Saturday, January 17, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Truffle" Look

Happy weekend beauties!
Tee hee...
What can I say? I played with make-up once again!
The Neutral lover does another neutral look with a bit of twist!
To those who wonder about the effect of the Coastal Scents Truffle Gel Liner...
Well this look is dedicated and inspired by this gel liner! :)

I've always wanted to create a thick line, but using black makes my eye really strong and would probably look great on night look. Since I got the CS Truffle Gel Liner, I can go for thick line anytime of the day! And a quick feedback, the first time I've done the thick line, my colleague Phia asked me if I wore any contacts as the color of my eye looks different! It's definitely the effect of this liner! Weee.... Contacts without contacts *winks*

Here's the final look
(warning: It could bore you to death lol)

If you can see closely, on the line itself, there's some glitters, I actually top it with NYX Glitter liner in Silver
(it's more glittery in person)

Askmewhats Diagram time!

1. Using an eyeshadow brush from Smashbox, pat on the gold e/s color from Prestige Quad.

2. Using a denser shadow brush, pat on any medium brown colored eyeshadow on the crease area. I used Stage e/s Mono in Macchiato (thanks Syen and Kahani for this)

3. Apply CS Gel Liner in Truffle using my Smashbox liner brush, (or any brush you're comfortable with), apply as thick as you want.

Optional: Apply NYX glitter liner in silver on top of the truffle

4. Highlight your brow bone with any light e/s, in my case, I've used Eyeko Pretty Eyes in white (Use Code E149 for Free Gift!!!)

And here's the final eye look! :)

Products used on the rest of the face ----

  • The Body Shop Nature's Mineral Foundation in Shade 2
  • MAC Shadester to contour
  • Arezia blush no. 4

  • Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Brown (02)
  • Eyeko Fat Balm top with Artdeco gloss
  • Eyeko Pretty eyes to highlight the face


Another surprise when I got home! A Christmas gift from The Body Shop USA
I checked on their site and it's called the Seasonal Body Butter Bonanza
I currently own an Aqua Lily Treasure Box and I just realized my TBS skin care is growing!

**photo from The Body Shop website

Thanks for reading! :)
Don't forget to stay happy and you'll be happy!
God bless!

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  1. someone complained about TBS minieral stuff before. said it was not lasting. hmmm... i like different opinions.

    btw, i like that blush palette of yours! so beautiful and many colours too. you look very fresh and youthful!

    perhaps it's the hair!

  2. awh, you look so pretty! And what a nice surprise from TBS! <3 Body Butters

  3. Jojoba, it's true! The Body Shop Foundation has light - medium coverage and you need to retouch in the middle of the day, but if there are some days you know that you'll just stay in the office or something and you need someone light on the skin, this is perfect!!! The palette? LOL That's the first purchase I did at Strawberrynet and I love everything on the 2nd drawer, I don't like the e/s on top of it! Though the packaging is really cute!!

    Connie, thank you sweetheart, maybe you'll get your Christmas Present from the Body shop too? Let me know! I am using them and the shimmer is super beautiful!

  4. i love body butter! i'm getting one later! love the look nikki! i can def. use this for everyday!

  5. the total look matches your hair! :D

    love the body butter too! yum yum

  6. Sab, my bro swore on it too! He's in China and it's winter and his skin gets cracked and dry, and he bought the Body Butter from TBS to help him ease the pain! :)

    Prettybeautiful, LOL I just colored my hair a week ago! And it's more obvious in person! :)

  7. Your eyebrows look different, did you do something? it looks thicker :P

  8. Digital Angel, sweetie, I did nothing but use the same products to apply it, I had make up the whole day and I just re applied, so that's the reason why it's thicker :)

  9. Wanted to say Happy Anniversary, Lovely! You're such a sweet and charming voice in this blogworld!Hugs! xoxo

  10. aw! I love the look! So pretty! :D

  11. I love that look! And that gel liner looks like a great buy. I'm lemming a few coastal scents stuff but I'll hold off for now until I've seen enough reviews. Thanks for this post. :-)

  12. Truffles ... mmm ... choccies ... :p

    The eyeliner's gorgeous btw. Softer than black, and complements the eyes very well :)

  13. Ooh lovely glowy look Nikki! Btw thanks to your glowing review on Truffle I snagged it along with black and plum during the Coastal Scents Buy 2 Free 1 deal. And I love it! Thanks for your awesome review.

    Btw I also love applying a thin line of this, and smudging it out into a super long lasting shadow. Then blending a shimmery golden shade over. It lasts all day and looks so good!

  14. Janine, my sweet gal pal! Thank you so much!!!

    Iyah, I'm glad you liked it :)

    Lootwagon, it is a very natural looking color! I'm sure you can pull it off too! :)

    Tine, I think it complements everyone's eyes. And I love that it never smudges on me!

    Kahani, i can't wait for my other 3 gel liners to arrive, because of shipping rate, the buy 2 get 1 is like we buy 3 with cheaper shipping, that's how I'm looking at it! :D lol Thanks for the added tip! I'll give it a try too

  15. The Body Shop just gave you body lotion!?!? Did you have to sign up for something? I'm just curious because I want some... hehe~

  16. Hi Vanessa, :) Thank you

    Ahleesa, I guess they sent me a gift because they sent me some Mineral collection line (months ago) to review as they want to know what consumers think, so I guess this is a Thank you And also a Christmas gift too :)


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