Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Cloth Pantyliners

On my previous "All About Down Under" Post regarding pantyliners that I am using, Ms. Li from the Tiny Tapir hit me on the head (not literally) on how much wastage I've been adding up to the environment and how the plastics from the pantyliners can harm my health.

Here's a blurb according to Mentruation.com.au

Disposable pads contain a myriad of chemicals and additives which serve to increase their absorbancy and keep them looking white and bright but these chemicals don't do you any good at all.

Your genital tissue is highly sensitive, and these chemicals are easily absorbed into your body, causing irritation and discomfort in the process. We already live in increasingly polluted environments, so it makes sense to reduce your exposure to chemicals in any way you can.

**Note: Tiny Tapir offers different Cloth Pads, from Pantyliners, Light Day Pad, Day Pad, Night Pads... etc... This review refers to the Sugar Monkey Liners ONLY

**image from Tiny Tapir website

Sugar Monkey Liner Says ---

Flannel / Flannel Liners with 2 layers of inner flannel.

Very trim design (turned and topstitched, hourglass shaped) pantyliners which are perfect for daily use, during spotting days or for double protection when wearing a menstrual cup.

Super easy to care for - just throw in the washing machine and dry in the sun. All liners have been pre-washed to ensure no strange shrinkage or warping of the liner's shape after washing / use.

Snapped with industrial poly-resin snaps - 2 snap sizes to ensure best fit, these will be snug against your underwear to prevent slipping and sliding around. The larger size is good when you're folding up the pad for storage after use.

Top Layer : Flannel

Soaker : 2 layers flannel

Bottom Layer : Flannel

Length : 2 sizes available : - Regular & Petite
Regular Length - 8 Inches Long
Petite Length - 7 inches Long

Width (when snapped) : approx 2.5 inches

Askmewhats says ---

  • cheaper in the long run, as one can be used for a long time if you take care of it
  • no sweat and discomfort down there
  • no irritation, felt like part of my undies
  • no harmful effects if used everyday compared to the regular commercial pantyliners
  • environmental friendly
  • cute designs to choose from! makes me happy looking at it
  • I love the snaps, 2 choices, adjustable
  • pantyliner can be used both sides
  • I honestly have lesser discharge after using this!
  • not that I SMELL lol I have to clarify that, but I obviously don't have the weird smell in the late afternoon from the chemical of the disposable pads!
  • It's actually cheaper, because I use 2-3 disposable pads a day, do the math :D
  • Ms. Li from the Tiny Tapir is so helpful with all my queries.

  • not available locally, but shipping is affordable, I just ordered another 5 pads (as my colleagues would love to try it too) and the total shipping is only MYR20 (approx USD5.70)
  • an extra step for lazy people (but who cares? If it's good for me and the environment)
  • I can't seem to find any cons!!!

I honestly felt that the simple things in life are still the best for us. I have to admit that I'm a bit uneasy to use as I've grown to a culture of disposables. I honestly felt weird using cloth pantyliners as the usual notion of "Eeeww, Gross!" But you know what? It doesn't feel anything and it's just like you wearing your own undies. I honestly do not feel a thing or any signs of uneasiness.

No joke, since I first wore this, I told myself I am not wearing any disposable pantyliners again! And with the extra step of washing this? I don't care!!! If it's great for my health and the environment! I am in!!!

Tips (from Tiny Tapir)
  • Please wash before first time use
  • After use, if you're out, simply fold up pad and store in a ziplock bag until you return home
  • You can soak pads in cold water (change water daily) or simply throw straight into the washing machine with your other laundry, wash in cold the first cycle.
  • (optional) add 1/4 cup white wine vinegar to the washing machine
  • do not use fabric softener, it will coat your pad and reduce absorbency
  • line dry in the sun or dry in the dryer
Tips (from Askmewhats)
  • Share shipping with friends, it'll be cheaper

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I just did!!! I just ordered these .... (images from Tiny Tapir website)

No.2 Honeybeehill Liner in RED

And Hag Rag Diamond no. 8 Doggies!!!

I can't wait for them to arrive!!!

Where can you purchase and how much?

At the Tiny Tapir website for MYR26.00 (Approx $7.30) each
Buy 3 or more, get 10% off

Specs on what I got and tested
Here's my Apples Cloth Pantyliner in Regular

Here's to show Tiny Tapir changed the snaps
from Metal
to KAM Resin Snaps
Does not rust as compared to metal

Adjustable snaps
or secure 2 to make sure it stays!

Length is 8 inches
Width is 2.5 inches

Whew, this is a long post!
I hope I was able to help you gals learn something!
I honestly did! :)
So feel free to message if you have further queries,
I'm in no way expert on down under but we can all share! :)
Stay Happy!

Please check out ---
Askmewhats Seminar for a Cause


  1. Fuz, I know right? If it's good for the body, I wonder why not a lot of sellers sell these! :)

  2. wow! great post nikki. darn i use 2-3x pads a day too. =/ as a local and i can get tiny tapir here, i should switch too?

  3. This is new! :)
    Come to think of it, it is a power-saver and environment-friendly too! ;)

  4. I'm sorry, I just can't use those.

  5. Prettybeautiful, I suggest you try one cloth pad and see how you can deal with it, I tried one first and I guess I can deal with it :) That's the time I ordered more :) Lucky you to save on shipping! :D

    Joanne, so true :) how are you sis?

    Anonymous..LOL hey you don't have to apologize, everyone has the choice to use or not :) Are you using disposables?

  6. Wow. I seriously hadn't even thought about it.. why didn't I know about this before!? lol... thank you for the heads up! I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea, but I still like it.

  7. wow! this is new... :) and cute designs!

  8. cool! very interesting!:) hahaha.cguro i'll need 30 of them para everyday may magamit ako hahahaa :)

  9. so cute! But I'm one of those lazy people who doesn't like to do laundry. dang!

  10. Never knew there were actually products like this in the market. Very interesting. And cute too.

  11. ack, but wont it be harder to any changes on your discharge (if any?since sometimes the OB would ask about it if you are experiencing any problems down there di ba?) most especially if you are wearing those really colorful ones?
    i wanna try them though. hehehe

  12. Very interesting!!! I need to check this out. Thanks for sharing twin! I love it when you get personal ^.^

  13. i've been wearing pantyliners everyday my whole life... well actually when i got my period.. :) i hope i could get to try this once the CC opens up. right now, i'm on tight budget. but this is definitely on the list of must-trys. :)

  14. Wow Nikki, thanks for letting us know about this! I never even thought about the environmental impact of my pads and pantyliners. (Of course, the most environmentally friendly course is not to get a period at all. Like that's going to happen...)

  15. Elisa, I wouldn't have thought about this til I blogged about my disposies! lol We're all uncomfortable with the idea, but at the end, I became more comfortable with them!

    Sab, true, so new to us!

    Miemiemie, oh my! 30 of them! wow..that's going to be expensive! hahhaah

    Connie, me too! I dip the pad on water first so it's easier to put together with the rest of the laundry :)

  16. Lootwagon, I've never heard about this too til late last year!!! :)

    Cynthia twin, I guess I am too personal talking about down there! LOL I'm glad it's worth it though, to share what I learned and hope people learn from me too! :) Even a bit

    Shen, oohh CC ? Oh no!!! You will shop more! hahahha

    Psychoexgf, hey girl! I missed you! Gosh you are funny, I would wish we don't have period too!!! hahaha Gosh, won't that be perfect?

  17. Sis jheng! Oh, I missed your query, so far, the color of the bad didn't transfer on my skin down there or anything and I didn't have any itchiness or allergies. If you are uneasy with the colors or if it's going to affect you, I guess they have the simpler ones without any design and just plain cloth. :)

  18. too cute to use! hehehehe :p

  19. woooooow. i've never seen such a thing. how interesting. i like the cute patterns though. haha

  20. Thanks for sharing this nikki! The apple design is sooo cute. I'd love to try this too.

  21. How cute! I know the old generation used to use this. My grandma told me that whenever she gets her period, she has something like this called "pasador" and then she will just wash it after. How clever! :D Very environmental friendly! :D

    Yeah, the L'egere is so hard to find. I only know one seller that carries it, and luckily he lives here in the US.

  22. Hahahaha!!! Hmmm... I'm still feeling apprehensive about leaving comment in this post but I just can't help it. After how we chatted about this on YM... I'm still hysterical ha ha ha! Just kidding... You do know how to put smile on my face... ;)

  23. first time to hear about this kind of stuff..

    not so keen on trying though bec. i'm too lazy to wash =P

  24. Iya, LOL they are indeed super cute!

    Tina Marie Online, I guess there's a lot of us who doesn't know these type of product are available! lol

    Kim, hey thanks for the comment, I'm so excited for your wedding ! pictures ha?

    Iyah, yes, i believe they got inspired by the old generation people who used cloth pantyliners or pads...if we're talking about environmental friendliness, this is definitely a winner! :)

  25. Iyah, by the way, I do wonder why there's only ONE seller at ebay selling this, I do wonder why it's not readily available! :)

    Gracie LOL I am laughing when you messaged me! LOL I have to continue to make you laugh tomorrow how dare you laugh at me! LOL

    Amor, true! It's really a person's preference :D

  26. As much as I love the environment (well, I try :p), I don't think I can do this. Use disposable pads and liners. Okay, liners maaaaaaaayyybe, but not the pads.

    Just me I guess :p

  27. LOL Tine, I felt the same with the pads..I haven't used it and I'm not used to that for now, but I am open for the pantyliners :) But yeah, it is hard to even think about it :)

  28. these are very interesting. but i wonder, with all the discharge and all, won't this stain the pantyliners? won't it get hard removing the stains once i use this repeatedly?

  29. Musicalfanlovesminerals, it does get stained but before I drop it at a washing machine, I leave this on a bowl of water and so far, the stain is all gone even before I drop it at the washing machine :)

  30. wow what a cool idea...once you get through the initial shock of it all it really is an awesome idea, and they're too cute!

  31. Sis, hahahaha!!! I wasn't laughing at you... I was laughing with you! Hahahaha!

  32. This is very interesting. And the designs are so cute!

  33. EW!!! I wanna gag! these remind me of the tradtitional baby nappies!!! EW!!! i can't stand looking at them. Take them away please!!!

    lol. i am a more conventional person. once used, throw it out.

    there are.... UNTHINKABLE!!!

  34. this is very interesting and cute too. LOLz. i remember my Grandma telling me that they used cloth before as well. i must try these liners.

  35. Renren, so true!

    Gracie, come to think of it, you're right, we're always laughing when we chat! I can't believe how crazy you are!

    Gio, the designs definitely are super cute! But not everyone readily accepts the idea :D

    Jojoba :) LOL LMAO!!! :) Your reaction is too cute!

    Ruby14, it is an good idea especially for people who are environmental -friendly :)

    Liz, they must be readily available in your area i believe :)

  36. interesting... thanks for the info sis!
    looking forward in getting a load of this and will share my experience lol.

  37. I've been meaning to order from them since last year pa but i forgot. Thanks to your post it reminded me of these. I am allergic to most disposable pads and napkins so I want to give these a try.
    Thanks for posting.

  38. This is interesting. It'll probably take a bit to get used to though.

  39. Reynakatarayan, can't wait to hear your experience!

    Nikkiz, I'm glad my post stirs up a lot of conversation! LOL it is funny and I can't help but smile with some of the comments :) Let me know if you use them and how it goes!

    Ladyjane, I have to be honest, it takes A LOT OF GETTING USE TO! :) But I like the ending though

  40. This is really a great idea! I'm surprised no one thought of this before!

  41. Jen :) I think they are available for quite sometime but they were not really marketed well as it's more expensive and not everyone will embrace this idea :) Will you?

  42. I definately have to check it out! I'll let ya know how it goes :)

  43. I really like this concept. I am not a fan of pantyliners. I find them highly irritating, and this is a wonderful alternative. The designs are fun too.

    Thanks for a wonderful blog. It is always find to visit.

  44. Jen :) It is weird at the start but you'll get the hang of it!

    T, thanks so much for the comment, :) I'm glad you like to visit my blog as much as I love following yours :) See ya around

  45. Thanks soo much for this post! This is an option definatly looking into. I only get my "friend" 4 times a year. I take a birth control pill called Seasonale. My friend makes my violently ill, and my cramps feel like labor pains (ok, exaggeration b/c I've never been in labor). I'm going to check these out. I mean all those pads/liners are just filling up space and polluting the earth...

  46. Kendall, thanks so much for your comment, I'm glad that my article helped a bit, I am not regular as well with my period and I'll do EVERYTHING to put myself back to health :)

  47. These are available in the US too. There is a seller on Etsy called sugarmonkies who sells these. They don't have the double snap though. Just one. Her shop is here:


  48. thanks for the info Anonymous :) It's nice to you :)

  49. wow! this is great! thanks for posting about this..I hope I can get my hands on one of this for me, my mom and my sisters..kasi i really don't like the feeling whenever I'm wearing pantyliners so if this feels like I'm just wearing panties, then that is great :)

  50. Crystal Gale, if you're used to not wearing disposable pantyliners, these are great then! :) I usually flip the pad mid afternoon and it works really well and feels nothing

  51. Im definitely gonna be buying this.
    Thanks for the review & also for the Arezia palette....

    im almost about to the check-out on strawberry.net. good thing that i remember to check your site again.

    i love your blogs!

  52. Thanks for this! I had been looking for cloth pantyliners because not only are they economical, I'm also trying to lessen my carbon footprints.

    A feminist and environmentalist classmate told me that she doesn't wear pantyliners. She just brings a lot of panties with her because her OB gyne told her that pantyliners are dangerous. I tried doing what she did and I just felt icky!

    I think these cloth pantyliners could just do the trick. They look so cute too! (Though I don't think I could use a menstrual cup. That would just be too messy for me. Hehe.)


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