Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Jungle" Nails

(Note from Author: I am no way an expert in nail art designs, I just do nail art for fun! I hope you enjoy these)

Happy Wednesday!!!

Some people may not be into nail art, so this probably won't be any help to some of you! LOL Maybe just enjoy taking a look what crazy stuffs I do with my nails? lol

I know a lot of my readers are into simple nail art, don't worry, I'll try to add more "office friendly" nails. I was supposed to do an office-friendly nail but...I have to admit...I went overboard! LOL I got so into colors and crystals that I did my version of "Jungle Nails".

How did I make this design?
Let's start scrolling!!!

Step 1: After applying a base coat. Apply 2 coats of White Nail Polish (matte). I've used mine from Elianto.

Step 2:
Making sure the 2 coats of white polish is dry to touch, using my Neon Orange nail polish (from Sis Aika), paint only the corner of the nail.

Step 3:
Do the same step as above this time, with a Neon Pink colored polish. You can choose whatever color combination you want.

And here's how colorful your nails look like And you're not done yet :D

Step 4:
Using my thin nail art brush, or eyeliner brush, or any thin brush, apply a black polish line on the corner of the Neon Orange and Neon Pink polish to create a boundary.

Step 5:
Be creative and add on any design you want.

Step 6:
Apply a glittery polish from Elianto on top of the design

Step 7:
While the glitter polish is still wet, press on any nail rhinestone you have

As usual, apply more rhinestones on the thumb area

Step 8: Let Dry and top with The Face Shop's Top Coat.

Here's the final Jungle Nails *roar*

This nail art design takes me 30minutes longer than the other nail art in the past, I guess the difference with this is in most steps, I have to wait for the polish to completely dry before I go on with the next step. I'm glad I did this! I may look crazy to others but looking at my nails? I know I have the "Rawr" in me! :P

Stay Happy!!!

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  1. wow thanks pretty :D

    im inggit ang kaya ko lang gawin sa nails ko eh yung "elephant nose" na natutunan ko pa nung high skul ako hehehe

  2. so pretty! i wish i can draw like that on my uber small nails! i just use stickers to make my life easier! Ur my inspiration when doing nail art!

  3. so adorable. i love the colors and the patterns. :-)

  4. love this design!!! very creative indeed and brings out the 'wild' in u :p

    long live to nails!

  5. Aika, sis! I tried opening your blog but there's a huge error and says it's not available na..I was panicky!!! Gawin mo elephant nose nails!! :) I wanna see!

    Fuz, thanks

    Royalmocha, true about having super small and short nails, it is quite challenging for nail art! :) I'm glad I inspire you and the stickers work so well for you!

    Liz, thanks!

    Prettybeautiful, I can be wild huh??? NAH!!!!

  6. I like the colors combo. They're very cute!

  7. Vanessa M LOL Honey!!! WIth the plane fare, you can buy a lot more make up!!! lol

    Makemeup, thanks girl!!

    Twin, I missed you twin! Sexy twin!!! I missed your posts!!! I know you're super busy! But I hope you know you're missed!

  8. ganda! grabe ang effort =D

    the most unusual i did for my nails was way back highschool: DIY French tip. You know, just stick some scotch tape 3/4 of your nails (1/4 bare). then apply white nail polish on it; leaving the nail tips with the white color. Let it dry then apply colorless on top.

  9. Amor, I'm glad you liked my effort :) Major effort talaga! hahaha :) Wow, you've done French tips in highschool? I Can't do any french tip til last year! :) You must be good

  10. nikki, it was an amateur's attempt on DIY french tip. Believe me, not sooo pro looking at all, lol

    you know what, your nail art look reminds me of tigger and piglet =D

  11. wow! nice jungle nail art :D

    i can't draw lines on my nails :((
    have to do more practice!! ^^

  12. oohhh my! these look sooo nice! yet very complicated! i can never do this on my nails! but it looks so good! :)

  13. Amor, come to think of it you are right! It does remind me of Tigger and Piglet now :) ehehheh

    miRacle, it really takes a whole lot of patience and practice :) But I'm sure you can always start with something simple!

    Gio, thanks

    Sab, I can draw them for you!!!! :) I think I'll enjoy drawing other people's nails than mine! LOL

  14. really pretty and funky! definitely brightens the miserable winter... reminds me of summer :)

  15. really pretty and funky! definitely brightens the miserable winter... reminds me of summer :)

  16. you are gorgeus! Love your nail art!!!

  17. NicNic, I hope you survive the winter in a breeze, I heard the weather is still cold up there!!! Keep Warm!

    Anastacia Park, thank you for the sweet comment, i'm glad you liked it :D


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