try this famous lip balm, but never got around to getting one because I have mountains of lip balms to go through! Will definitely check it out after I finish all of mine haha. :)

  2. ohhh haha I swear I was just looking at this at the Kiehls store earlier lol!!! I was thinking of buying it but left empty handed.

  3. i have heard a lot abt this but its always nice to see ur reviews!!!

  4. haha at last i have it. yup you're right about the reviews and i'm glad that the product works for me too..

  5. ooh...i see those lip balms all the time...maybe i should pick one up..thanks for the review.

  6. wow! happy anniversary to your parents! i love chili's bottomless margaritas! haha!

    i've been wanting to try this, but it's a bit pricey for me. haha! maybe when i'm my mom we can drop by.. haha!

  7. HEy hey..
    WOW that lip blam looks like Elizabeth Arden's 8 hours cream.
    but Kiehl sells for really expensive here.. T___T

  8. happy anni to your parents! :)

    & o maaaan CHAPSTICK. don't even get me started haha i'm serious about my chapstick haha

  9. Audrie, you made me laugh about your mountains of lip balm! I know what you mean!!! We tend to buy so much balms as there's just a lot available in the market! and we're all sickos to keep on buying! HAHAHHA :)

    Miss Katin, give the tester a try! :) or if you could ask them to give you a small sample? I hope they can!

    Yumeko :) I'm glad you enjoyed my reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them

    Zashiq5, thanks for letting me know it works for you too! :) I guess with our weather down here, it works for a lot of us!

    Mary, you are welcome! :) It's worth it!

    Sab, it is pricey, but this is the only balm that didn't finish up too soon! I think I have it for more than 6 months already and I still have 1/4 or more! :D

  10. Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try this..

  11. Hahaha @ magazine scent! I know exactly what that smells like!

    Hey if that's your HG lip balm then that's definitely worth trying!

    Thanks for the review. :)

  12. Thanks for the review twin. I've never tried Kiehl's products before. I go through my lip balm like crazy so I'll definitely give this a try next!

  13. I love this product. Used to be my HG, but I switched to Carmex Cherry Lip Balm in a pot because it's cheaper and works the same for me. But Kiehl's really an excellent product.

  14. Purple snowflake, really? this is even more expensive than elizabeth arden's?? :)

    YumYumSushi, oohh so you're a Chapstick lover then huh? I wonder what's your favorite!

    Fuz, you are very much welcome girl!

    Lootwagon, *whew* I'm glad you understood the Magazine scent, that is really the scent, I can't describe it in any other way :D

    Cinthia, with your luscious soft lips..I think you don't even need this :D

    Melvel! Lucky you! Carmex works well for you?? At least you've found a cheaper alternative, Carmex is not enough on my super chapped lips!

  15. QV Sunsense (from Australia) has SPF 20! i think SPF 4 is quite a joke. and it's not cheap either. I had just tried this product in the new Kiehl Boutique and I passed it.

  16. Thanks so much for the review! I've always contemplated whether or not to get this. And now I know I shall :)that is when I'm halfway through my lip balms. dang!

  17. Jojoba, never seen them down here! WOW SPF20!!! That's definitely a great product!!!!

    Connie, you are welcome!!!! Like jojoba, do check them out on testers first, and see how much you like it, as it is quite pricey and I don't want you spending so much of your moolah on something not working :D


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