Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank You "So Loverlies"!!!

I call this my Post-Christmas present
and Pre-Lunar New Year present!
To the girls of So Loverly
Both of you spoiled me!!!
Look what they sent me!!!

1. Shu Uemura WR EX Activating Whitening Cream Sample

I have never tried any Shu skin care, so this is a perfect chance!

2. Stage Fake It! Opulent Lash

I love falsies!!!

3. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

Perfect as I love taking care of my hair and doing a weekly mask is one of them! I'd love to give this a try and see if the 3 minute promise really works!

4. Stage Nail Color in Pretty 03

Nail polish??? Me???? Do I use nail polishes??? HAHAHAHA
Love love love this color!

5. Famous By Sue Moxley e/s in Marilyn Mauve

Oh my goodness, the packaging says it all! The cute star is super cute!!! Bling bling in make-up??? This has to be shown to the world!!! I personally haven't heard of this brand and it's nice to have the chance to use this!

6. Dove Hair Fall Therapy treatment mask

YAY!!! I've read the reviews from the So Loverly site!!! Love their reviews and I'm glad to have the chance to test it!

7. Stage e/s Mono in Macchiato 18

I honestly wanted to be with the bloggers meet up at the Stage Cosmetics opening and the girls are so sweet to give me the chance to test on the products! I felt like I was part of the Stage Cosmetics opening!!!

THANK YOU Syen and Kahani!
I love the Christmas gift and it's a lovely surprise!!!
I especially love the note and I appreciate that I've got wonderful friends there!
I know I won't be lonelyl when I visit Malaysia!!! *winks*

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  1. Ohhh, what nice goodies!! You are so loved, darling.

  2. Hi Nikki! How are you my love??? I miss you! I just had dinner with Anne last week and haven't had a chance to say THANK YOU! You didn't have to at all! You are soooo sweet! I have to send you a lil Xmas gift soon! I hope things are well with you and you are enjoying the New Year!

  3. That was so nice of them. Enjoy your goodies!

  4. can't wait to see the Stage nail color review!!!

  5. B, I am definitely loved! :)

    Renren, it felt really good, I have this warm fuzzy feeling :)

    Nessa, no worries! Don't even worry about it! it's my pleasure!

    Gio, I will! I'm actually enjoying them already! :D

    Prettybeautiful, I'll definitely use it, color is so pretty!

  6. Ooh so glad you like them Nikki! Famous by Sue Moxley is a line only available in the UK. I received some of her cosmetics while writing for Kiss and Makeup. Somehow, the packaging seemed very 'you'. =D

  7. Kahani!!! Thanks to you and Syen!! And thanks for lettin me know about the Sue Moxley e/s Aawww..when you say it seemed very "ME" it warms my heart, coz a certain product can remind you of me!!! *hugs*

  8. Hey babe,

    Glad you like 'em pressies! =D

    Ehehe.. no we had NO IDEA you used nail polish! *GRIN*

    And we really wanted to share our Stage experience with you. Have fun with the new toys! =)


  9. Syen, I am enjoying the STAGE experience, I can still remember the photos clearly!!! I love it that you gals were trying on their products on the opening day! :) Thank you!!!

    Come on, me??? I use Nail polishes?? ME??? you sure? hahahah I have virginal (NOT) nails!


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