Friday, January 16, 2009

Askmewhats Turning a Year Soon!!! (Contest Closed!)

What's inside?
Don't worry, this is not a guessing game!
Scroll down and you'll see what it is!

January 25, 2008

I started to blog.


Because I want to talk about anything that interests me. Not intending to make new friends as I go along.

I can't believe I would spend so much time blogging
I can't believe I am actually enjoying the extra work!

It has been a year...

A year of sharing, chatting, getting to know people, gift giving, gift receiving, swapping, and best of all? Meeting some of the beauty bloggers!

Thank you dear readers for reading my blog! Comments and personal emails gave me the energy to go on. My work entails me to be in front of the computer for full 8 hours it never stopped me to create a post after work!

Thank you! Thank you for accepting me in the blog world!!!


Why am I talking about the blog turning 1 year old soon and it's still days away?

Because as a big Thank You, I have a contest for my readers.

I've personally bought a Crystal Bracelet for ONE lucky reader! The colors of the crystal are inspired by my blog color. :D So, I'll probably name the bracelet...

"Askmewhats Inspired Crystal Bracelet"
(if the seller is ok with it!) lol

And I can't help but wear it to show it to everyone! :)
This is brand new!
Just wore it for the photo

How to join?

1. Simply comment and let me know what's your favorite blog post that I've done over the year. (do not forget to input your email if you don't have a blog)
2. Open to ALL READERS ACROSS THE GLOBE! Winner will be randomly picked via
3. One winner of the "Askmewhats Crystal Bracelet" will be announced on my blog's 1st year anniversary --- January 25, 2009
4. Only one entry per person

I am honestly enjoying the contests!
I've had my fair share of winnings in the past!
So it's great to spread a bit of joy!
Happy Friday!!!
Stay Happy!!!

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  1. hi, nikki. i don't specifically have a favorite post. i really enjoy the ones you post with food, because i'm a fatty. i looooove blogs that have food, cause it makes me hungry! i just like seeing the different foods that you get to eat. i always think it's neat to see different foods that i've never tried before =)

  2. Woooo it's so cute! My fave post... that's hard! I will pick the post on your Under the Sea look then, I looooved that look! :] Plus I love the little mermaid, haha.

  3. my fave post :D

    eh yung mga post mo na gumagamit ka ng cheap products :D

  4. my fave post is the one which teaches us readers on how to line our eyes.
    keep the post comin'!

  5. definetely either
    1. gel liner tutorial cos i even got that bookmarked to refer to

    2. any of your nails tutorial but i like the winter one a lot

  6. I have one favorite post...your review of the Prestige #103 crease brush. I've been looking long and hard for a good crease brush for my small eyes, and I finally found one because of your review. And this brush doesn't disappoint!

    Congratulations Nikki! I hope I can be as diligent a blogger too!


  7. It's your skincare posts that I love plus all the nail art tutorials!

  8. wow! congratulations nikki! and happy birthday to askmewhats! :) loveya!

  9. I'm not taking part but I enjoy reading all your posts and I'm happy to get to "know" you :D Happy blog anniversary!

  10. I will not join also, i just want to congratulate you on your first blog anniversary and continue inspiring people to be beautiful. LOL. You are one of the people who are "heaven sent" because people learn so much from you. again, conrats and looking forward to your adventures. :)

  11. Hi Nikki, congratulations! I really don't have any particular favorite but I'm most excited reading your Nail art tutorial. More blogging years ahead.

  12. yay! advanced happy birthday to your blog :) hehe i don't have a favorite post..kasi lahat naman gusto ko eh :)

  13. Advance Happy birthday. =) I love the From Askmewhats and Masala with Love. Since I just checked your blog recently, the said post made me really excited. Though I didn't won, It's okay because I was able to discover a wonderful blog site. Keep rockin' =)

  14. Hi Nikki,
    I like where you show food and places you go to eat with your husband and when you do your nails <3 I try to copy it but it never comes out as cute ha ha!

  15. Because of the frequency of your posts, if feels much longer than a year!
    I started following your blog, as a silent reader back in March? I was addicted to your nail posts. They were so intricate. I was glad when you started making tutorial posts! just seems so much longer. But hurray! and Congrats! :)
    Keep up the awesome work in sharing such wonderfully detailed reviews!

  16. i only got to know you for a very short period but i already know you are a very sweet and kind-hearted person from our contact. i want to make my blog as good as yours. do you know that???!!! so there is nothing more i can say about how good yours is. and i couldn't believe that i totally forgot to follow you when i was already reading it on a daily basis!!! so silly of me!

  17. Girl, I just started stalking you, haha! but my fave post is the nail art:wonder woman that you did. (

    I think its great that you did that post because I really wanna learn how to do nail polishes :D I still don't know how to "properly" paint my nails :p

    Congrats on the 1st year anniv of your blog! Continue on inspiring us :D

  18. Sweetie, I'm so glad I got to know your blog and you. Your smile never fails to perk me up in the mornings :) I can't wait till you come to Melbourne for a visit (or Malaysia, when I'm there, of course :p).

    I don't have an exact favourite post, since all were good. But I particularly like the ones which you did on makeovers for your friends who were going to attend weddings :)

  19. I've been reading your blog for quite a while and quite amazed with your nail-art talent.

    Honestly I just started reading your blog a couple of months back but what really got stuck in my head was your bridal look remake. Of course who wouldn't want to recall that big day... Every bride does right?

    Congrats to your blog's 1st birthday and to more blogyears!!!


  20. hey chica, wow congrats on one year! i've learned so much from you and you're such a sweet fav post was your 16 random facts since i got to learn more about u!

  21. Happy Blogging Anniversary!

    I envy you for having over 400 posts within such a 'young' blog-age :D

    It's really hard to choose which one to be my most favorite post, however I appreciate your hair tutorial posts and also the nail arts. I believe it's not easy to provide step-by-step tutorial (along with pics) but you did it very good!

    Keep rockin' Nikki! ;)

  22. Happy 1-year anniversary Askmewhats!

  23. Congratulations....Happy BlogDay! Your blog is my favorite beauty blog of all...I always check out your blog first and then check out the other blogs on your blog roll. My favorite post was the one comparing the MAC 187 and to the Charm Dual-fiber brush (research purposes). I finally have my own MAC 187SE and a generic one - super like them both :-)

  24. My favorite post from you is the Askmewhats Version: "Halloween Whore" Look. Cause your hot on that look.:)

  25. forgot to say, (naexcite ako sa contest,lol). congratulations on your blog nikki! happy bgay to askmewhats! your blog is very informative. thank yu for making this blog. ;)

  26. Yay for you Nikki! I'm so glad to have met you 'cause you are such a sweetie! I have to say the post on the Super Woman nail tutorial was my fav so far.

  27. my favorite post is your askmewhats for a cause post! it's really great that you're using your makeup addiction to help someone in need.

  28. Makeup posts and review posts :D Happy 1 year!

  29. my fave post would be the one where you going to a kids party, and you showed off your outfit too! i think you used jesses girl samples

  30. hi.. my favorite post is entitled "Askmewhats Seminar for a Cause" I was touched when i read about the story of your friend and you doing a good deed for them.. it shows how nice and wonderful person you are.. keep it up! :)

  31. Hi Nikki,
    I'll definately pick all the posts with Filipino food since they're the ones that make me salivate and miss The Philippines the most. Thanks!

  32. Congrats, Nikki! :)
    My favorite posts are your makeover and nail art posts. All your work is beautiful!

  33. my fav has got to be your 'my first ever' nail art tutorial. totally my inspirations :D

  34. the whole blog itself cause it inspired me to experiment on things, never had this confidence before when it comes to make up and nail colors, but ms. nikki encouraged me to try and feel good about it, and those weekly food trips are also worth drooling! thanks ms. nikki..

  35. Hi Nikki! I love your makeover posts..They inspire me =D

  36. Oh sis! My favourite post would be your panty liners one as I've never seen like it before and we actually came out with a great subject chatting about it on YM... Does this count? Don't include me in the contest though as if I win it... people might think that it was fixed hahaha! I just want to congratulate you on your first year of beauty service ha ha ha! Your posts have been helpful (enabler at some points ha ha ha) and I love the fact that as much as you posted and reviewed designer products... you have also given the less expensive ones chance to shine in your posts... that's what I call a versatile beauty! You have amazed me in various ways over the months that we've been chatting. I love you sis and thank you for blogging... it found me a 'bestfriend' in you. I love you sis and keep blogging. Please never stop posting those unusual things you find... I love them!!!

  37. Happy Anniversary sis! I love everything you have posted. I may not leave comments everyday but I do read them everytime you post it around 6am. Its the first thing I checked in the morning before I leve for work. My fave post is the one with your hubby. I think It was his birthday and you posted pictures since you guys were in college. It was a very sweet post. I love make up and nail art post you had but that one makes me so kilig. Happy Anniv and more FAB years to come.

  38. Advance happy anniversary! I like all of them, most specially reviews about lippies ang balms.. and at last I have my very own Kielh's lip balm no.'re right it's one of the BEST balm i've ever tried!!!yahoo!!

  39. Congrats dear! Happy blogging birthday to you! Mine might just be the recent Skin79 VIP Gold Collection
    Super Beblesh Balm post. Wow that was long wasn't it? Been looking to get on the BB Cream bandwagon and i might just get that one based on your review!

    Your nail art posts are really sweet too. Teaching us to be creative and hard working. Haha... And coupled with your witty humour, wonderful!

    Cheers to more blogging years for ya.

    abby -

  40. My favorite blog would be... your latest reader's corner where you answered my question about lead. just proves how informative and interactive your blog could be. thanks nikki!