Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Kaya Express

I am overwhelmed with such sweet words from my readers who joined my contest! I actually ask about the favorite post for the purpose of knowing what my readers like to read more from my blog in the next years! But you gals are too sweet and added a lot of "sugar" on the comments!!! Now my head is too big I have to carry it with my 2 hands! LMAO

Well, my head can grow bigger still! I can still manage! lol So please do not forget to join my "Askmewhats Turning a Year Soon" Contest!!!

It is weekend food tripping, a lot of the readers' favorite because at the end of the post, they have the reason to blame me for wanting to eat but in truth, they just want to eat! hahaha How dare you ladies??? hahaha Well I take the blame!!! I love food photos too!!!!

I love food, and I don't care if it's cheap food as long as it's clean and it tastes good! There's a restaurant that I don't go because of a bad "BIBIMBOP" experience. I'm glad I gave them a second chance because they do serve something good!!!

Here's the cheapest set meal located inside a mall that I've tried and worth letting you gals know :)

PHP125.00 (approx $2.60)
for a bowl of rice with toppings, soup and ice tea

If you have huge appetite, you can order 2 sets! LOL


Like I said, I don't like my first visit here because their bibimbop is too small and the taste isn't impressive at all. I've tried their Korean noodles too and it didn't impress me as well. I'm glad I took a closer look at their menu and at the last page, they do offer set meals for a cheaper price (yup the rest of the menu are a bit pricey for the amount of food they serve).

They serve Bulgogi meal (available in Chicken, Pork, Beef and Seafood). I ordered Pork Bulgogi and Keith's in Beef or vice versa! I don't care, we share! hahaha

What you get?
Here's the BEEF Bulgogi set meal

Half bowl full of rice, with 2 slices of Egg, Kimchi, Bean Sprouts, Mini Shrimps and of course! The Beef.
And here's the PORK Bulgogi

Half bowl full of rice, with 2 slices of Egg, Kimchi, Bean Sprouts, Mini Shrimps and of course! PORK!

They are accompanied with a clear soup
Yes this free soup doesn't taste like socks like other free soup!!!
Did I say socks??? Now everybody know I drink SOCK SOUP! hahahahha

And a mini ice tea!!!
Look how small it is! LOL
But you can go for an upgrade if you pay an extra Php17.00 (less than $.50)

So for the 2 of us!
We spent only Php250.00 (approx $5.25)
No service charge! Love it!

Kaya Express is located at Robinson's Place Ermita
Ground floor next to Gloria Jean's Coffee

Have a great week!
I am looking forward for the Chinese New Years Holiday!
Can't wait for a week off!
But I ain't going anywhere :(
Hubby has to work!
Stay happy!

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  1. Droooooool~ How come I always end up reading your food posts when I'm hungry! Haha.

  2. This post makes me sooo hungry :)

  3. Awwwwwwwww I missed your food tripping posts!!!!!!!

    It always make me hungry!! This is bad though cause I've gained some weight after the holidays. O_o

  4. wow! the beef one looks appetizing! and kimchi!! wow!

  5. the price is so reasonable. and thanks nikki :( i am already hungry at 10.43am =/

  6. mm food looks good there!! Im feeling hungry looking at your pics... so im going to have brekkie now! haha

  7. Fuz, I think you turn hungry everytime you see food! :D

    Lootwagon, are you into Korean food too?

    Cinthia twin, NO WAY! I doubt you gain any weight at all, you're not the type! LOL How have you been? I missed you!

    Sab, how's your Almers tripping?

    Xin, :( Sorry I made you hungry! lol

    NicNic, I can't help it but be blamed at everytime I do food posts! LOL

    Nesh, give it a try, super worth it! :D I've seen you also had Korean the weekend!

  8. You really need to try genuine Korean food instead of fusion style... hehe~ I say you and your husband for your next trip should go to Korea. ;)

  9. Aheleessa! I know!!! Korea is like a dream place to visit for me!!! And I'm sure I'll enjoy the REAL Korean food!

  10. hi friend!! U have a very cool site here....would U mind if we exchange links? ^_^

  11. yaaaay for sabaw ngmedjas! :p i love drinking sock stock, too! :p hahaha

  12. Nikki !!!!
    You made me drool :P
    Guess what, I cooked spicy pork yesterday, I will post picture after I go home tonight !! I will make you drool :P
    Home made spicy pork hehe

  13. Gil, no worries thanks for the comment and for dropping by

    psychosomaticaddictinsane, you should be my dining partner if you are into "Socks" soup lol

    Digital Angel, dear!!! I am sorry for making you drool, do you know that everytime I dine in at a Korean resto? I thought of you?? I remembered the first Korean resto food I've posted and that's when we started to keep in touch!!! :D Show me your home made spicy pork! I am sure I will drool till it floods the metro! LOL

  14. This post look yummy...And I need to go back up to check out that panty stuff...

  15. Citrine :) LOL You need to go back up to check the pantyliner stuff? And right after FOOD post?? hahahhaa


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