Sunday, January 25, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Stila Marrakesh" Look

When I got the Stila Marrakesh Quad from Anne of Yummmiebitez, it turned out to be my favorite e/s I've been reaching out every morning for a nice office look!

I love it for it's simplicity and I love it's staying power and versatility. Here's one of the look I've created using this quad.

"Simplicity is beauty...Beauty IS Simplicity"

Here's a diagram on how I came up with the look

Step 1:

After applying MAC Soft Ochre paintpot all over lids, using my CS Pink Fluff e/s brush, apply using patting motion the pinkish color or use any shimmery pink color on the inner 3/4 of the eyes.

Step 2:

Using MAC 217 brush or any blending brush, use the darkest color from the quad and apply it over the crease area blending harsh lines.

Step 3:

Using a small blending brush, apply MAC Carbon on the outer-v for depth.

Step 4:

Using a big fluff brush from Coastal Scents, apply Paul & Joe Face color powder no. 043 on the browbone and inner corner of the eye for highlights. You can choose any e/s color closest to your skin tone.

Step 5:

Line the lashline using my newly purchased 4U2 GLITZ Liquid Liner in Brown. It's a very natural shimmery brown colored liquid liner. (I will review this product soon)

Step 6:

Using Coastal Scents Gel Liner in Truffle and a White Angled Liner brush, apply gently on the water line, top it with Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eyeliner pencil in Bourbon.
Step 7:

Apply Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eyeliner pencil in Yeyo near the tear duct for a bright-eyed look.

And here's the final result :D
(sorry no mascara used on this FOTD, LAZY! lol)

Other products used for the rest of the face

MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in NC30 mixed with
The Face Shop's Flower Silky Foundation in NB21
applied all over face using MAC 187 brush
(I have to mix it as NC30 looks dark and yellowish on me!!! Wrong choice of color! My bad)

Using CHARM Angled Blush Brush,
apply Revlon in Blush on the cheek area

Highlight using EYEKO 5-in-1 e/s

In2it lipstick in Fresco


This is how I usually go in the morning,
but instead of liquid foundation, I use Mineral Foundation :D

And that's how my new hair color looks like! :)
In case you're wondering! lol
Have a great weekend!!!
I will be announcing the Askmewhats 1 year anniversary contest winner tomorrow!
Stay Happy!

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  1. Very pretty! I don't how to say this, but the packaging of the Face Shop foundation looks a little provocative...if you know what I mean. LOL!!!!

  2. i love the look :D

    and your face looks flawless

  3. I wonder if you know how beautiful you are. Seriously....

  4. I like how you applye gel eyeliner so thin. I might need to get thiner brush or practice more. I can't do it like you do :)

  5. So pretty Miss Nikki! Your bangs are cute.

  6. I really do like this look on you! It's very fresh. :)

  7. Did you just have a hair cut? Your hair looks different!

    You're right simplicity is beauty. Being natural is always the best! And you're one natural beauty :)

  8. really pretty look :) I like your eyeline looks like :)

  9. ur FOTD is so cute.. i realy like the neutural shades on u.. u did the layering on photoshop rite? how do u do that? haha i tried... im no good!

  10. You are lovely. I really like that look.

  11. Your eyes look huge! So cute! *pinches! And I like your new hair color!

  12. i saw that glitz liquid liner! they're pretty. i bought their plain black version since the glitz in black was out of stock. sadly, it still has the same problem of smudging on me after a few hours.

  13. that liner looks fabulous
    i think i like u with that color more than black

  14. TOMA!!! OH NO!!! hahaha I never thought about that! Now I'm never going to look at the foundation the same way again! hahaha It's a nice packaging but its not convenient due to it's irregular shape and I find the cap always detach from the foundation itself! LOL You dirty li'l mind Toma! hahahaha

    Aika, sis ! Thank you! LOOKS flawless lang NOT flawless hahahaha

    B, sweet, thanks for your kind words, I seldom here or read that..honest! So you brought happiness to me! hahahaha

  15. Digital Angel, I don't believe you! i saw how nicely you lined your eyes and you look really beautiful with thick lines!!! Hmm..come to think of it, I wonder how you look like in very thin line! :) I will wait for that *winks*

    Fuz, LOL it grew a bit, I think I cut it a bit too short a couple of weeks ago!

    Ahleesa, thank you!!!! :D

  16. Cinthia, I want vavavoom look!!! Like my twin! I don't like simple/natural look! *pouts* :P Sweetie, yes and no..well I cut my bangs and my hair remains the same! :D I colored it too, that's why it looks different :D

    Anastacia Park, thank you sweet girl!

    Fun & Make up, the photoshop layering..well I got lessons from the hubby, lol I'm ZERO on photoshop skills, well, you click on the "pen" to draw and then you have the adjust the percentage to make the marker "lighter". hahahah Am I helping at all? I'll try to do a tut on that :D

    Katrina thanks!

  17. Connie, *pinches* me???? LOL Now I felt like a "almost 30year old KID" LOL But it's nice to be pinched! I'm never "pinched" when I was a kid, i was super skinny and not cute at all!

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, you know what? Funny but I thought of you when I bought this, I asked the lady if it's waterproof, she said YES, she's right, its waterproof but a type wherein it's easily washed by soap and water, I thought about your lids and I knew it's not going to last on yoU!

    Yumeko, hey! thanks for your comment on that! I find myself liking browns rather than black too!!!! I've been using brown liner for more than 2 weeks now! LOL Black is nice but for those night outs probably :) Thanks for your valuable comment, I appreciate that!

  18. OMG you actually thought of me? lol it looks like i'm getting associated with really oily lids that waterproof stuff can't hold on to. haha. when i got that liner, it actually really stayed put on my hand even when i smudged it hard, but not on my lids. i'll be trying out the heavy duty liners in the market (but they're expensive :( huhu) like MAC fluidline, stila smudgepots, urban decay 24/7, makeup forever aqua eyes, etc. any recos? i read in a blog that despite the raves, urban decay didn't work for her and i think it was yours. if i can find a liner that will stay put even just for exactly 8 hours, i'll be really happy!

  19. Musicalfanlovesminerals, I KNOW! I kept on smudging it with my other hand and it stayed, but when I washed it with water and it came off, I knew it won't work for oily lids :) Stila , it works wonders on me, have you tried Coastal Scents gel liners? It could probably work for you. Urban decay 24/7 works on on the upper lash line but on the waterline, it smudges on me!!!! Yup, you read it from me! LOL :)

  20. Hi Nikki! Love this look on you! I also love your step-by-step tutorials, not to mention the detailed diagrams. You always do a wonderful job! :) kiss! kiss!

  21. Lootwagon :) *muwah* thanks for the kisses :) I enjoyed doing the step-by-step tutorial :) It is a bit of a hassle but hey, at the end of the day, it's worth it :D Keep blogging din sayo!

  22. i haven't tried CS yet, i will once they have a sale. in that case i will go ahead and try urban decay and stila. i really can't put anything in my water line anyway. being a contact lens wearer, i don't even want to risk applying anything there because my eyes are really sensitive like i mentioned to you before.

  23. love this look on u sis...simple, fresh. i envy your skin sis, u look sooo flawless

  24. Hey Nikki,
    I wanted to tell you that I mostly use Kate Super Shart Liner, it looks just like a pen. I did a review on it long time ago. I just was saying I can't work very well with gel liner :P

  25. Musicalfanlovesminerals , I hope you find your HG liner soon!!!

    Jheng sis, naku..looks flawless lang but NOT flawless lol :)

    Digital Angel, I'm sure you'll be ok with gel liners! :) I trust you that much :)


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