Monday, January 19, 2009

Eureka Moment: MAC Foundation Pump

Dear Readers:

Are you a MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation user?

Don't you just hate the bottle? I mean packaging is simple and great but pouring out the foundation is messy and you waste a lot of product at times with spillage!

While searching the MAC Site, I've came across with a PUMP for the Stuidio Fix Liquid Foundation!!! Yes there is such thing! LOL

I went to MAC store here in Glorietta, Shangri-La and also at SM Mall of Asia Marionaud, I was told the same thing, it was free together with MAC SF Liquid foundation in the past but it isn't available for a year now!!!!


But your dear Askmewhats doesn't stop from there, what do I do??? Ask a dear friend who own's an online shop called Makeup Mix Shop, and yes, the shop is owned by the lovely Toma who became a dear friend to me. She immediately purchased them and put it up on her site at a very reasonable price! I have to admit, I clicked BUY at once! LOL

She also purchased a couple to put up on her site for international readers like I am who does not have access to US products. So head on to her site if you plan to purchase one for your dear MAC liquid foundation. It will make a huge difference as you can control the amount of liquid foundation you put on your face. Lesser product used = SAVINGS!!!

I can't wait!!! I purchased the MAC Foundation pump for USD5.00 and shipping costs USD4.95 for international shipping!

YAY!!!! I really can't wait!
Gosh, I can't believe a pump like this can make me happy!

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  1. Whaaaa! I've been looking for this! How do you pay online? I'm scared to buy stuff online (outside Phils).

  2. hey dear can you help me get one too?

  3. Enticed, via paypal. And do not be scared as Makeup Mix Shop confirmed to be a great seller

    Dustbunny, sis email me at

  4. i can totally understand your excitement about a pump. i will never buy a bottle of liquid foundation without a pump. period. i have passed so many great ones simply because of this reason. :)

  5. Jojoba, I know! I just can't believe why would a company that big sell the Pump SEPARATELY!!! LOL The MAC SF foundation is actually not for me, I am a P&J liquid foundation user, but I guess it works for other people, I have to have them too! :D Morning Jojoba!

  6. Hi All! This is Toma from the Makeup Mix Shop. I understand fear of buying outside of your country. This is the main reason I use Paypal, so you know your transactions are safe. Nikki purchased the pump from me yesterday and I am shipping this to her tomorrow, so I promise to always be prompt with sending your items. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please email me at I'm here to help! Thank you Nikki for your support!!!!

  7. darn! I've been wanting this for a long time! :)

  8. Sis! They've got tons of these pumps about 10 minutes away from where I live! They sell them for £2.50. The first time I bought MAC foundation about over 5 years ago, I had to buy the foundation and pump separately and your right, for Studiofix Foundation... you have to buy a separate pump. I actually kept my pump so I don't have to buy it all the time... Frugal beauty or what? The MAC satinfinish mineralize foundation however, comes with a pump. Of course I don't have to tell you that ha ha ha!

  9. It's weird that we have to pay for the pump now, because a few years ago, when I started using MAC's Select SPF foundation, the people at MAC just gave me the pump for free, and told me it was easier to dispense the foundation!

  10. Toma, no worries, it's my pleasure, you helped me find products I can't find down here! :) I'm sure others are happy that you're helping out!

    Shen, I know!!! Me too!!!! When will your CC be ready?????

    Gracie sis!! hahahha Lucky you to have MAC store just 10min away, great that you kept the pump! ANd yup, I can't believe the Mineralize Liquid foundation has a build in pump and the SF doesn't have! darn !

    Tine, I was told they gave it for free a year plus ago too! but they just don't do such thing anymore! WHY???? Even drugstore brands like Cover Girl or L'oreal can do pumps!

  11. Yea I got the same one like you from Mac website! Lucky I got it for 25% off! It is a foundation saver LOL!

  12. Lucky girl! I knew about the MAC25% off but I'm living outside of US so all I can do is ask favor from others! LOL

  13. I just ran across this article while searching for a MAC foundation pump. I just ordered one from the site you suggested and can't wait to get it! Thanks for posting the site! :)

  14. Meghan, you are welcome! I'm glad to help out :)


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