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Make Up Forever Camouflage Cream Palette No. 5 Review

a photo of Make Up Forever Camouflage Cream Palette No. 5 Review

The Make Up Forever Camouflage Cream Palette, I've been lemming this for the longest time. What stopped me from purchasing? The price! Hell would I pay Php1,600 (approx $34.00) for such small concealer!

But it kept on calling my name!

What calls my attention? Every time I went up to the MUFE sales staff, I was told these are out of stock. So early this year, I went up to the counter again and check about this palette (half expecting it to be out of stock again), but when the sales staff told me they have this palette available and only 2 are left!!!

True or Not?

I was in daze and I wanted to hit myself for being a big mouth, I shouldn't have asked in the first place. So I was literally standing there for a good 5 minutes... LOL...deciding whether I should buy it or not. Then I remembered I have a make-up artist friend who's a member of MUFE privilege club or whatever they call it! lol Tried my luck asking if I can get discount...and she SA said YES. (thanks to my big mouth)

I know there's nos. 1-5 available but there's not a lot choices available at the MUFE store here in the Philippines. This is exciting though, I got all the concealer shades I want! :D Yes including the weird orange-y one!

Let's start the ball rolling on the product review!!! Read on!


Make Up Forever Camouflage Cream Palette says ---

The ultimate professional make-up tool. Skin tones are perfect for dark circles and uneven skin tone. Though it provides complete coverage, the texture is light, easy to blend, and won't irritate even the most sensitive skin.
Askmewhats says ---


  • super creamy without being oily
  • easy to blend
  • does hide my undereye circles and blemishes
  • very handy and easy to take along anywhere!
  • does not crease
  • no allergies
  • this is perfect for make-up artist who does make-up on different skintones, you can mix and match concealers easily
  • can be used to enhance eyeshadow colors :)
  • When I first bought this, it's oily on the palette itself and it smells weird, when I wiped it cotton buds, the scent and the weird oiliness was gone. I guess they stocked this product for quite some time now :(
  • Packaging, the OC-ness in me hates how messy it looks (LOL call me weird but I use cotton buds to clean the sides of the palette)
  • quite pricey
  • tricky to use, but can be a con if you like experimentation (like me)
  • not a lot of product, some colors can be used up easily (in my case no. 1)
  • Some of the shades are easily duped by NYX Concealer in a Jar (I compared these 2 because I have NYX Concealer in a Jar, there could be some cheaper alternatives out there which I haven't tried), but bottom line = DUPE-ABLE!

The texture felt like my NYX Concealer in a Jar and how inexpensive NYX concealer in a Jar! The problem is, NYX products are not available in the Philippines, but the creamy consistency and the way it can hide blemishes and undereye circles can be done using NYX! But, if you are a make-up artist or someone always on the go, this is very handy! Rather than bringing 2-3 concealers in a bag, this one fits any make-up bag as it's very sleek!

Texture comparison here
**click on enlarge


  • If you are good in finding dupes for the colors, NYX Concealer in a Jar at Cherry Culture costs $5.00 (5.00 x 5 shades = $25.00) which means, NYX is way cheaper and you get a lot more product as Concealer in a JAR is bigger in grams.
  • dab the concealer first using your ring finger before you slowly rub it out
  • always remember to set the concealer with a powder
  • A lot of readers ask about the usage of each. I've used this palette a couple of times mixing and matching and these are based on my experience and opinion only! If you have other ways to use this, do share! :D

Using Nos. 5 and No. 1

1. After moisturizing your eye with an eye cream, let dry

2. Apply no. 5 (or the weird orange color) with patting motion

3. Rubbing gently with a ring finger spreading the color

4. Apply the lightest concealer from the palette (no. 2)


Using Nos. 1 and 2
(same steps as above but instead of using No. 5, use no. 2)

Before and After

Are you tired of my eyes now? lol
I ain't done yet!
I'll show you my chin! hahaha

Using no. 3 Green Concealer Used to hide redness
(perfect timing, I've got marks on my chin area)

Pat on the green concealer and slowly spread it out with your fingers or sponge

Final look, without any powder

Will I repurchase?

Maybe, if I have the extra cash!

Where can you purchase and how much?

At Make-up Forever store, Shangri-la for Php1,600 (approx $34.00)

This is an all in one, review on the MUFE Camouflage palette
and also an answer to my reader's query a couple of week ago!
Nancy, this is how I apply my concealer, after I've done all of those,
I pat on powder to set everything!
Hope my review is helpful to people out there who plan to purchase this palette!
Stay Happy!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow great demo. i don't think i have ever used concealer before. although my sis tells me after kids, i may need to.

  2. wow great demo. i don't think i have ever used concealer before. although my sis tells me after kids, i may need to.

  3. Wow girl, that looks so great. I really need to get that!

  4. I don't use concealer, but uhm does it look cake-y when you apply it? Like is it noticeable that you are wearing one?

    and wow that MUFE concealer is expensive :/ You are right, the NYX one is waay more cheaper. Thanks for this review! :D

  5. I wonder if it works just well if you only used #1? without the orange base?

  6. wow it looks really interesting! but i never know when to apply what

    please show more on this ^^

  7. It is a little pricey but this seems to be a must have for a great make-up artist such as yourself. You will be able to use this on many clients so this is indeed a great investment. You go sis!!

  8. i should invest in a concealer palette! lol. i used to have one a long time ago but ran out!

  9. Savvy Mode SG, well if you are find with just using foundation, as long as you're comfortable it's ok. Coz adding concealer to your regimen means more time for make-up :)

    Jaimie, oh yeah! you're a make-up artist! This is definitely helpful for you! :)

    Iyah, it's non-cakey and it doesn't settle in lines and it does not look obvious that you have concealer on , but again NYX will do :)

  10. Fuz, no. 1 is too fair for me, it's around 3-4 shades lighter than my skin, so I am using something to counter the color! :) But if you're fair, using just no.1 is fine :)

    Yumeko, as I go along, I"ll probably use this palette more and let you gals know if I used this palette :)

    B, so true girly!!! This is very useful on gigs :)

  11. Trinh, what were you using before? Well you don't look like you need concealer to be honest! :)

  12. You're always sooo sweet with you comments Ms.Nikki!

    and you always do such wonderful and thorough reviews on great products, it reallyyyyy helps.

    I'm horrible at using concealer products, unless it's mineral powder concealers, I do ok! ha ha ha

    ahhhhhhhh im craving for sinigang.a
    ai yi yi...

    and gaSp "the HOTEL KIMBERLY" -- i didnt know I had my own hotel... PUAHAHHA

  13. Thanks for this! $34 is a little pricey for me. I'll stick with my NYX.

  14. I wondered what the orange was for. Didn't know it could help to conceal skin as well! Learned something new :P
    Nikki~ I have a question...
    If you weren't able to get the MAC187, would you settle for a 188. Or would you just wait and buy the full size 187...I'm having issues :T
    I'm leaning towards waiting, cause the 187 in its fullness is more useful...but...yes. Do let me know when you have time :)

  15. Tia! I know! You own your own hotel down here in the Philippines! :) You're welcome about the comment :) I really appreciate your posts :)

    Fabuless Beauty, if only this is not super expensive right?

    Rasilla, I don't own MAC188 but I would say I am perfectly happy with my MAC187, why? Because I prefer the stippling brush to have bigger head for my foundation, some people who prefers using MAC188 for precision in applying foundation especially on the nose area or those "hard to reach" areas. It really depends on your preference, the good part about MAC188 is it's versatility, you can use it it applying bronzer or blushes. In My opinion, if you originally wanted MAC187, then wait for it as you can settle for MAC188 and at the end still purchase another MAC187, you know what I mean? Do some search on the function and really sit down and think what you really need in a stipping brush :) Sorry this is long! LOL

  16. thanks for sharing! i have been eyeing this product for a while now but could not decide whether to buy it or not. i guess i am getting more and more stingy these days. LOL

  17. you CANT compare mufe with nyx.

  18. Liz, everyone is! we're all looking for the cheaper alternatives I guess.

    Anonymous, I guess we can, but everyone has their own opinion, and this is mine, :) thanks for the comment though

  19. When I got my MUFE concealer palette it's oily too. I'm afraid to wipe it with anything though haha. Great review Nikki =)

  20. I saw that palette from a youtube beauty guru and she was amazing with it. I can't seem to work with concealers no matter how hard I try... hehe~

  21. thanks for this tutorial. i have seen this type of palette before and have no idea on how to use it at all since the colors are so...er..vibrant, which looks more like eyeshadow to me. lol.

  22. You make me want to try it, yes you do! :D Thanks for the review

  23. Kim, I guess the oil was used to protect the product, but overall, it's ok :) Coz they're not producing oil anymore! :)

    Aly, i don't think you even need concealing! :)

    Prettybeautiful, it does look vibrant but it works really well to spot on the problem areas. And you are right, these can be used to the eyes as well to add vibrancy on e/s! :)

    Parisb *gasp* I did??? Wow!!!! I've always been lemming a lot of stuffs from your site..so this is a REVENE! *evil laugh* BWAHAHAHAHHA :)

  24. Wow that is some great concealer!!! I gotta get some for myself! LOL

  25. If anyone is curious or confused the orange is a great concealer for african american skin tones w/ discolouration.

  26. i think i like the MUFE concealer better than the NYX because it offers more coverage

  27. Thanks for the review. I've been lemming this palett for ages and you just made me wanna buy it even more lol.

  28. makemeup, let me know if you got one yourself and how you like it :)

    Jessica Jean Myers, thanks so much for the added information'

    Renren, thanks for your input, MUFE really has coverage and stays! :)

    Gio, LOL Sorry

    Miracle, thanks glad you liked it :)

  29. wow all this info was so helpful. Don't know about the monistat primer though. I wrote about some primers on my blog http://everyday-rococo.blogspot.com/
    check them out if you're interested


  30. the coverage looks brilliant!! im even tempted :P

  31. That orange shade alone looks scary :p

    I want the other MUFE concealer palette though. Hopefully I'd have time to visit a MUFE counter when I'm in Kuala Lumpur next week. They don't have MUFE here in Penang (nor in Melbourne actually). Sigh :(

  32. Vanessa m :D How have you been? Hope you're doing well!!!

    Coco, thanks for sharing! :) Will read it!!!

    Joy you're welcome!

    nicnic, you think so??? I'm not planning to tempt you really, but it is creamy enough to easily mix the colors :) Love it!

    Tine, lol it does look scary but it's actually useful!!!! :D Let me know if you finally purchased any of the palette :)

  33. Hi Nikki! :) this is really helpful since I've been lemming for one.(you're right about this always out of stock! haha, i cant get my hands on it pa.) But really, thanks! :) This is helpful.

  34. You are welcome Care G! I'm glad to be of help! and yes, it's always out of stock, leave your contact info to them and ask them to contact you if they have stocks! :)

  35. sis trace is selling the same palette for 1k only and it looks rarely used. :) sorry for being a tease. :)


    I'm contemplating on buying the same palette but yeah, it's too pricey. I'm loving MAC's studio finish concealer and kryolan's shade 2w supracolor foundation palette refill. :)


  36. The Beauty Junkee, no worries, so far, I have the palette and I still have a lot of backups lol thanks for the tease :) I've been wanting to try other palettes too right after I finish this up :)


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