Sunday, January 18, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Eyeko Fat Balm

I've got the chance to try on my first EYEKO product from a super nice reader Joyce.
Thank you.
I've finally had a chance to review on it after testing it for quite some time! I hope this helps out to readers who plan to purchase one.

Eyeko Fat Balm A Touch of Iridiscent Pink

Eyeko Fat Balm says ---

Berry-liscious tints with light reflecting particles and added moisture for softer, sexier lips. Smooth on to cheeks too for a fruity flush. Available in 3 sheer shades.

Strawberry Fat Balm - natural lip color
Raspberry Fat Balm - just bitten shade
A Touch of Iridiscent Pink

Askmewhats says ---

  • has a nice minty feeling
  • moisturize at the same time gives out a lovely tint on the lips
  • very affordable
  • cute packaging
  • easy to tote along
  • packaging can be a pro and con, yes it's cute but mine came off when I was twisting it :(

  • if you're into "a lot of product", this fat balm is a bit short, less than an inch, it doesn't bother me as I find it hard to finish up fat balms like this! (Take a look at photo below for full balm size)

  • if you're not into nude lips: Not for you, as this comes off a bit pale on the lips (choose Raspberry or Strawberry if you're into hint of colors)
  • if you're not careful in application, the balm sits on the lines of your lips, which ain't cool (see prevention on the tips area)
Click to enlarge,
as you can see, ugly lines appear even if you top it with gloss
IF you are not careful with application


A cheaper way to own a lip and cheek tint! I love how cute the packaging is and how pretty the Touch of Irisdiscent Pink is. If I wanted a nude lip, I just apply this all over my lips and top it with a gloss.

I am actually using this to conceal imperfections on my lips like discoloration before I put on a lipstick color. Works really pretty!

Overall, I have a feeling that I would enjoy the other colors rather than this, as I've done research myself and read that the Touch of Iridiscent Pink creates lines on lips as compared to others, I've also read that this balm is drier too! I may need to do an order from Eyeko and see how the other colors go.

  • to prevent the balm from sitting on the lips and make you look uncool, after applying this directly on your lips, use your finger to warm the product and rub it against your lips, nicer finish (as seen on photo below)
  • if your lips are super dry, top it with a lip gloss to create a shiny nude look
Will I repurchase?

Yes, in other shade.

Where can you purchase and how much?

At Eyeko website for approx $8.00 (approx Php384.00).
Enter code E149 for a free gift. Free shipping worldwide!

How it looks like swatched 2x on hand
Pale pink sheen

Here's how it looks like on my lips

Without Gloss
(prettier if you rub it with your fingers)

And here's with gloss,
I love it with gloss as my lips are dry

Here's a photo of how I applied it on my face

Final Effect
I prefer using the Eyeko 5-in-1 Eyeshadow Cake

as it's easier to apply and the effect is almost the same

Products used on this half face shot ---

The Body Shop Mineral Foundation no. 02
Arezia Blush no. 1
Eyeko Fat Balm (on face and lips)

Do you own the other shades?
Let me know how you like it!
What would work for me...
Strawberry? Or Raspberry?
Stay Happy!!!

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  1. im going to assume you are the newest eyeko ambassador! congrats? lol
    and yeah this product totally deceived me~ i thought there would be so much more in it. then i turned it up all the way...O_o? haha...i took a video with this, but your post reminded me that i never posted it up...i should eventually...

  2. Thank you for this good review, it is very clear to see the swatches and the product on lips, which is very helpful.

  3. that pink is cute! i have the strawberry version... but its in UK lol.

  4. Rasilla :) Yes! Thanks for the congratulations! :) I know what you mean about the product, I've always imagined it's longer :)

    Birkinbagbeauty, I'm glad to be of help :)

    Nicnic, how do you like your strawberry version?

    Fuz, it is!!! It's Japanese Anime look I guess :)

  5. hi nikki! just opened a new site here in blogger as i find it hard to comment from wordpress.

    anyway, i've been eyeing eyeko for a while. looks like a very reasonable buy.

    thanks for this post. :)

  6. wow! i want to get from their website!! free shipping is sooo tempting! :)

  7. oh, Ive been wanting to purchase this super cute fat balm, thanks for the review!! :D

  8. Lootwagon, wow so nice of you to open up a blogger account to be able to comment :D

    Sab, i know! Everytime I see FREE WORLDWIDE shipping I go bonkers!

    Acutelife, no problem it's my pleasure!

  9. hi there! I have been a silent reader for a while hehe.. I'm thinking of buying the eyeko cream haha hope you don't mind if i use your ambassador code. :)

  10. Pinkyping, of course you can use the code! and thanks for messaging :)


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