Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reader's Corner: Q&A + Gift from PrettyBeautiful

Thank you!!!

I can't believe it's mid-January and I still get some post-Christmas gift! Thank you so much Prettybeautiful for the wonderful gift! She's my nail art sistah who loves nail art as much as I do so I am touched that she sent me Etude House Nail Art stickers and she added a super pretty Revlon Diamond Lust in Bedroom Bronze!!! So pretty!!! Thank you!!!

It's dome shaped with shimmer!
So pretty and sexy to brush all over the shoulders on a night out!

Swatched without base

I'm excited to use them!!! :D


Again, I've got some queries in which I answered directly and I would like to post it here as well so everyone can share their opinions and comments!

Question ---

Is Monistat Chaffing Gel good as primer?

Askmewhats Answers ---

I personally haven't used Monistat Chaffing Gel as I don't have oily skin to start with. I have owned Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light and Paul & Joe Primer in which I use mostly for clients. My skin isn't oily for me to pile on extra primer.

I have read a lot of raves about the Monistat as primer cause it's cheaper compared to the high end ones and it works as well. But use with discretion as not everything that works well on others will definitely work for you.

But if you're really intrigued and you've got the means to purchase it, why not? Just to satisfy your curiousity and it isn't an expensive query! :)

Question ---

Which is better MMU? EDM or Joppa Minerals?

Askmewhats Answers ---

In my dictionary, I can't tell which is better as being an EDM and Joppa Minerals user (referring to foundation), I've used both alternately. Some days, my skin loves EDM and some days they love Joppa More.

I can do a tiny comparison though:

1. Joppa is definitely creamier and easier to blend, perfect for colder months.
2. EDM gives out a really clean and matte look perfect for the summer.

3. Joppa has heavier coverage, EDM coverage is good too but if you want heavier coverage, you need to re-apply.
4. Joppa has the tendency to oxidize on my skin.
5. EDM samples are free but you have to pay for shipping. Joppa samples aren't free but wait for their free worldwide shipping promo.

Question ---

How do you keep your liner from smudging on the under eyes?

Askmewhats Answers ---

There is no sure-fire way for liners not to smudge especially for us living in a tropical and humid country. I find my Urban Decay 24/7 which everyone raves that do not smudge on them smudges on me! My advise is to use an eye primer and fill in not only the upper eye area but use a "taklon" or "concealer" brush and apply on the under eye area as well.

A brush like this or much better, a smaller head

Question ---

How do you used the stippling brush with cream foundation? Isn't it messy?

Askmewhats Answers ---

I don't find using cream foundation with a stippling brush is messy at all. Here's what I do with my Paul & Joe light cream foundation using my MAC187 Stippling Brush in application.
(note: Remember to sanitize everything before you use them)

What you need ---

A CD that you don't use anymore
A spatula/scooper
MAC187 or any stippling brush/Duo Fiber brush
Any Cream Foundation (in my case I use my Paul & Joe cream foundation)

Scoop out a minimal amount of cream foundation and transfer to the CD
Do not scoop out too much, add as you go along so you won't waste product

Tap on the Stippling/ Duo Fiber Brush and apply on your face
Again, make sure all your tools are sanitized!

Question ---

Hi Nikki, how long does it usually take for your ebay orders to arrive here? I'd like to buy BB cream, but I'm concerned about the waiting time.

Askmewhats Answers ---

Most of my ebay orders arrive in 2-3 weeks max! Most of the bb creams I've ordered are shipped within the day of payment or the next day. Thank goodness I don't have problems with my shipment!

Question ---

Nikki! I need help with mascara! I don't know which one to get at MAC or should I go for other brands? I want volume and length, won't smudge but easy to take off! I heard Fasio is good but is hard to remove.

Askmewhats Answers ---

I've owned and used Fasio 3D airtech mascara and it is really hard to remove!!! I would say it's the best inexpensive mascara I've tried but removing it is really tedious!!! But if you own Lancome Bi-facil, they say it removes any stubborn mascara so you can feel free to purchase Fasio.

If you are very particular with brands, then you can go purchase on the particular brand. When it comes to mascara, I wouldn't mind testing on different brands as that is one product that expires easily and I don't want to shell out too much.

The most expensive mascara I've tried is my Paul & Joe Curly Mascara, and I've used Maybelline's Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara, both mascara price differs a lot! But I find that Maybelline's work for me as well as Paul & Joe.

Here are some mascaras that I didn't have the chance to review but I've used in the past that's worth looking into.

  • L'oreal Telescopic Mascara (Check out Shen's Review )
  • The Face Shop Freshian Volume/Curly Mascara
Seldom can we find both volumizing and lengthening mascara. What I do is I actually use 2 coats of different mascaras! I get the best of both worlds. It works for me, maybe it will work for you too!

Well, that's it for now!
Humpy Wednesday!
I'm glad!!!
Stay happy!!!

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  1. Hi Nikki, how do you find that L'oreal diamond lust?? prang maganda ang swatch... is it darker in person? or can it be used as a highlight?

  2. i looove reading ur Q & A

    keep doing more please!

  3. glad that u like them :D i tot it has gone missing since it has been almost 2 months! =/

    p/s: love the tip of mixing it on a CD, smart and practical indeed.

    Cheers for nails forever! :D

  4. Miss Katin, the color on my hand is the exact color on photo! It looks dark on pan but if swatched, it can be use as highlighter, but you have to use a brush with this :)

    Yumeko, I'm glad you like it, I was thinking that people may find it boring, but thanks for letting me know you like it !

    Prettybeautiful, thanks again! And Cheers too for nails forever! LOL We're like in a cult! hahahha And the CD one? It's because I am a cheapo! hahahha

  5. Hi Nikki! Where did you buy your spatula?

  6. N, love love love the tutorialsand your blogs....
    Cream foundation procedure is really helpful.....Same procedure applies to DIY tinted moisturizer?
    Like MMU fondie mixed celeteque?
    Thanks again....
    Love the idea of using CD...

  7. Babysaffron, aww thank you! :) I'm glad you find the procedure helpful and yes, you definitely can do the same procedure on any liquid/cream product including moisturizer! :)

  8. Your Q&A is genius!! I am with Yumeko - Doo more please?

  9. Yay, I'm normal! My Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner also smudges on me - I thought it was just me. I still love it though because it's easy to apply.

  10. i know you'd be very disappointed what i am going to say now...
    i was only looking at your cat woman nails throughout the post!!!

    ok, i did read but each time i looked at the pictures, my eyes just went to the nails.


    but great post!

  11. Glow Chaser, thanks! :) I'll try to do as many as I can, but more queries from you gals? hahaha

    CG!!! It smudges on me!!! And I love it too coz I love the creaminess!

    Jojoba *wails* how could you??? I am hurt hurt hurt!!!! *sobs* Everytime I do these shots, I need to totally PHOTOSHOP my nails out of the picture! LOL But I'm really glad at the same time that you love my nail art..if it was done by others, I'll go suicidal! LOL

  12. great answers! i use the cd palette thing a lot for my clients too

  13. Hi Nikki! As usual, I'm loving your nails. :) Have a great day!

  14. Renren, :)

    Aireen, thanks girl!

    Connie, awww..I'm glad to be called smart! Felt good! hahahha

  15. i have the face shop freshian volumizing mascara and it smudges on me midday.

  16. Musicalfanlovesminerals, really? Goesh You are super oily talaga! :) Mine naman, I don't have problem with it and it didn't smudge on me at all! *whew*

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